What is Personal Power?
Sunday, May 15, 2016
By Sherry Brantley
What is Personal Power and how do we go about ‘tapping’ into it? First of all, it is a Spiritual Power that we all literally have within us. It is personal to each and every one of us. Although it is derived from the same source and we all share it in equal amounts, we do not all use it in equal amounts! It is manifested in each of us in a unique way. Not just through the individual talents and gifts we were all given, but in our very thoughts and understandings. Unique in our passions and our creativity. Our belief systems. Our longings, our desires. Unique in the many different ways in which we utilize our talents and gifts. Some of us express this power through our musical and/or other artistic talents. Many of us have enjoyed the pianist who could play to make our spirits soar, heard the singer who has moved us to tears of joy or sorrow, or witnessed the dancer that seems to move as one with the universe—in smooth, fluid movements. 
The passion and the commitment some people exhibit in their careers, on the job, with their families and throughout their lives on a daily basis is a testament of how others are utilizing this very powerful, very spiritual force. The leaders that have taken a stand for righteousness by peaceful methods against all odds and yet, maintain a thirst that refuses to be quenched until they’ve reached their goal. The teacher that believed in someone—when no one else would, by refusing to accept what others said or thought—until they believed in themselves too. Parents that continue to struggle on a daily basis to ensure a better life for their children. These are all examples of people who have recognized, visualized and began utilizing their own Personal Power. Some may have been aware of the origin of this force, others may not. 
Personal Power is a definite awareness of the literal, spiritual power that we all possess. Once you begin to focus on that power, divine universal laws align with your awareness equal to the proportion of your beliefs in it, and this very force begins to expand in your life—in all areas of your life. Since Personal Power is a positive force, it can only give or ‘exercise’ itself towards positive objectives and outcomes. Translation: It is not possible to use Personal Power in a negative way. It cannot be used to bully, torture, hurt, disrespect, torment, humiliate, or usurp authority in any form which is negative or has any sort of negative connotation. When people are using these and the myriad other negative ways to reach any outcome—it is not Personal Power they are tapping into. They are coming from a thought system based on fear. In our physical world, fear takes on many forms: Alcoholism, drugs, substance abuse, over-eating, bulimia, anorexia, using our charge cards indiscriminately, gambling, smoking, etc. Fear takes on forms in the actions that we display towards ourselves as well as with others. Bullying, taunting, physical/mental/sexual abuse, disrespect, hate groups... and the list goes on. We also display forms of self-fear which manifests itself in the forms of depression, neglecting our bodies, self-mutilation and various forms of self-defeating behavior patterns. 
There is not a form of fear or lack of self-love that cannot be dealt with through tapping into and using your own well of Personal Power from within. That is its purpose for being. To guide us, train us; lead us to the very answers to the questions that we seek.  This does not mean that we do not utilize other methods for wellness, such as seeing therapists, psychologists, herbalists, chiropractors, holistic and/or general health practitioners as the need arises, but also recognizing that Personal Power can complement any of those avenues. Do not fool yourself. For every question—there is a definite, positive answer. For every negative outlook or viewpoint, there is a counterpoint—or positive way and solution. However if we’re only focusing on the negative, we tend to defend ourselves and our points of view in that manner, resulting in our receiving a response in like form. There is an old saying which states: “If you see yourself as a hammer, you’ll see every problem as a nail.” In other words, you’ll have the tendency to not only think there is only one way out of problems—but you’ll also feel attacking the problem and banging the heck out if it will be the solution. This of course leads you to attack or be forever on the defense and therefore, those you come into contact with will also take the same stance. This will continue to keep you in the attack or be attacked mode, unless you begin to change your perception of your world and how you view it. 
Keep in mind this information is not designed to ridicule or be critical of anyone’s religious beliefs. Personal Power is a positive, spiritual force that embraces the teachings of the spiritual masters throughout all time. It is not exclusive to any one religion, tenet or dogma. Like the actual laws of the universe—it is inclusive. It is based on self-love, forgiveness, and developing and creating the positive world you’d like to experience by practicing many spiritual principles, one of which is: The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you will have others do unto you.” The other, the Universal Law stating: ‘What you focus on in your life, you expand in your life.’  There is a two-fold lesson of the golden rule: That practicing the golden rule was not simply so that we would treat each other with kindness, but that whether it was kindness or fear we projected, it would be projected back to us! Remember fear has many forms. Greed, lack of self-love, anger, jealousy, etc. This is the second part of the golden rule, a spiritual law as it were that very few people understand. The Rule isn’t just concerned that we be kind to our brothers for their benefit, but for our benefit as well! Could this principle be any more grand? Do unto others not only as we want to be done, but because how we do unto others determines how we will be done—or what is ‘due’ to occur in our lives! 
Sherry Brantley is the author of several books, including the Best-selling author of STEPP- Start To Exercise Personal Power—How To Create Positive Change In Your Life!  She is a dynamic leader and trainer, specializing in the areas of Goal-Setting and Goal-GETTING!  Her website is sherrybrantley.com and email is yourdesiredlife@aol.com
This column was printed in the May 15, 2016 - May 28, 2016 edition.

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