Book Reveiw 6-22
Sunday, November 25, 2007

By Denise Turney

Things are not always what they seem, and this bestselling author Donna Hill makes clear in her book Rooms of the Heart.  Tempest Daily and her husband David live a seemingly charmed life.  Tempest has a live-in housekeeper who not only sees to the cleanliness of David and her large, spacious home, but who also looks after Tempest’s daughter Kia.  Tempest is a woman with solid business skills.  She takes her work as a designer seriously.  Her staff adores her and gladly supports her new ideas.  David is respected in the New York City political arena, so much so that he is running for Congress.
Yet, there is tension.  Tempest and David have been having marital difficulties.  Not even the expensive meals they enjoy at their favorite restaurant further into town can ignite the emotions they once had toward each other.  David needs Tempest.  Rarely can a man win an election while he is going through a divorce with his wife of several years.  But what David does next opens a door to the past and to Tempest and David’s future that even David was unaware existed.  David engages in a contract with a new client, a man who is new to town.  The man is new to David, but not to Tempest.  She and the man go back, further and deeper than Tempest wants David to ever know.
Rooms of the Heart connects the lives of several key characters and shows how what each wants and how they go about trying to get what they want influences the lives of the other characters.  Donna Hill’s experience as a novelist adds fluidity to the story.  Hill’s writing is concise making it easy for readers to “see” or to “visualize” what is happening as the story progresses.  For the romance lover who prefers slow romance to erotica, Rooms of the Heart will likely prove to be a delightful and entertaining read.  The love scenes in the story are written with taste.  The prior connections to Tempest and the new man who enters David and her life early on in the book are believable and replete with passion.
There were times when I wanted to know more about Tempest, David and the other key characters in the story.  I wanted to know more about what caused them to become who they were.  I wanted to become closer, more deeply connected, to the characters in this regard.  It is the tension in the story and the conflicts that ensue that help to mend this gap, not to mention Donna Hill’s accomplished writing style.
If you’re a fan of romance novels, Rooms of the Heart is a book to be enjoyed.  Conflicts in the story are so well handled that even those who are not romance novels fans, those such as me, can readily enjoy Rooms of the Heart.  Donna Hill does a wonderful job of communicating the message that love is greater than fear and, in that regard, cannot be ignored.
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