News Spotlight: Jury Duty Phone Scam Is Back
Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Ingham County Sheriff Gene L. Wriggelsworth is warning residents of a phone scam where the caller states he is from the Sheriff's Office. 
Residents have received calls from someone portraying themselves as being from the Sheriff's Office. The caller states that the recipient has missed jury duty and needs to send money immediately to avoid being arrested or having a warrant executed. Some callers request credit card numbers, Western Union, or Green Dot cards for payment. 
The Sheriff's Office does not call persons with warrants for their arrest or request money to avoid arrest. 
Residents should not send money when requested by phone to persons they do not know their exact identity or have accounts with. Scammers have the ability to use phone apps to disguise their phone numbers and identity in order to perpetrate these scams. 
Other recents scams in the area include: Microsoft, IRS and the County Clerk. 
If you receive a call like this, advise the caller you know this is a scam and hang up.

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