Opinion Piece: Crystals: How to Find Your Soul in Grief
Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Tricolor Calcite is a multi-colored calcite from Mexico.  These make great mineral specimens!  But minerals also carry a spiritual side for some.  Calcite symbolizes cleansing. This is the perfect crystal to have with you when you’re looking for a big change in your life, or when you need to make a fresh new start.


By Celia Cole

In your local newspaper,The New Citizens Press, there was an article about bereavement which quickly drew my attention to reading more. The article was written by Helen Fitzgerald, CT. She shares her views on bereavement and the challenge of returning to the workplace after the loss of a loved one and how difficult it can be for several reasons. One, you may not be able to concentrate and retain information while grieving. You may be easily distracted, or you may worry about breaking down in front of colleagues. Most of us have dealt with grief concerning a loss of some sort at one or more times in their lives. It is the most difficult emotion to experience. It doubles or triples sadness and increases so many other emotions including disbelief, anger, uncertainty, fear, frustration, irritability, or a feeling of going crazy. 

Healing from the death of a loved one is a long, slow process, which is why I chose to share what has helped me during my healing. Recently, I lost the last living member of my family, my youngest sister in October, 2017. Last year I lost my older sister. I also lost a brother in 2011 and both parents. My father in 1973 and my mother in 1992. The grieving process has been a slow a difficult journey. The very first way I found help for myself was to purchase a crystal. Since 1992 I have found that crystals can be a great help in emotional healing and protection. I started collecting crystals about that time and have a few. When I heard the news about my sister, I set out to find anything to give me comfort and healing. I was given the suggestion to get a crystal. There are many crystals out there but this time I purchased a Celestite which was to help me connect to my angels. After purchasing the crystal my spirit began to lighten. Why? I felt a strong connection to my sister which helped ease my pain some. I kept it in a special place out where I could walk pass it daily and it helped me remember she was nearby in spirit. 

The Celestite has a soothing and uplifting energy giving you the sense that you are being watched over by a loving caretaker.

I also have a Rose Quartz which helps nourish the heart and helps with accepting change. with the healing of grief caused by death. The other crystals associated with healing grief are the Apache Tear which is less shocking to the heart during the grief process and helps with the physical toll grief takes on the body, and has been historically used during the grieving process during the times of sorrow. 

The onyx allows us to grieve while protecting us from tipping over into negative patterns which depression can cause. Moonstone is a powerful healer on an emotional level can bring feelings of calm during grief. Amethyst was used in ancient times to construct rituals. It's a very powerful healing and very effective in beginning the process of healing during the time of loss, very calming and soothing. Last is the Carnelian which gives strength and allows you to move through feelings of depression and worry in cases of long illnesses when death is likely. This stone can help deal with the many difficult emotions one might be feeling, including resentment, anger, and the beginning stages of grief, helps to alleviate fears surrounding death. It can be a protective stone used during funerary rites as an amulet for those who have died and it is appropriate to bury the deceased with a piece of Carnelian.

The crystals have been a big help to me. I have yet to use all of them, but the stones I have used brings me a notable sense of peace and calmness. I carried the Celestite with me each time I left home. If you're returning to work it might help to carry a stone with you as a reminder you do have a special helper with you at all times. 

If you are not able to share your grief with your coworkers, join a Grief Support Group. I did and it has helped me tremendously. I still pin the stone to me even when attend the support group. The source listed for bereavement was in the article I read in The New Citizens Press. You can find the article their webpage as http://bit.ly/2CvfdW2.

I am not an expert with crystals but I do know how I feel when I pick one up and hold and use it for my own self- healing. The small decreasing pain I feel from carrying these magical gems reassures me I made the right choice embracing the healing power of crystals.

Celia Cole is a retired educator and Lansing resident.  


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