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Local Woman Takes on Hollywood

“Amanda Brewer (third from the right) currently works as an assistant on the “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me” show starring Jamie Foxx (third from the left.)

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Travel Goals After the Pandemic: Couple to Open RV Resort in Alabama

Time Away RV Resort Contact information:

Nathan and Alicia Lawson
160 Summer Dale Lane Lincoln, Alabama 35096

Facebook -  Time Away RV Resort

Courtesy photo

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Your newborn and their Social Security number

Photo by Tubarones Photography

By Vonda Van Til, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist

Getting your newborn a Social Security number is important for their future.  If your child is born in a hospital, the easiest way to apply for a Social Security number is right at the hospital. 

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Travel Goals After the Pandemic: Visiting Europe's great libraries

Some books at Oxford University's Bodleian Library date back to medieval times. Photo by Cameron Hewitt.

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'Jeopardy!': Who Could Possibly Replace Alex Trebek?

  Legendary "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek has died at the age of 80.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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Tou Vue was a tiny infant when his parents fled Laos as communist forces enacted revenge on the Hmong for supporting American troops. Now he’s a network engineer for the Lansing School District, running for Waverly Community School Board and raising a family.  Photo by Roxanne Firth

Story by Ruelaine Stokes 

Updated by TNCP Staff
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Just Plain Selfish: Are You Self-Sabotaging?

 By Kris Walker

Self sabotaging is simply put, as standing in the way of your own happiness, success or growth. While common practices such as procrastinating, over indulging behaviors, self- doubt and fear are often mentioned, in this digital era where we seemingly look towards the internet and Influencers for today's standards, I think that Social Media definitely deserves an honorable mention on our Self-Sabotaging list. Listed below are a few ways that overuse or misuse of Social Media can stand in the way of your greatness.
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Couple Fights COVID-19 Together























Ron and Bethany Holloway, former Lansing residents, now living in Minneapolis, MN, fight the novel Coronavirus together.  

They have been married for 24 years.
Photo courtesy of the Holloway Family
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The Plant Professionals: I am bringing my plants in from outside. Is there anything I should be doing?

 By Kathy Valentine

As   summer fades and fall approaches, many an indoor plant collector begins thinking about the process of acclimating plants back into the lower light of indoors. All those lovely bright green specimens that have been out on the deck or under the pergola must come indoors before the temperatures swoop down into the frost zone. A little preparation will make the transition successful. 
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Karyn Armstead with her horse Petro this year at  the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show after winning a blue ribbon in Dorset, Vermont. 

Photo courtesy of the Armstead Family

By Nadia Sellers, Contributing Writer

CHICAGO, IL -- Karyn Armstead is not your ordinary teen, she’s actually quite extraordinary. Unlike most young ladies her age, Karyn already has her life planned out. In fact, she dreams of one day becoming an Olympic equestrian champion. 
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Travel: Peeling back layers of history in Evora

The Chapel of Bones, at the Church of St. Francis, contains thousands of skulls and bones unearthed from various Evora churchyards. 

Photo credit: Cathy Lu, Rick Steves’ Europe. 
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The Pros and Cons of Cruising

Cruising might not be for everyone, but it's an economic, efficient, and popular of mode of travel in Europe and beyond. 

Photo by Cameron Hewitt, Rick Steves' Europe.
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NAME: Chaya M MilchteinBUSINESS:

POSITION: Owner/Blogger
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Tariffs on dry beans will negatively impact Michigan agriculture

 LANSING, MI -- The Michigan Bean Shippers (MBS) and the Michigan Bean Commission today voiced deep concerns over new tariffs on U.S. dry beans by the European Union (EU). The EU recently levied a 25 percent tariff on all U.S. dry bean imports. The tariffs will have direct negative impacts on Michigan bean sellers and growers, which represents an important segment of Michigan’s agricultural economy.

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June is Caribbean Heritage Month

Caribbean Heritage Month commemoration was adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2005 to recognize the significance of Caribbean people and their descendants in the history and culture of the United States. The resolution passed the Senate in Feb. 2006 and President George H.W. Bush issued the proclamation in June 2006. Caribbean Heritage Month commemoration was adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2005 to recognize the significance of Caribbean people and their descendants in the history and culture of the United States. The resolution passed the Senate in Feb. 2006 and President George H.W. Bush issued the proclamation in June 2006. 

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A New—Healthier—Era for Soul Food

  Chef Amadeus, a celebrity chef from Jacksonville and host of the podcast radio show, The Southern Passion Lounge.

Courtesy photo
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The Zen of Journaling

 It's never too early to begin capturing travel experiences in a daily journal. 

By Jennifer Davis, Rick Steves' Europe.
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What's new in Italy for 2017

 In Venice, only three "traghetti" (shuttle gondolas) still ferry voyagers across the Grand Canal from established stops, though you can always rent a gondola for your own private ride. 

By Rick Steves, Rick Steves' Europe.
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Beyond Havana: Cuba's Trinidad and Vinales

  The Church of the Holy Trinity overlooks the main square in the quaint colonial town of Trinidad, Cuba. 

