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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jaffe, N. (1998). The way meat loves salt: A Cinderella tale from the Jewish tradition.
    New York: Henry Holt and Company, Inc.

    This is another retelling of the traditional Cinderella tale, however this is from the Jewish tradition. In this story a child is driven from her home after unknowingly offending her father. She travels and finally finds a place to stay. The family accepts her only because of charity, but they do not treat her very well. Along her journeys she is given a magic stick that grants her wishes. She wants to attend a wedding so she wishes for beautiful clothes and slippers. She attends the wedding and everyone falls in love with her, especially the rabbi's son. When he finally finds her after her sudden disappearance, he ridicules her because of her dress and manner.  After she describes her situation to him, and they end up marrying. I did not appreciate this story as much as others because I feel that after he ridiculed her, she should not have married him. It feels that they only married based on appearance and superficial acts. However, it is still a good read aloud and would be a good springboard for discussion.


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