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Sunday, September 6, 2015
Rina Risper, President & Publisher of 
The New Citizens Press
Dear Readers,
They say that September is going to be the hottest on record thus far.  I would suggest that you get out your summer gear and take a staycation.We have a couple of weekends left after school starts and you do not even need to go that far with the multitude of state, county and city parks that are available for use.  
Go visit the beach or do some type of outdoor activity.  Going to a park is my favorite thing to do, however, I do not do it like my parents used to.
I remember that our outdoor outings were events that included my aunts, uncles and cousins.  It was quite the adventure.  We would wake up at dawn to prepare.  
Can you imagine having over 20 first cousins on your mother’s side alone? 
My parents would get up early and pack the food.  I seem to recall a flimsy red, white and blue plastic bag with a zipper that always had the goodies in them.
Today, I just go the store and pick some snacks up.  
I do not know if it was because my parents had control of the food but the food was always so good.   I remember waiting patiently for the hamburgers to get done.  They soft bun between a slightly charcoaled hamburger with just enough catsup, always made me happy.  I have four cousins who are my age and the memories of that time make me realize how much fun it is to hang out with family especially when you are young.
Patience was definitely one thing you had to have in a big family.  What made it even worse was that at home you may have been the oldest but amongst your cousins you stood somewhere in the middle.  So you always had to wait in line for something.
Washing hands and taking someone to the bathroom was always a chore but somehow we made it.  Somehow no one ever got sick or broke a bone. Somehow enough children fit in one car, I do not know how we got by with no seat belts with 6 children in the back seat in wet bathing suits.
Just thinking about it makes me want to relax by the lakeshore and watch others as they enjoy themselves during the last hot days of summer.
Love people,
Rina Risper
This column was printed in the September 6, 2105 - September 19, 2015 edition.

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