Author Landis Lain Has the ‘Write Stuff’
Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Author Landis Lain 
signing books at the Soulful Chicago Black History Book Fair in February of 2017.
Daddy's Baby is 
available at Shuler’s Bookstore in Eastwood Towne Center.  
It is also available online at, and  You may contact Landis Lain at


 LANSING, MI -- Author Landis Lain began her writing career in the first grade when she penned story about a young girl in her class who died in a fire while her classmates drew pictures and made cards. In the story, the young girl lived, a rewrite of a defining moment. “I couldn’t change real life,” said Lain. “But I could write another story, one of hope and triumph in a friend’s honor. It was a powerful discovery.”

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Lain spent a lot of time reading with her family.  Literacy was extremely important. Her mother ordered Dr. Seuss books and Highlights magazines for her to read.  Lain also loved to read the newspaper advice columns with her grandmother and the family made a weekly mecca to the Shrine of the Black Madonna book store for diverse books.
Lain recalled that her great grandmother would often ask her to read the Bible to her after a long day.  In retrospect, her great grandmother’s eyes really weren’t tired, she probably just wanted to help her increase her reading skills.
The adults in her life helped shape Lain’s love of creating.  Her father was an artist and always seemed to have a unique explanation for his inquisitive children.
“My daddy viewed the world from the wonderland behind his eyes; he had a way of speaking that still seems relevant. I attribute my love of writing to his love of art.  Writing is an expressive way to get others to create the scenes in their minds.  Writing is definitely an art.”
Lain graduated from Michigan State University and obtained a law degree because her mother told her “writers starve so get a real job!” She is an Administrative Law Judge and has worked as an Assistant City Attorney, a Hearing Officer with the Michigan Department of Corrections, and an Assistant Attorney General. She loves the law because it details life in creative ways.
After penning many stories, Lain dusted off her courage enough to send a few out to publishers. “Daddy’s Baby debuts as her reverential prose to her muse; young people. Lain has won the Michigan Land Contest for her story Dead King Furniture. Her short story Rusty Feet was published in Chicken Soup for the African American Soul and Color Him Father.  Correct Madness: Diary of a Mad Corrections Officer was her first full-length publication. She writes young adult fiction, adult fiction, creative non-fiction, inspirational, contemporary romance, and short stories. 
When Lain is not writing or lawyering, she can be found teaching Writing Composition to freshmen college students at Lansing Community College.  With the success of her writing career, she spends her free time at national book fairs and book signings.
She loves books, dance, theatre, sports, and romance. She especially loves spending time with her children (both birth and of her heart) – when they squeeze her into their busy social lives. 
She resides in Lansing, Michigan with her husband, Frank, who she considers her own personal prince among men.    
To encourage aspiring writers, Lain says, “We all have the power to write our own stories.  Write what you know. Make the effort.  If it is not up to your standards, you can put it away and work on it later.  The whole point of telling stories is to let the words get outside of you. It is a good feeling, to let go.” 
About the Book
“Daddy’s Baby is more than a story; it is hope for somebody. I wrote this book because young men need a voice. There are so many advocates for young ladies, but rarely do we see young men on the cover of books or magazines who have chosen to step up and do the right things. I’m hoping Daddy’s Baby will discourage poor decisions, but encourage strength and responsibility.” – Landis Lain
An apocalyptic junior year....Raging hormones turn asthmatic Damon Hamilton from nerd to heartthrob - literally overnight. Young ladies splatter against him like bugs on a windshield. For Damon, sudden popularity does not equal smooth sailing. He brutally and publically dismisses possessive, beautiful senior, Sasha Anderson, who has initiated him into the world of sex. Gang members attack him in jealous rage. And Damon has had enough. 
Senior year, Time for a change... At a new school, Damon gets his head back in the books, falls in love - true love - and turns his attention to one thing, getting into college and as far away from Lansing, Michigan as possible. Damon hasn’t bargained on Sasha detonating a bomb in his life. There is nothing more ferocious than a girl who has been rejected in love, except one who’s been rejected in love and left with a baby on board. What’s a dude to do? Step up.
Daddy's Baby is 
available at Shuler’s Bookstore in Eastwood Towne Center.  
It is also available online at, and  You may contact Landis Lain at

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