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Sunday, March 24, 2013
Playing by the Rules
Dear Readers,
It amazes me how some play by different rules. I mean the real  and hold you accountable rules, they totally disregard. That is not what individuals or businesses should do. Sooner or later, the uncertainty of failing is much higher than it was before no matter how high you believe you have climbed. Playing by different rules is about thinking critically not connivingly. 
Yes, it is a real word.  It has nothing to do with being sneaky, petty or a bully.  It means to give assent or encouragement (to the commission of a wrong).  It also may mean to plot together, especially secretly; conspire.  This is important and needs to be very clearly stated because others usually become unknowingly members of the plot.  
What I find most interesting is how people  may undermine others because they believe the “others” are not intelligent.  It is about control and sometimes that goes grossly awry.
I am amazed that children are able to survive in this environment.  Dealing with a bully in school is sometimes a precursor to how some adults may behave.  I attribute bullying behavior to a disorderly condition of not being able to sort through what exemplifies you as the best you can be.  
If you have done a few things, that is awesome.  If you have done some great things that is awesome.  But try not to use them as an excuse to lift yourself higher than you should be.  Be humble.  Focusing on finding the truth in yourself is going to be critical for success. 
It is time to do some internal cleaning. You only have so much room inside of yourself.  This is the best time, as well, it is spring. A cluttered mind makes for a cluttered spirit. When a misguided individual is lead down a slippery slope usually they fall.  How balanced you are is what is going to be helpful getting you back on track.
There is not a  shortage of pastors, life coaches, motivational speakers and mentors.  They are here to help guide you through it all.
However, it is up to you to recognize when something is right and when something is wrong.   The people I mentioned are not going to be all that you need.  Don’t pat yourself on the head for work someone else has done.  Five people who are in your ear may believe you but there are five hundred who see through it.  Having honesty and integrity is better than not being believed. 
It is interesting when a person finds themselves in a situation when they believe that you are unknowing and they find out that you actually are.  Some do not have to put their cards out on the table. They do not fear the unknown as others do.  
Fear of success and fear of losing go hand in hand. It reminds me of the deer who is running at full speed across the highway and then stops in front of the car or hesitates, the skilled driver will do their best to slow down.
However, the driver may not be able to slow down.  The driver cannot anticipate what you will do in a time of panic.  In essence, do not be so afraid that you become foolish. Keeping it moving is the best way to thwart people who are negative and try to bring you down.  Sometimes they do not even want to bring you down, they want to wear you down so that you begin to question yourself as a leader.  Just do what is right.
There are also the people who attack when they do not play by the rules.  For example, when you were a child and you played Monopoly there was always that other child who hid money.  The roll of the dice was not good enough, maybe one or two extra spaces when no one is looking will give me the advantage.  The problem arose when you finally told them that the only reason why they were winning is because they have been cheatin all along.  The other child usually attacked with words or worse by flipping the board and announcing that he does not to play any more.
After that happens, you will always be the kid who cheats and has anger issues.  Be humble and play by the rules.
Negative people rob you of the most important things in your life. Most of all they steal your time and do so without regret. There are some who are successful at appearances and those who are successful because they work.
This spring, give yourself a moment to work on yourself.  
Love people,
Rina N. Risper
P.S. Love people and attacking people will not work.  If you are making a valid point, I agree to challenge but attacking is not in the best interest of either party.  In the long run though the attacker will have to pay a price. 
This was printed in the March 24, 2013 - April 6, 2013 Edition

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