Sunday, March 19, 2017

By Christopher Loring

Mr. Jeffrey Farrell is a Chemistry teacher at Lansing School District’s J.W. Sexton High School
LORING: Why did you become a teacher?
MR. FARELL:  When was a student I had some teachers who were very helpful to me.  It showed me that a good teacher could make a big difference in a student’s lives.  I wanted to try to do that too.
LORING: Throughout your years as a teacher, do you think that you have impacted any of your students and in what way?
MR. FARELL:  Well I certainly hope that I’ve impacted my students in a way that leads them to be more successful but it's up to them to decide what that means.  Success doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone.
LORING:  Have any of your students impacted you?
MR. FARELL:  Definitely, I like to think all of my students have some impact on me.  You just can't help it when you interact with people over a long period of time.   I know many students have helped me to think from a different perspective and that's very valuable.
LORING:  What is your biggest fear as a teacher?
MR. FARELL:  My biggest fear as a teacher is that my students won't learn anything and won't develop into successful young men and women.
LORING:  Do you think any of your students appreciate you?
MR. FARELL:  I would like to hope so, I know there are probably some who don't but I think there are many who do. 
LORING:  If you could do it over would you still become a teacher?
MR. FARELL:  Yes I would, although there are certainly days where I wonder why I have this job. However, I have many more days where I am thankful to have this opportunity. 
LORING:  Okay, last question, what do you want to be when you get older?
MR. FARELL:  What do I want to be when I get older? 
LORING:  Yeah?
MR. FARELL:  Be happy and then eventually dead. 
Christopher Loring is a 10th grader at Lansing School District’s J.W. Sexton High School where he is a member of the band.  He is also in the Upward Bound program at Michigan State University.  He is an intern at The New Citizens Press.

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