How To Tap Into Your Personal Power!
Sunday, May 29, 2016

 By Sherry Brantley

How does one begin to tap into their Personal Power? First of all, one has to be open-minded or at least receptive enough to allow the idea of Personal Power to take root. Let’s begin to look within and never without. Your Personal Power is there. It has always been there. Personal Power cannot be used negatively or in any form of attack. It is used in a loving, respectful way in the realization that we are all spiritually connected. No person that is spiritually aware of the universal oneness we all share, would dare attack any part or portion of ‘their body’ (others) with the intention of destroying or maiming it. Yet every day, that is exactly what we do to one another. We attack one another physically in the form of wars, sexual assaults and the abuse of our children. We attack one another economically by denying jobs, housing and education to specific targeted groups. We attack ourselves financially by living beyond our means and obtaining unnecessary credit, and we attack others financially by not repaying our loans or outstanding debts. 
Once we really understand the Universe certainly gives out to us what we have given, we no longer act in negative ways. Once we realize that any attack on any one of our spiritual siblings, is indeed an attack on ourselves—since it will be meted back out to us, we no longer respond in that manner. And most importantly, once we truly realize acting negatively towards one another in any capacity contributes to the downfall of the whole of society, destroying ourselves in the process, we no longer hold to our old beliefs, misperceptions and concepts, and we begin to embrace ones based on precepts of love, respect and empowerment of all things. 
There is no need to go anywhere to begin your journey—except to go within. This is not as difficult as you may believe. Pick a time to spend with yourself, for yourself. A quiet place and time where there will be solitude. A place to reflect and contemplate. For a short, temporary time, there would be no phone, blaring television sounds or social media distractions such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In accounts begging to waste your precious time, or any of our current modern-day conveniences that may cause interruptions.  There are many ways for one to begin to connect to and hear that ‘inner small voice.’ The authentic one that shows you glimpses of who you truly are. The voice that says: ‘I am much greater than what I am currently experiencing in my life.’ The one that declares; ‘Life was meant to be lived abundantly in all areas; mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.’ The one that shows us through our visions, hopes and dreams, that we can make a difference in the world locally and/or globally using or honing the talents, gifts and passion we already possess within. 
The possibilities for discovering and utilizing your Personal Power are as limitless as there are individuals to experience it. Some choose to meditate quietly while focusing on a specific breathing method, while others may meditate using a chant or mantra they are familiar with. Some may find reading inspirational and motivational materials and books helpful, still others may connect with their Spiritual self through movies that invoke a truthful lesson they may be currently experiencing in their own lives at that particular time. Yoga works for some people who find that form of relaxation and meditation a good fit for them. Whatever route you choose, you will know it’s an authentic one for you by the way it makes you feel. Do you feel comfortable? At ease? Relaxed? Or do you feel anxious, uncomfortable and out of place? If your body does not resonate with the method you’ve chosen, it doesn’t necessarily mean the method is not a ‘right fit’ for you. Perhaps it is simply something new, and you must allow the proper time to see if it will work for you or not.  Determine a reasonable time-frame that you feel you should begin to experience the impact of some success, then, add an additional time frame to that. The reason being is this: All things take time. In our haste to go from one program to another, we may simply not be allowing the time for our new practice to take ‘root.’ Our society tends to want it—and want it now. But true change takes dedication, commitment and perseverance. You’ll want to ensure you’ve given yourself ample time to succeed, rather than quickly moving on to the next ‘shiny object that promises change.’ Once you have established your chosen method and have done so over time, consistently and persistently without reaching your desired results and you feel it is time to ‘cut your losses’ to determine what may be a better fit for you, you’ll feel confident in the fact that you’ve given it your best shot and won’t find the need to beat yourself up mentally for another failed attempt at finding what works for you. 
Exercising your Personal Power ultimately leads you to begin creating a life you want to experience so that you’re able to live more joyfully, peacefully and contentedly—in whatever way that may mean for you. 
Sherry Brantley is the author of several books, including the Best-selling author of STEPP- Start To Exercise Personal Power—How To Create Positive Change In Your Life!  She is a dynamic leader and trainer, specializing in the areas of Goal-Setting and Goal-GETTING!  Her website is and email is
This article was printed in the May 29, 2016 - June 11, 2016 edition.

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