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Sunday, June 30, 2013

 Dear TNCP,

I wanted to be at the 12th year anniversary party, but was unable to attend.
Nonetheless, I wanted to convey my heartfelt congratulations to you and your staff for a job VERY well done!  I always have to pick up two copies of each issue because I end up cutting out almost every article--either for myself and/or for someone else!
Even though TNCP is only eight pages in total, EACH page PACKS A PUNCH!  Make that a WHALLOP!!   
Keep up the good work! 
Your faithful reader,
Bonnie "Queen B" Stebbins
Founder, Capital Area Blues Society
Old Town Blues Fest booking committee (Stay tuned for performer announcements/press releases soon!)
Contributing Photographer/Writer - various Blues publications
This was printed in the June 30, 2013 - July 13, 2013 Edition

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