Inside The Mind of a Sportsaholic: A Couple Of Requests
Monday, September 16, 2013


By Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr.
Football season is back! For many, this is start of what could be considered the sports fiscal year. From September to June, we immersed in football, and basketball. There is not much that we ask from people who are not as enthralled as we are during these months. However, there are a couple of requests that I would like to make on behalf of myself, and other sports fanatics. Even though you all may not be able to grant the requests, please indulge me, and see if you can work with any of them. 
This past summer, I had the opportunity to go to a wedding out of state. It was a cool event with a couple that truly loved each other. A great time was had by all that night. The only problem was, it fell during the NBA Finals. So, during the reception, I found myself with my head down, looking at my phone, watching Game 2. It was a slightly awkward position, but based on some of my writing responsibilities something that had to be done. 
So, my first request is, when scheduling events(weddings, parties, etc.) while major sporting events are happening, please have a place for sports fans to watch the games. This one may seem like a lot, but it is something that is necessary. There was a time that I felt bad for checking my phone in those instances. Thinking that I was the only one who struggled with whether I was going to the event, or staying home to watch whatever game is on. However, once other sports fans saw me looking at my phone, they came up asking the score, and having conversations. They also had the same struggle that I had in the days before the event. Please alleviate that stress, and offer somewhere to watch the game if we choose to come to your event. Then, we will not have to spend time looking down at our phones.
The next request involves social networking. Monday through Friday, timelines are filled with comments about various shows. From "Scandal" to "Love and Hip-Hop", there are multitudes of statuses and posts about what is happening. Rarely, if ever, do I see any sports fans making comments about being annoyed with all the posts. Yet, the moment football season starts, and sports fans start doing posting statuses during games, the complaints begin. Things such as "I need to get off of here until Monday" or "My timeline is full of sports" are said. 
My request is that you give us sports fans those two days to talk about sports. There are many sports groups in social networking(Shoutout to my Sports Fanatics fam) where sports fans go throughout the week and chat. However, should we choose to root openly for our teams on the main timeline on Saturday and Sunday, we should be able to without any comments from people who do not care. Fact of the matter is, a lot of us could care less about the shows that all talk about throughout the week. Yet, we do not say anything to rain on your parade. Please oblige us for two days, and return that favor. That should not be too hard to do. 
Well, there you have just a couple of requests as we get into the start of the sports fiscal year. These may seem slightly crazy to some, but finding a way to grant them, will make the sports fanatics around you very happy. Thank you for reading them, and please find it in your heart to grant them. 
I'm Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr., and I approve this message. Feel free leave Jimmy any feedback via email at Also, follow him on Twitter @JimmyLWlilsonJr and on Instagram @jwilsonjr42.
This was printed in the September 8, 2013 - September 21, 2013 Edition



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