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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dear Rina,

  Thank you for your support of The Whisper Campaign.  Your involvement in our grassroots campaign against the genocide in Darfur, Sudan has helped us achieve our goals.
     We effectively raised awareness locally by earning mention in The New Citizens Press, The Noise, The Lansing State Journal and The State News.  We have raised over $4,500.00 for Genocide Intervention Network’s Civilian Protection Project to help protect women and children from rape and assault while they gather the firewood they need to prepare their food.
     We advocated for the people of Darfur by supporting Targeting Divestment Legislature in the State of Michigan.  We continue to encourage over one hundred and fifty people to become more involved through our e-mail list serve.
    You, your families and your businesses have made our successes possible.  We can’t wait to see what goals we surpass next year.

T. Torok
Lansing, MI


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