Sunday, November 25, 2007

By Abigail Knowles Wolf

The day-to-day schedule of the average African American parent can be a precarious balancing act, factoring in kids, work schedules and meetings, after-work and after-school functions, meals, homework and all of the errands that need to be run in between. The good news is that organizing one’s life and home and good time management in an attempt to stay stress-free helps make everyday living easier and even more enjoyable.

Getting and staying organized is a huge undertaking for even the most diligent of families who might spend an entire Saturday straightening up and organizing the household only to find it in disarray again a few weeks later. For parents and single adults alike, the following tips for organization might prove extremely helpful in keeping the necessary tasks organized in order to spend more time having fun!

1. Keep a common calendar or large chalk board in a universal area so that everyone in the household (family members, roommates etc.) has access to upcoming appointments and scheduled events.
2. Make lists! To dos, upcoming appointments, sporting events and even grocery lists help keeps things running smoothly. There’s nothing more frustrating then forgetting to do something or purchase something important because you’ve neglected to write it down! Leave a magnet notepad on the refrigerator door so that family members can jot down items that have recently run out (Orange juice? Milk?).
3. Avoid clutter! When something new comes into the house, something old goes out. This is often a helpful motto. Clothing and household items in good condition can be donated to charity. Avoid purchasing something just because it’s on sale if you don’t really need it.
4. Schedule a time to work on similar tasks. Pay bills and take care of important paper work in one, organized sitting. Have all family members sign holiday and birthday cards together in one sitting.
5. Sort through your files and discard paperwork that is no longer relevant. Keep papers and folders organized and within reach so that you know where everything important is.

With a little extra planning life can be that much simpler!

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