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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear Readers,
Why is it so hard for people to apologize?  It is one of the best ways to smooth over a situation, regain trust or show someone you love  or respect them.
While we may not be perfect, life is to be lived to its fullest potential.  When you apologize you release yourself from having to explain yourself three or thirteen years later.  The sooner you take the lead to clear up confusion the better or what you did not apologize for becomes a festering wound for the other person and possibly for yourself.
Many times we do not apologize because we are only concentrating on fifty percent of what we know to be correct.  Usually after an apology is made, you may  realize that there was a massive breakdown in communication.  
I know this from experience and no matter how perfect and level minded I expect myself to be, I fall short.
Most of my challenges in the last two week had to do with total miscommunication.
For example, I went to a Verizon Wireless store to turn on a phone after my trusty phone went dead.  I should have taken a step back when the feeling of dread enveloped me.  I do not like going to service or buy a new phone.  The wait is worse than the doctor’s office.  
Almost everyone is stressed at phone businesses, you can tell by the look on their faces.  Either they have lost their information or they are concerned about breaking the bank for a new phone.  Really, a phone for three hundred dollars.  We pay for our technology. We use our phones all day and every day. That should equate to not having to pay so much because of mass production but they are always being upgraded.
I thought I was being neglected because I was waiting for forty-five minutes.  The sales person thought I just need a socket to plug my new (actually borrowed) phone into.
I called Verizon at Eastwood  for a complaint number because I was upset about waiting and what I received instead was a heartfelt apology.  I immediately began to listen intently.  I apologized for the inconvenience of having to deal with me.  
We both apologized for the miscommunication and kept it moving.  I cannot begin to tell you how at peace I was even though the simple process of turning on a phone stretched into a five hour ordeal.  
We both assumed full responsibility.  Instead of walking out, I should have asked for help, however, I assumed that I communicated my needs. Silly me.
You will not have a successful resolution all the time and you win some and you lose some but never think that you are always right.  Even when you are partially right you are partially wrong. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions regardless of how the other person responds.  When the air clears in the future... you will be the bigger person. 
Love people,
Rina Risper
This was printed in the July 29, 2012 - August 11, 2012 Edition

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