As I See It? 7-2
Sunday, February 17, 2008

By Samuel Justiss Vance

 What do Tom Tancredo, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, John McCain, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Mike Gravel, and Barack Obama all have in common?
     Answer - They all have Bible names. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about judging a man by the "content of his character". Unfortunately it seems that we aren't quite there. The late Jerry Fallwell,Fox News,Gov. Romney, Senator Clinton’s Campaign Strategist and most recently Senator Bob Kerry have all made distorted remarks about Sen.Obama’s name and or heritage. Senator Bob Kerry claimed that Senator Obama went to a Madrasssa School when he lived in Indonesia. This claim had already been made by Fox News and totally debunked by CNN when they made a visit to his old  school in Indonesia .There they found students that were Buddhist , Christian, Muslim, Confusions etc. It was a public school where people wore western clothes and students learned Reading Writing and Arithmetic. Even that did not seem to be enough though. Some people just won't let the truth get in their way.                                                                                            
       I personally find this entrenched determination to pry into his background and play scrabble with his name to be quite curious, especially in light of the fact that Senator Barack Hussein Obama is not the first person in a high position with such a name. In the 2000 election when Ralph Nader won the nomination of the Green Party and subsequently drained enough votes from the Democratic Party to cost Al Gore the White House I never once heard a word of concern about his Lebanese ancestry . Likewise Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire who is of Palestinian ancestry has never had his loyalty challenged. The loyalty of General Abizaid also was never in question as he led our worthy troops through a worthless war in Iraq. If anyone had even hinted that he was not about duty and dedication to country because of his name they would have been dealt with immediately. Senators and Congressmen would have been standing in line to repudiate them.
    So far we have looked at the Hypocrisy and the stupidity of Judging Senator Barack Obama by his name. However there is one more component that I would like to point out: Ignorance -If you own a Bible you might want to turn to Judges Chapters 4 ,and 5 and read this for yourself.
     There was a Prophetesses named Deborah that was a Judge in Israel . She called Barack and told him that the Lord had commanded him to take an army of 10,000 men and go against the Army of Jabin. He told her that he would only go if she went with him . She said that she would go and that the Lord would deliver Sisera (the leader of Jabin's army) into the hands of a woman. Sure enough his troops were victorious but Sisera fled to the tent of Jael the wife of one of his Allies. She told him to fear not and gave him some milk and covered him with a mantle. When he went to sleep she killed him with a nail. Then she went out to meet Barack and told him to come and behold Sisera.
    This my friends is how Barack was used by the Lord to prevail against Jabin the King of Canaan. There are many Bible names. Judas is a Bible Name, Jezebel is a Bible name. Barack is the name of a Bible hero. His name has 2 meanings: Blessed and lightning. Both names are tailor made for him and he is tailor made for America.


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