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Sunday, June 15, 2014

 Dear Readers,

What an interesting two weeks it has been.  This week has been about setting boundaries with people who do inappropriate things or act inappropriately.
I do not know what is going on but recently so many things have been coming to light and I am clearly being led to continue this newspaper and be successful at it.
Poetry in the City is coming up soon.  I cannot believe this is our 8th year.  All  poets  of all ages welcome.  We will have some featured poets and some singing.  Nellie Ruperto will be singing and  doing some poetry for us and will be one of our featured poets along with our favorite Detroit poet, Rosemarie Wilson aka “One Single Rose”.  This year we are excited to add Lee Taylor to the roster who will recite a poem by Maya Angelou.  It will be from 7-9.  Anyone can read a poem.  There will be no profanity or inappropriate language.  We are all there to share our gifts and have a good time doing so.  Writing is so important and will be moreso in this technological era.  So bring a blanket or a lawn chair and have a good time on the Capital lawn.  We start when the bells ring at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
We will also have a tribute to my friend, Karen Chicky Scott, who died this year.  It has taken such a toll on my spirit.  I still love her and pray that her heavenly trip was much smoother than the one here on earth.  We had so many things to do. I guess my list of angels will continue to grow.  As a public person, it is amazing that people treat you differently as if you never grieve or take time out. No matter who you are, take your time being healthy.  Do what you do in your own space.
I have had many losses but each loss is different.  I remember the feeling when my friend moved to Arizona.  I was a loss  in a different way.  It is our responsibility to grieve and continue moving through life with grace and dignity. Your responsibility is to respect that. 
Love people,
Rina Risper

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