Just Plain Selfish: Taking Inventory in 2020
Sunday, October 18, 2020

 By Kris Walker

As we approach the final quarter of this year I encourage you to take a moment and take inventory. For most of us money, food, property and even family may have just come to mind as we begin to account for our belongings. Certainly those are all vital, but most important are those personal items that each person carries within themselves. 
Many of us have experienced the loss of loved ones, employment, homes, personal freedoms, and the option to retreat to places that offered comfort and relief from stress such as fitness centers, libraries, movie theaters, and many other group activities that are still being classified as unsafe. 
Standing in my office which due to Covid-19 is now within my home, I glance over to my children's homeschool classroom and I quickly recognize that I have lost many things as well. 
Immediately, to combat the feeling of anxiousness surrounding circumstances beyond my control, I began to take inventory. With gratitude, I counted each item. My home, children, health, and job were still intact. However, there was a desire to reflect on a deeper, more intimate level within myself.
My self-evaluation concluded that I was still in possession and in control of many invaluable resources. 
My sanity, ability to breathe on my own,  desire to fight for equality were all accounted for. Those are the intangible items that we must be mindful not lose. Being self-aware gives you an opportunity to form an intelligent emotional response to challenging life situations. As a number one priority, you must practice self-care. 
Each of us has been granted a unique set of gifts to help us along our journey. We must not allow circumstances beyond our control to deplete us of our personal power. 
Be encouraged to take a moment to reflect and express gratitude for the beauty, love, strength, and light that illuminates the essence of who you are. Remember to nurture yourself. 
Kris Walker is a native Detroiter and serial social entrepreneur. She is the mother of two children she proudly homeschools. Professionally she is a Life Coach and Mentor. Kris has a passion for writing and helping others find tools that will help then uncover their true selves. 

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