Words of Wisdom Celebrating Fathers
Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Masaki Takahashi and his son, Milo, age 9, at a Michigan State University game.  
Fatherhood has definitely been surprisingly wonderful and he says that he would not change it for the world.
Sunday, June 19 is Father’s Day.
By Masaki Takahashi
Fatherhood isn’t always planned but when it happens it happens. It’s promised to put you through a lot but it’s one of the best experiences you will ever have. Every moment will be worth it. The full gamut of emotions, from picking him up for the first time to picking him up at the principal’s office because he got in trouble. 
Fatherhood is wonderful. Fatherhood is scary. Fatherhood is fatherhood. There’s no experience like it. Even if you never had one yourself, you will somehow figure this thing out because your love for you son will make it all worth it
Fatherhood, will come with all various types of situations. Some of us will have fathers before us. Some of us won’t. Some of us will be well prepared with a great stable career, a loving wife that we raise our children with. Some of us won’t. Whatever the situation is, you do the best that you can. Fathers get to be an example and hopefully they learn a thing or two from you, as they will always be their own person. Along the way, don’t be surprised that you learn a thing or two from your child(ren).  
This article was printed in the June 12, 2016 - June 25, 2016 edition. 

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