"Are we living the dream?"
Sunday, February 17, 2008

By Chris Singer     

Racism is still the most fundamentally challenging social problem plaguing our country today.  Although strides have been made over the years, if we are to truly fulfill Dr. King's vision; his dream has to become a way of life and not simply a yearly celebratory occurrence. 
     Truly living the dream will take a fundamental shift in our culture's thinking.  I do not agree with those who say we should ignore color.
     I don't believe that was Dr. King's vision at all.  Rather, to truly live the dream, it will take each one of us to embrace the diversity of color, nationality, and culture that makes us human. 
     Only when we can all recognize the true oneness of humankind will Dr. King's dream become reality.




Chris Singer at Everybody Reads a bookstore located at 2019 E. Michigan Avenue in Lansing, MI.  Chris has worked  on Social Justice issues nationwide.


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