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Sunday, August 24, 2014

 Dear Readers,

It always warms my heart when I get feedback from our readers.  Imagine what it is like in my neck of the woods.  I know that the newspaper moves quickly, however, I do not know each person who reads it.  It is odd in that kind of way.  When someone calls, emails or writes me a letter I am always intrigued.  When someone is waiting at the newspaper box for the delivery or in a waiting room reading the newspaper, I always start smiling.  It makes me feel connected, as I am now alone typing tucked away in a quiet corner of my office.
Back to school for the children, who are now 22, 13 and 12.  I cannot believe how much time has passed.  The year I started the newspaper, our 12-year-old was born 5 months later.  It is amazing how much they are changing.  Our 22-year-old has always wanted to be a chef.  My mother just told me that she taught him how to cook when he was 2 because he was always up under her in the kitchen.  He is a chef part time and goes to school full time and aspires to be an automotive engineer.  
The two youngest keep me going.  They could not be any more different.  My daughter is more outgoing and has plenty of activities, friends and loves to go out. 
When I asked him how much younger he was than her.  The 13-year-old yelled out, “He is 1 year, 4 months, 15 days, 4 hours and 39 minutes younger than me.” 
Just by her response you can tell she is very proud that she is older.  As the youngest, he tends to be more reserved and sensitive.  He has a few playmates and he loves playing basketball by himself. His birthday was in July.  I can actually see him coming out of his shell after his cousin who is the same age was over for 2 weeks.  He had to share and learn how to have another person in his private space.
My daughter is constantly becoming more and more interesting as a young lady.  Her turning 13 in April has been an experience for me.  I have never been driven to so many sleepovers, parties and invitations to just hangout and go shopping.  I admire her for being so loyal to her friends as well.  She is very outgoing and giving.  
They do have something in common, they both love to volunteer for others and they give me a lot to ponder and to laugh about.  
I have gotten into the habit of asking my children what they learned during the week.  I decided to ask on the first day of school, which was August 11th.  The 12-year-old always surprises me.  He is very introverted but I can see him growing a lot.
He said, “Well, Mommy, did you know that crime has gone down by 14% in Colorado since they started the legal sale of marijuana?  And also the homicide rate has gone down too.”
I was ill prepared for the response from him.  It was 7:30 am.  I thought about how funny he is about his facts.  He knows a lot. I am lost for words for a moment and I say, “Are you planning on going into agriculture or law enforcement?”
He responded neither, “I just thought that it was an interesting fact.”
He has been reading for a long time and loves to surprise you with what he knows.  He gave me an extra point once during a trivia game for knowing the middle initial of Lyndon (Baines) Johnson.  He was the 36th President of the United States (1963-1969) and often called LBJ.  Though he struggles socially in school sometimes, he is open to trying new things.  He is teaching himself German from www.duolingo.com.  It is something that I have become accustomed to from him.  
I am very amused by some of the things that he has to say.  I love that he is open enough to discuss anything without feeling restricted.  I have the same relationship with my daughter.
One morning before school, I asked her did she see the pile of clothes on the floor.  She stepped right over it as she fussed and complained about her hairstyle for the day.
I added, “I do not understand why you cannot pick up after yourself?”
She retorted, “That is because I am looking straight ahead towards my bright future.  I cannot see anything on the floor.”
Another shocking response that left me speechless.  I just smiled and thought she is quick on her feet and growing up so fast.  
As soon as I thought that she leaned over the banister and said, “Oh and did you like my philosophical voice that went along with that answer?”
I just shook my head and starting picking up the clothes.  I started laughing out loud because I was getting payback for how sloppy I was as a child.  My mother was pretty good about it.  Where has the time gone?  My babies are growing up.  My oldest is in college and has his own place.  My littlest ones are creating great comebacks.  I must really spruce up my “teenager” game strategies or I might be laughing and shaking my head a lot.  Do they make medication for that?
Love people,
Rina Risper

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