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Saturday, September 13, 2014

 Dear Readers,

The 4th of July parade was amazing.we had over 125 people with us.  It was a beautiful day as well.
I was very surprised by the the turn out. I really enjoyed the Homeless Angels. They picked up signs and chanted along with us.  Their group was amazing.  
There are some groups that work together all the time and we wanted to express that.  The two groups that marched with us were the Homeless Angels and Livity Inc.  However, both have had experience with murder victims and those impacted by violence.  
The New Citizens Press Community Action Network (TNCPCAN) is a community action network and rely on the resources of many groups especially homeless ones.    A lot of people become homeless when there is a murder.  Either the murder is in the household or the persons can no longer take care of the living arrangements without the mate.  Also there have been several homeless people who have been murdered and there has not been a resolution.  We all work together... we walk together.   We are already working on our float idea for 2015!  It takes a village!  
I met Angie Gallimore Studebaker on a Heart/Stroke Walk for Big Perm( Chastity Sayre) . She struggles with serious heart problems. When she started talking to me at the parade she looked so healthy I did not even realize who she was. When I realized, I just had to pull her closer and hug her. I wanted to feel her heart beating against mine. I watched as she held the Stop the Violence banner all the way through the parade. I realized that most who complain should be quiet and those who hurt should speak out. Sometimes we make fake borders around ourselves that prohibit us from living.... fear is a monster. Angie has the sword and I would battle beside her any day!
She carried the banner with some of the murder victims on it with such pride.  
This statement is a part of our mission: “We will collaborate with other community organizations whose purpose is to “Stop The Violence.” We will conduct rallies centered on empowering people to speak up and out against violence in their local communities.”
Love people,
Rina Risper
This was printed in the July 13, 2014 - July 26, 2014 edition.



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