Movie Review: Most Rented in 2005
Sunday, January 8, 2006


   According to “the people,” Will Smith’s film “Hitch” was a must-see this year, as the DVD topped the list of most popular Blockbuster movie rentals in 2005.        
   The Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher comedy “Guess Who” placed fourth on the list, while the critically-acclaimed “Crash” ranked sixth.       
   Also making the top 25 were “Million Dollar Baby” (11), “The Pacifier” (15) and “Ray” (24).         
       Here is the full list:        
1. "Hitch"
2. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
3. "National Treasure"
4. "Guess Who"
5. "Meet The Fockers"
6. "Crash"
7. "War of the Worlds"
8. "Ocean's Twelve"
9. "The Forgotten"
10. "The Notebook"
11. "Million Dollar Baby"
12. "Hostage"
13. "Monster-in-Law"
14. "The Longest Yard"
15. "The Pacifier"
16. "Spanglish"
17. "Troy"
18. "Ladder 49"
19. "The 40 Year-Old Virgin"
20. "Cellular"
21. "The Aviator"
22. "Sahara"
23. "Hide and Seek"
24. "Ray"
25. "Be Cool"
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