Rigo Flores looks to further his LEGACY with “Festival of Fights” at The Fledge on December 13
Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Lansing resident Rigo Flores is not going to entertain you by attempting to lift and body slam a 280lb person. The crafty entrepreneur and promoter will, however, organize a family friendly event where professionals will carry out such awe-inspiring feats instead.
Flores manages an exciting new professional wrestling promotion known simply as LEGACY. Already noted for their ability to present a fun and engaging experience for all ages, their next LEGACY event titled “Festival of Fights” takes place Friday, December 13, 2019 live from The Fledge (1300 Eureka St). The show starts at 8PM. 
“It’s an exciting experience watching live pro wrestling,” Flores says. “Fans will get drama, comedy and action all rolled into a live event with real athletes bringing the entertainment.”
The two athletes competing against each other in the “Festival” main event will be The Soul Taker of Detroit, MI and “Toledo’s Favorite Son” Tim Horner Jr. of Toledo, OH. 
Horner challenged popular competitor Atlas Hytower in LEGACY’s “No Holds Barred” main event match at 2019 Michigan Chicken Wing Festival in August. While that event dealt with its share of controversy, LEGACY’s presentation as part of the festival received rave reviews.
Praised for their appeal, Flore assures attendees don’t have to be a professional wrestling fans to enjoy this LEGACY event. “Just as long as you’re a fan of entertainment or being entertained then this is the place for you,” he says.
But if you are a wrestling fan but unfamiliar with the competitors on the card, that also won’t be an issue.  Flores says that more informed, diehard followers of the genre can expect “pure freaking excitement! The talent [competing] aren’t from the area and people may not be familiar with them, but that’s because we’re trying to differentiate ourselves from surrounding promotions. Those chosen to come and represent LEGACY are world class talents.”
LEGACY is described as a pro wrestling experience. Flores says it was created with the intention of entertaining the people of Lansing and beyond. “We want you to have the full experience of going to a big event right here locally and bringing in people from surrounding areas,” he adds. “This lets them get a feel for what Lansing entertainment looks like.”
Flores began his involvement with professional wrestling in 2008. He started off training while also handling the music and working as a T-shirt vendor at local shows. Eventually, Flores became a manager. “From there I decided to pursue bigger dreams and began running my own promotion in 2012,” he says. “After a brief hiatus from promoting, I returned earlier this year to sellout The Fledge while working as Event Producer and Head Promoter for another company where I was previously a co-owner.” 
Despite that success, Flores quietly departed the company to create a joint venture with other creative teams who operate in the production, presentation, and digital media fields. Audiences will get a big taste of their growing LEGACY at the Fledge on December 13.
“Life is great, God is great,” Flores says. “You can do what you want. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Set goals, come up with a plan to reach those goals, don’t be afraid to fail along the way. If you do fall on the road to your goal, just get up, determine what went right and keep it, figure out what went wrong and change it, reset, re-focus and drive towards victory. Now, go build your LEGACY!”

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