Virtual Tourist - 5 Thrilling Adventures
Sunday, May 1, 2016


Looking for some adventure on your next trip? Members of travel website love adventure and with this in mind prepared a list of some of their favorite activities and places to do them.
Swimming with Whale Sharks, Exmouth, Western Australia
Every year from April to July, the world's biggest fish, the whale sharks, gather along the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. This time of year provides an opportunity of a lifetime to swim and snorkel with these gentle giants. Whale sharks can get up to 41.5 feet and weigh about 47,000 pounds! While getting up close and personal with these massive, but harmless, animals is not guaranteed, most tour operators will offer you the chance to come back another day for free, if you didn't see whale sharks during your excursion.
Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah
VirtualTourist members agree there's no argument for the number one outdoor adventure area. Moab, Utah topped the list because of its access to all types of activities like classic hiking in Arches National Park and Canyonlands National park, rafting and kayaking on the Colorado River and backcountry skiing in the LA Sal mountains. If you're up for an exciting mountain bike adventure, Moab is the place. And VirtualTourist members say April and May are the best months to do it before the weather gets too hot.
Canyoning in Banos Rio Blanco Canyon, Ecuador
Canyoning, exploring a canyon by such activities, including rappelling, rafting and water jumping, has become quite popular with adventure seekers. And if canyoning is on your list of activities to try, VirtualTourist members recommend heading over to Banos Rio Blanco Canyon in Ecuador. You'll rappel down four waterfalls and slide down on your backside on the fifth. To get you heart racing, the tallest one stands at 115 feet. While hiking, you'll have the opportunity to look for birds indigenous to the area and enjoy the sights and smells of the various flora.
Microlight Flight over Annapurna Range, Nepal
Ready to get air borne and kiss the clouds while soaring over the beautiful Himalayas? Then hop on board an Ultralight (Microlight) flight. These small two-seater aircrafts allow a one-of-a-kind view of Nepal's beautiful landscape of snow-capped mountains, green hills, serene rivers and lakes. You'll have an opportunity to capture some amazing photos that you wouldn't be able to obtain from any other angle.
Sea Kayaking, Chilko Lake, British Columbia
The Chilko Lake region is a beautiful and magical destination. As one of British Columbia's largest salmon spawning grounds, it attracts numerous grizzly and black bears making for incredible wildlife viewing and photography opportunities. VirtualTourist members say explore the lake in either a single or double kayak. Mornings present the best opportunity for animal spotting and you might see otters, beavers, a variety of birds and of course what everyone comes to see, bears. You can take fishing gear with you and try and find the perfect catch as well. Although the days are long, the sunsets from here are worth the wait.
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