“The Time is Now”: Andy Schor Sworn in as New Mayor of Lansing
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

 A message from Mayor Andy Schor:  

Thank you to everyone who made today special- my family, the Inauguration Committee, my staff, all of the Inaugural sponsors, the Lansing Center, all of the volunteers, and everyone who came out to celebrate! I am ready to get to work, Lansing’s time is now! #Lansing2018
Photo courtesy of Facebook
By Howard T. Spence
LANSING, MI -- On January 1, 2018, a new mayor took over the reins of the government of the city. Andy Schor took the oath of office in an inaugural ceremony at noon. He replaced outgoing Mayor Virg Bernero who chose not to seek reelection after three full terms as mayor of Lansing. 
Hundreds attended the 2018 Inaugural Ceremony and Reception held at the Lansing Center, and many more watched the inaugural ceremony via Facebook Live. In addition to Mayor Schor being sworn in, Chris Swope, who was re-elected City Clerk, was sworn in, as well as, newly elected Lansing City Council members, Jeremy Garza (Second Ward Council Member), Peter Spadafore (Council Member At-Large), and Brian T. Jackson (Fourth Ward Council Member) and re-elected Kathy Dunbar (Council Member At-Large). 
Major changes in the mayor's office are not the only changes that are going to impact the direction of the city. A significant turn over in the members of the Lansing City Council also occurred during the last election that was held in November 2017.
Mayor Schor will likely bring a new direction and a new approach to government and policy making.  Schor had served two terms as a Michigan State Representative in the 68th District and also served as an Ingham County Commissioner. In the legislature, he had earned a reputation of being an effective legislator who worked hard to understand public policy issues and the details of forging consensus for effective government. Although he was in the minority party in the state legislature, Schor had been able to work effectively across the aisle to accomplish the enactment of some legislation which positively impacted the lives of residents both locally and all across the state.
During his speech Mayor Schor spoke about the time is now and moving forward with city business.
He said, “We are going to build on the progress and efforts of past administrations and ‘move forward’ to make our city an even better and greater place to live – a place where people will see our city and want to move here…” 
   Since Schor was elected to be mayor of Lansing in November, there will be a special election called to fill that vacancy in the state legislature. Candidates have already expressed interest in running to be elected to the Michigan Legislature to fill the position Schor has vacated and to represent a large number of the residents of the city of Lansing from Schor's former district in the Michigan State House of Representatives.
Mayor Schor will likely bring a very different style and approach to governance from that which Virg Bernero, his predecessor, showed over the previous years. It is widely anticipated that a more collaborative relationship will be developed during Mayor Schor's administration with the Lansing City Council than has existed in recent years. It is also anticipated that a collaborative approach to governance will be reflected in interaction and cross border planning between the city of Lansing and other municipalities and governments within the Greater Lansing region.
Lansing's new mayor will face a host of very challenging problems which will need to be addressed in the near future. One of the major issues which he will have to look at during his first term will be improving the financial situation. Lansing has built up a number of unfunded liabilities over the past few decades which will have to be addressed.  The problems of the city are unique and will certainly require aggressive and thoughtful action by Mayor Schor and his new administrative team in collaboration with the city council in the coming years.
Mayor Schor rode to victory in the November 2017 election by working hard to reach out to all of the voters in the city from many different demographic backgrounds. Lansing is one of the most diverse communities in Michigan. He also included members of many such groups in the transition planning which he headed leading up to his inauguration.
As a part of his transition planning, Mayor Schor recruited volunteers to provide input in the areas of economic and business development, education, neighborhoods and public safety, and infrastructure and public service development. Details about his vision for the city of Lansing are available website located at www.andyschor.com. 
Photo below:
Andy Schor and his wife, Erin Schor, and their children, Ryan and Hannah, while he was being sworn in as Lansing, Michigan’s mayor.  
Photo by Ariniko Artistry
January 7 - January 20, 2018

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