NEWS SPOTLIGHT: LPD Placed 12 on Administrative Leave
Monday, December 28, 2015

Following the critical incident that occurred on December 24, 2015 in the 5900 block of Selfridge Road, 12 members of the Lansing Police Department were placed on Administrative Leave by the Chief of Police. Click here for information on the critical incident.

This is the standard protocol following when an officer is involved in a shooting or critical incident. The length of this paid Administrative Leave and/or Administrative Duty is dependent upon the level of involvement of the officer during the incident. 

Effective Monday December 28, 2015, five (5) Lansing Police Officers and one (1) Lansing Police Sergeant will return to full duty and three (3) police officers will be re-assigned to Administrative Duty. Due to their level of involvement in the critical incident, the following Lansing Police Officers will remain on Administrative Leave while the independent investigation, conducted by the Michigan State Police, is ongoing. 
These administrative actions do not suggest that any of the officers have violated laws or departmental policies. The following Lansing Police Officers involved in the shooting are identified as: 
Sergeant Kevin Schlagel- 12-year veteran 
Officer Walter Kim- 17-year veteran 
Officer Ryan Hackenberg- 2-year veteran 



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