Personal Power In The Workplace
Sunday, July 24, 2016

 By Sherry Brantley

Utilizing Personal Power works in all areas of your personal growth. Your home, social and work life. I have had supervisors who weren’t aware that I was aware of the principles of Personal Power, hence they acted towards me in the form of fear that they’ve acted towards everyone else they’d come into contact with, by showing disrespect in one way or another and thinking little or nothing of it. Realizing I did not want this type of behavior to expand in my life, I’ve made no bones about stopping them in their tracks. Respectfully yet confidently and powerfully, I pointed out that type of behavior simply was not acceptable to me, outlined what was acceptable and arranged to be treated in such a way. There were times when other co-workers agreed with me and we went together in a united front, in which case we were able to reach a compromise that was more respectful, resulting in a better work environment for all. At other times I’ve gone it alone, (but we are never really ‘alone’) and although the supervisor still exhibited that type of behavior with my colleagues, my supervisor’s rude and boorish behavior did not extend outwards towards me. I was no longer subjected to it in my relationship with them.  Colleagues were then bitter that I was being treated ‘respectfully’ while they were not—but they chose not to take action. Remember: Deciding not to decide— is a decision! In choosing to allow fear to permeate their being, their Self, they allowed themselves to expand fear in their environment and therefore, their supervisors fearful actions always caused for them, fearful reactions! If you are experiencing relationships that are not based on mutual respect, but based on fear, you may want to ask yourself what your belief is about that relationship. This includes your personal, your familial, your intimate and your professional relationships. 
What are your fears? Do you have a fear of being alone? Are you afraid of losing substantial finances from a partner that is currently supplying in that area of your life? Afraid of losing your job if you ‘stand up’ to your boss? In a positive, affirming way of course! 
Realize these are all fears. And fears really are False Expectations Appearing Real. They usually stem from a scenario of negative expectations you’ve conjured up in your mind, and have convinced yourself the scene will play out just as you’ve imagined.  I say if you’re going to conjure up a scenario in the first place, why not think about the positive aspects? If you are really with a supervisor or in a working condition that refuses to conform to respect you and your creativity, perhaps you have grown to the point where it is time for you to find employment elsewhere. If your significant other cannot see and/or support your ‘reason for being’ with you, perhaps you have gained all from that relationship that you will gain. Keep in mind however that there are times when although someone may not ‘see’ our dreams, they still support them either physically, financially or emotionally. This is not at all to suggest a ‘walking out’ of marriages, jobs, or other commitments. Simply begin to visualize what you’d like to manifest in any area of your life and develop an idea or belief that would be congruent to that vision. If you’re busy working on self-improvement, others involved in your life will either begin to engage themselves to doing self-work in areas of their lives, work with you in support of those beliefs, or they will remain constant where they are. In any event, you will either come up with positive solutions, or you may not. You may find it best to continue on your paths separately and peacefully, freeing the both of you to continue on alone if you choose, or possibly, with someone else that is compatible to your belief system. 
In your working environment, just because you may have tolerated aberrant behavior in the past, if you’ve allowed rudeness and disrespect to be propelled and projected towards you without taking a stand, doesn’t mean you aren’t able to turn the tide and change your environment. You are able to change your beliefs and eliminate your grief at any point and time in your life. 
Eliminate the belief that supervisors can treat and speak to you in any way they see fit. When the next unacceptable situation occurs, ask if there may be a time for you to speak directly with the offender in a safe, neutral area. Use your voice to speak up and out against negative behaviors directed towards you. Explain what has occurred, what is acceptable and what is not, and advise you’d like to resolve to work together to meet an amicable solution. If for some reason you are a bit uncomfortable with approaching the person directly, utilize another alternative to handling the situation. 
Perhaps a visit to human resources or your supervisors’ manager may be more in order? Whatever the case may be, be sure to step up to the occasion so that you can truly begin to change your life by changing the environment you spend so much of your time at—work. Know that while organizations may not understand the moral obligation they have to maintain a code of professional conduct, they certainly understand the legal role they must play in making sure employees’ feel safe, without being subjected to tactics that are disrespectful, bullying or unacceptable!
Drop the fears that say if you really did what you truly loved in life, you would lose your home, car and life savings. If you can look at your current situation, and wonder what it would be like to experience the success the universe has already deemed you are, then you are on the road to personal fulfillment. For the first step to change is the awareness that change is needed! Are you currently in a situation you feel is hopeless?  Look up resource agencies, talk to friends, relatives or neighbors. Begin today to make arrangements to improve your world. Go within your Self. Obtain some time alone to tap into your very own spiritual, Personal Power. Remember It (You) has the answers to all that you could ever ask. Are you happy with the way you are being treated on a daily basis? Are your children, you, and others in your household being respected? Are your finances where you’d like them to be—if not—do you have a plan to soon get them where you’d like them to be? Write down the ‘reasons’ you cling to your fears and why.  Just how baseless are they? What steps can you take to eliminate them? We were not created to live in squalor. We were not created to hate, war with one another, or live from pay period to pay period. We are meant to have a great, abundant life. Mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. Tapping into your well of Personal Power will ensure you are able to do just that!
Sherry Brantley is the author of several books, including the Best-selling author of STEPP- Start To Exercise Personal Power—How To Create Positive Change In Your Life!  She is a dynamic leader and trainer, specializing in the areas of Goal-Setting and Goal-GETTING!  Her website is and email is

Printed in the July 24, 2016 - August 6, 2016 edition.


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