HoneyChild: How to Beat Winter Hair Dryness 
Sunday, October 4, 2015

 By Shamecka Freeman

Winter is making its way to Michigan and before long the grounds will be blanketed with snow and the air will be coupled with frost, and our hair will feel the affects of the dry and cold winter air.  
During the winter months keeping our hair moist is essential to the health and elasticity of the hair.  Winter effects on hair can be damaging and drying and the routine for winter should vary from our summer hair regimen.  During the winter months we should add moisture, moisture, and more moisture to both our skin and hair.  
There are many moisturizers that claim to add moisture to hair, however after reviewing the AS I AM DOUBLE BUTTER CREAM  ,  I am a believer of its claims.  Moisture provides protection for the hair by softening the hair shaft and preventing breakage.  Natural and chemically processed hair can benefit greatly from products that offer moisture.   
I have used AS I AM DOUBLE BUTTER CREAM FOR 30 days once per week, and I have experienced amazing results!  My hair is loced and so moisture is essential to the health of my hair.  The AS I AM DOUBLE BUTTER CREAM is thick and creamy with a wonderful smell of coconut and the texture is that of a smooth custard.  
AS I AM DOUBLE BUTTER CREAM is versatile it can used as leave in styling agent or a deep conditioning rinse.  The added moisture provided by this product give the hair elasticity  and strength which is great for the harsh Michigan winters that steal the moisture for the hair.   The cream is a emollient which is defined as making soft or supple, and that is the exact results I experienced.   This product is slightly on the pricey side,  and will run you around 23.00 for a  16 oz. jar and 12.00 for a 8 oz. jar.  Don’t  let the price scare you away a little of this magic cream will go a long way! 
Shamecka “HoneyChild” Freeman is a Natural Hair Care Consultant.
This article was printed in the October 4, 2015 - October 17, 2015 edition.

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