News Spotlight: Don't Let Fear Stop You From Living
Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 By Sherman Joseph

Fears keep you in the background. In fact, it convinces you that you cannot make your dreams come true, it tells you to be quiet, and it even separates you from your loved ones. But living in fear is neither acceptable nor necessary. Facing fear is something with which every person must try to achieve. In order to live a peaceful and happy life you must face your fears and conquer them. Healthy fear can protect you, but unnatural and unhealthy fear can destroy your life. So, you need to conquer it before it conquers you. There are several ways you can have an edge over your fears and break the walls surrounding it:

Connecting with others:
Connecting with friends and family will help you overcome your fears. All fears, be it big or small, are worse when you face them alone. All you need to do is find someone to share your fears with. People generally tend to hide their fears thinking others will make fun of it. But you can connect with a friend, a counselor, or a family member to share what has been bothering you. They, in fact, might be able to help you and show you a new light. Along with this, they will be able to help you face your fears and bring an end to them.
You don't need to overcome your fears at once:
You don't need to try and overcome your fear all at once; you can take your time. For instance, if you are afraid of public speaking, you don't need to overcome it immediately. Try practicing in front of family or friends and gain confidence so that you can gradually overcome this fear of public speaking.
Approach fear as the opportunity to grow:
Use fear as your opportunity to grow. You surely don't want to be afraid, right? In fact, if you imagine your life without fear, it certainly appears better. So you need to look beyond your fears into the benefits of overcoming it. Take out some time from your schedule and make a list of the things that you are really afraid of. You also need to ask yourself some questions such as (1) What are the benefits of overcoming this fear? (2) What can you can you begin doing it to overcome it? (3) What is it that you will be able to do now after overcoming fear that you could not do before?
You will see there are more advantages of letting go of the fear than holding it. The saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is extremely true since you cannot move ahead if you don't allow yourself to be stretched.
Lastly, learn to address your fears strategically, and always remember, fear is not the end of the world, so break free from fears, and breathe free from the relief that comes with overcoming them.
Don't allow fear to hold you back. You have greatness within you. To receive more inspirational messages, connect with me at Also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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