Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Spring is here and summer is fast approaching and the Lansing Police Department wants to remind you of some tips to help keep you and your family safe.

1.) Keep your doors locked at all times. If you are working in the backyard, keep your front door and garage door closed and locked, and your backdoors locked if you are in the front yard. Always lock your doors if you are gone only for a few minutes. During the warm weather people often open windows or sliding glass doors while they are at home.  Always remember to close and lock them when you go to sleep.

2.) Install motion-activated lights in your front and backyards, so if someone approaches your home the lights will automatically come on and illuminate the area.

3.) Put all ladders and other tools back into a secure storage area after you use them.  Ladders and other tools can be used by criminals to access your home. Always lock any  storage unit or shed on your property

4.) Be aware of home improvement scams. If you did not solicit the contractor or salesman  who shows up at your door unannounced, do not do business with them. If a utility  representative comes to your house request identification. True representatives will carry
identification and they will gladly show it to you. Call their company for verification.

5.) Always remember to roll up your car windows, take any valuables out of your car, and  lock your doors every time you exit your vehicle, even if it is parked in your own  driveway.

6.) Summer is a perfect time to spend riding a bicycle. Make sure your bike is secured by  locking it up when left unattended. Proper locked storage or secured inside your residence is recommended when not using your bicycle.

7.) Be a good neighbor, this can be one of the best crime prevention tools. Watchful, attentive neighbors can spot potential criminals and alert the Police. Get involved in your Neighborhood Watch Groups, and if you do not have a Neighborhood Watch, contact our Community Service Unit, 517/483-6812 to start one today.


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