Professional Administrative Assistants Take Care of Business During Summit
Monday, June 4, 2018

 Left to right:  Monica Sparks, 2018 Administrative Professionals Leadership Summit keynote speaker; Cindy Whittum, Davenport University Senior Career Coach and Tedi Parsons, President of The Professionals Forum.

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LANSING, MI – Operating effectively from day to day, sometimes moment to moment.  That is what makes-or breaks-your business, whatever your business.  More than ever before, administrative professionals are carrying a heavy workload and are on the front-line of every business, making it all happen and they need to know they are valued and are an important part of the organization. Their day-to-day actions help determine an organization’s long term bottom line, even though they may be overlooked by their employers and other employees.
Whether it is answering the phones, posting a job opening, managing social media, refilling the copy machine or fixing it, cancelling an appointment, managing schedules, writing memos or comforting an upset co-worker, these activities carve time from their day: each day, every day.
Administrative professionals keep businesses running efficiently.  They are critical to an organization’s success and deserve to be respected and acknowledged.  As soon as one action is handled, another challenge or problem may present itself and an administrative assistant has to balance whatever the issues are and execute a plan of action based on importance.
The Administrative Professionals Leadership Summit was created by Tedi Parsons, President of The Professionals Forum.  The mission of the forum is to educate, encourage and empower those who work in the administrative/executive support staff.  
Parsons is also sought after to provide professional direction and training for Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion for both the private and public sectors.
Parsons said, “There is a real need to understand what goes on in the work lives of administrative or executive support staff.   The 2018 summit is designed to help them become the very best at what they do and to achieve their personal and professional goals.”  
Keynote speaker, Monica Sparks is a dynamic business leader, coach and mentor.  As the President of Urban Sparks LLC, she spoke to the attendees with an inspirational spirit and a visible passion for success about reestablishing their self worth and confidence. 
Sparks  said, “You have  your own brand and you are not your company.  You are important and you make an impression as an individual and that in turn will reflect positively on your company.  Treat yourself like you matter.  Know that you are doing the best.  Expect to do everything with excellence.  Even if it is putting up a table tent at an event, do it with pride.” 
The summit was a full day event with motivational speakers and exercises to help navigate through some of the toughest days.
In a message to the attendees, Parsons wrote, “Being in the adminstrative/executive support field is not an easy job, and definitely not for the faint hearted, but today I want to encourage the warrior within and empower you to achieve your personal and professional goals.”
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