Nu Poetry 7-5
Sunday, March 30, 2008
I Count It “All” A Blessing

I count it all a blessing.
Every bit of the pain, anguish, disappointment and suffering
There has been many a day
I've looked for rocks big enough to hide under
Because of things that brought scandal to my name.

For these occasions too, I'm grateful.

In each lesson has been a degree of accomplishment.
By enduring “Struggle”
I've learned of “His” bosom
I became conscious of the fact that (in my life)
His only success is in the choice I make regarding “Him”

“His” presence presence is in all and through all.
Therefore, my darkest moment must have some positive qualities attached to it.
Meaning the creator has consented to struggle in my life, it is ordained.

In spite of own effort, the author of my existence has used the fires of change
To shape and mold me, like a fine sword in the making
I've been put in fires of hell and pulled out to be beaten into shape.
Today I'm clay experiencing the touch of my God,
His ever loving, ever merciful grip, as I endure.

I'm not ashamed. 
Today, I'm not defeated.
I'm not broken.
I'm a weapon finely created,
Whose use and name is yet to be defined.
A conscious tool-awaiting my creator's instruction

Mr. Jonathan E. McClayton

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