Book Review: Coyote Ate the Stars
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

In the book Coyote Ate the Stars, author Beth Burnett writing as E.A. Van Stralen intricately weaves a tale about obese and disfigured, Coyote Jones who has spent his life in hiding. Trapped by the demands of his abusive mother and his mentally-ill sister, Coyote spends his day working to pay the family bills. 

When his dead father shows up to ask him to come to another world and save it from destruction, Coyote is forced to confront his self-imposed prison and the fear that keeps him in chains.
With his sister, his father, and a strange group of new friends, Coyote will cross Adumbrate to stop the evil, even if he has to give his own life in the process.
 “It's a book about ugliness. The ugliness we see in others, the ugliness we feel in the world, the ugliness we believe about ourselves. But the story is just beautiful. It's part myth, part fantasy, part family drama. The story drew me in from the first page, with characters who broke my heart with their pain and their earnest desire to fit in,” said  Megan Barnard,  who is an author and writing coach.
Beth Burnett has published five books with Sapphire Books Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in several anthologies and journals, including the esteemed feminist journal, Sinister Wisdom. Beth’s passion is teaching above all else, even writing. She is a professor with an MFA program, teaches freshman comp for a community college, and runs a year-long craft of writing course for the non-profit, Golden Crown Literary Society. She is an advocate for the representation of LGBTQ+ and other diverse characters in mainstream fiction
You can find it online at Laurel Bookstore. Or go into your local bookstore and ask them to order it.  You can also find it in ebook and paper on Amazon. 

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