More ways to protect your child from the Internet
Sunday, August 24, 2014

 The Protect MI Child Registry is a secure database containing protected e- mail, fax, instant message, and mobile text message addresses. It allows Michigan parents and schools to register electronic addresses used by children                                                          to access the Internet.

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Once an address has been registered, senders of messages that advertise or link to prohibited products or services are required to remove the address from their mailing lists within 30 days. Prohibited products include tobacco, gambling, pornography, illegal drugs, and other illegal products.
Address registrations are effective for three years or until the youngest child with access to the e-mail address reaches the age of 18. Registrations may be renewed at any time for an additional three-year period.
The Protect MI Child Registry is operated pursuant to Public Act 241 of 2004. [MCL 752.1061 – 752.1068] Who can register? The Registry is open to Michigan residents only. Public registration began July 1, 2005. Parents, grandparents, guardians, schools, and others may register contact points that are directly used by minors, or to which minors have access.
What types of adult oriented message are my addresses protected from?
Family’s sign up their addresses are protected from messages that advertise pornography, tobacco, illegal drugs and gambling.
What types of contact points may be registered?
 The Protect MI Child Registry allows the registration of e-mail addresses, instant messenger (IM) IDs, mobile text device numbers, and fax numbers.
Is there a cost to register?
No. Registration with the Protect MI Child Registry is free.
How to register?
You can register for the Protect MI Child Registry by going to the website:
You may also locate the Registry by using the following link:
This link can be found at:
Who administers and enforces the Registry? 
The Department of Labor and Economic Growth has designated that the Michigan Public Service Commission administer the Registry. The Michigan Attorney General’s office is responsible for the enforcement against violators of the Michigan Children’s Protection Registry Act.
Marketers pay a fee of .007 cents for each address they scrub to the state registry.  Funds generated by the program are set aside to fund the upkeep for the program.
Editor’s Note:  The New Citizens Press and Councilwoman Carol Wood are strong supporters of this registry.  We would encourage you to sign up your entire family and inform your friends, co-workers, neighbors and colleagues about how they can protect their children and families from unwanted adult advertising.  

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