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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Readers,

This edition will be printed just in time for Father’s Day but it is time that we really start recognizing the contributions of fathers with respect first.

We all know that there are fathers who are not a part of their children’s lives but we also have mothers who are not as well.  I oftentimes ask myself, “Why is that men get a bad rap all the way around and women who have difficulty taking care of their children do not?”

We have plenty of excuses for women but hardly any for the men.  Believe me, I understand what it is like to be left alone to raise a child.  I am appreciative of my husband, Frank, who came into my life and adopted our oldest son and took care of us.

He is a father too.  He deserves recognition like all the other fathers who willingly engage themselves in relationships with women who already have children.

I am quickly reminded though that fathers have responsibilities.  They have the responsibility to love.  For the most part, it is about grabbing ahold of that love and letting it lay in the deepest part of their hearts.  Even if another family male had the responsibility to take care of you and nurturing you that “father-figure” should be rewarded.

A father raises his sons to be strong and respectful and their daughters to trust that having a male figure in her adult life will play an important role in her growth and development.

We put plenty of titles and fairy tales into our children’s heads about who should do what and when.  The bottom line is that a loving father or male figure that provides a positive experience is necessary.

Having a father should not be a unique experience.  Fathers should never be asked to babysit.  Fathers should always be present during their children’s lives because it increases the possibility that they will live an abundant life.  My hat goes off to all of the fathers in the world.

Love people,

Rina Risper

This was printed in the June 17, 2012 - June 30, 2012 Edition


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