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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dear Readers,

This is the start of our 15th year!  Have you thought about your resolutions and whether they have been started or fulfilled?  How about your goals?  Have you at least written one down?  Making commitments are good!  At least you have something to look forward to or strive for.  
My goal this year is to take it slow and not overdo myself.  I have very lofty goals  at times.  I forget that I have a certain amount of time during the day.  My days seem to be shrinking more and more by the minute.  Remember that nothing seems to start exactly the way you want it to when you initially make a goal.  The answer to when you need to start depends on your overall plan.  Only you should determine that.  Everything needs to change depending on the circumstances.  Health care changes, world changes, death changes, children changes, love changes and so forth.
Here are some goals that you can think about implementing in your life:
1.  Drink more water.  Hydrating yourself will make you feel a lot better.
2.  Try something new.  Try horseback riding, walking, painting, volunteering or just a new food.  
3.  Take advantage of your local park.  You can just sit for ten minutes and enjoy some peace and quiet on a bench.
4.  Choose blank note cards for birthdays.  Use your vocabulary.  
5.  Go to the library and see what they have available to you and your family.  The resources are great.
6.  Get your free credit report.  Manage your credit.  Face your fear.
7.  Get at season pass to your local parks.  Some of them have lakes and other happenings during the winter.
8.  Instead of reaching for a unhealthy snack,  reach for something that will have a more positive impact on your body.
9.  Watch more comedy. Laughing is so great for the mind, body and soul.  
10.  Play a game from your childhood. It is really heartwarming to go back and reminisce.  
11.  Give people an opportunity to grow or start the process of moving on. 
12.  Investing time is important but enabling is harder on you.  Write your list of what you are willing to do.
13.  Deal with your fears.  Get help.  Confront. Conquer.  You only live one life.
14.  Clean out your closet.  If you have clothes with tags still on them or that are gently used, you can search Facebook for sale pages in your area or consign.
15.  Get a make over.  Nails, clothing, hair or makeup/grooming will make you feel anew.  This is for both men and women.  
16.  Watch you favorite show back to back.  The internet is great or you can go to the library and see what is available.
17.  Face your highs and lows as a part of life.  Feeling anxious is normal.  Nothing is easy.  It will be up to you whether you land softly.
18.  Remember to say “no” when you do not have the time.
19.  Enjoy the company of new people.  They do not have to become your “best friend”.  How much you let people into your life is up to you.
20.  Go out to coffee with people.  Make sure you put a time limit on how long you stay.  
21.  Do not let your laundry pile up.
22.  Vegetables are good for you.  Fruits are good for you.  However, you know this.
23.  Do your best to smile as much as you can even when you are by yourself.
24.   It is easy to say be positive. Take time to warm up to it.  Put some sticky notes where you are most likely to see them with positive sayings.
25.  Have someone to be accountable to a TRUSTED friend, a LOVING parent, a SUPPORTIVE partner or an UNDERSTANDING counselor.  
26.  Preventive medical appointments are best.  Make a note that each year you should get a physical.
27.  Take care of your oral health as well.  It will keep your beautiful smile happy as well as your spirit.
Be good to yourself.  Walk with a purpose and love yourself more.  Without you many would not be able to be able to function.
Love people,
Rina Risper
P.S.  Remember that not everything is going to be perfect.  it is how long you process it that is the issue.  Have a great day!
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