Photo by Trish Feaster, Rick Steves' Europe
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Cpl. Ali J. Mohammed, a Baghdad, Iraq native and a supply Marine with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Central Command, stands in front of the painting an Iraqi flag while in Northern Iraq, Dec. 26, 2016. Mohammed, fluent in Arabic, has strengthened the partnership between SPMAGTF Marines and Iraqi military members by translating pertinent information to support their operations.
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Study reveals best states for lovers
EAST LANSING, MI -- Is Virginia really for lovers? Other states may have something to say about that.
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Mothers’ lack of legal knowledge linked to juvenile re-offending
EAST LANSING, MI -- Youth who commit crimes for the first time are more likely to re-offend if their mothers don’t participate in their legal process. Unfortunately, mothers are widely unfamiliar with the juvenile justice system – and those who know the least about the system also participate the least.
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PET WORLD: How to handle a pet with diabetes

  By Marc Morrone

Tribune Content Agency
  Q: My nine-year-old cat was just diagnosed with diabetes. He was 16 pounds. Recently he lost three pounds. I am not giving him insulin shots. Is it possible to reverse the diabetes with diet alone? I'm giving him special food the vet has recommended. My question is will the diabetes be controlled enough with diet and no insulin? - Vincent Halstead, Hartford, CT 
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My Perspective: The Death of Fidel

By Ramze Suliman

The best way to get to know a person, a country or even a dictatorship is to come in without any preconceived notions. It sounds much easier than it is.
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NATIONAL NEWS: Registration Officially Open for High School Poetry TeamsTo Enter Louder Than a Bomb Florida Poetry Festival


The Jason Taylor Foundation has officially opened on-line registration for its cutting edge youth poetry festival, Louder Than a Bomb Florida presented by Nova Southeastern University and UPS, it was announced today. Now in its third year, this highly anticipated event will take place from March 27 - April 8, 2017.
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RICK STEVES' EUROPE: European sweet treats

Baklava is the traditional queen of desserts in Turkey. 

Photo by Cameron Hewitt, Rick Steves' Europe.


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When dictators die, stability reigns

  EAST LANSING, MI --   A dictator’s death rarely leads to regime change, according to a new study that comes as a fifth of the world’s authoritarian rulers are at least 70 years old and in various stages of declining health.

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The Fatherhood Project: Wiza Phiri on Music, Culture and Parenting

 Oftentimes, you can find 9-year-old Angel Travis in the studio with her father, Wiza Phiri, making music.

Courtesy photo
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10 things to try for your next holiday


Summer is almost over but that does not mean you cannot start planning for your next vacation.  
Take the Golden Gate Ferry, San Francisco, Calif.
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August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month


Mishael Freeman, 2-years-old and 7 months; Clara Freeman, 11-years-old; Daro Freeman, 8-years-old; Iris Freeman 17 months and their mother, Claretta Duckett-Freeman and Vickie Freeman, 9-years-old on the Capitol .  All of the children have been breastfed. 

Courtesy photo

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How incivility spreads in the workplace

 EAST LANSING, MI --Condescending comments, put-downs and sarcasm have become commonplace in the politically charged workplace, and a new study co-authored by a Michigan State University business scholar shows how this incivility may be spreading.

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Travel: Heart in Havana



By Angela Fossi

TNCP Community Writer
For as long as I can remember, Cuba was so close to my heart, but so far way. 
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Why Clinton and Trump backers don't mix

 EAST LANSING, MI -- Living around people with opposing political viewpoints affects your ability to form close relationships and accept other perspectives -- and may even change your personality, finds a national study led by a Michigan State University scholar.

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Traveling Europe: Appreciating Dutch Cliches


 Holland's whirring windmills harness wind energy to pump excess water into canals. 
Photo by Cameron Hewitt, Rick Steves' Europe.

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Traveling Europe: Appreciating Dutch Cliches


 Holland's whirring windmills harness wind energy to pump excess water into canals. 
Photo by Cameron Hewitt, Rick Steves' Europe.

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The Keyzer Chronicles!: Why Black Lives Matter

 By Aleshia Keyzer

I'm surprised my tongue is still attached after how hard I have been biting it this past week. When events occur that rock the nation, such as the events that have taken place this past week, I plead with myself to stay off of social media. 
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Nobody’s Perfect, But That Doesn’t Mean Your Credit Can’t Be!


By Porsche Miles Grant
You may be wondering if it’s possible to get a perfect credit score, and how many people actually have perfect credit. However, it is not impossible to obtain a perfect credit score.
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Virtual Tourist: 5 Must-See Musical Cities


By Virtual Tourist
If you love music and you love to travel, then you'll want to check out this list of the five Must-See Musical Cities, as comprised by members of travel website VirtualTourist.
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Recovering from Devastation: My Moments of Gratitude


By Carole R. Harris

What was your most devastating day or moment in your life? I mean, really life altering, unearthly painful? Did you have to really think about it or is it right there in your every moment? Did you have the opportunity to thank those hearts and souls who helped you navigate those moments? 

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Gallo Boxing Gym: Creating Champions

 Joe (Joey) Bermudez, Jr.  wrapping his 11-year old stepson’s, Dominic Jones’, hands at  the Jr. Olympics State Championship tournament in Flint, MI. Dominic won the title and will box in Ohio at the regional tournament in June.

Courtesy photo
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Virtual Tourist - 5 Thrilling Adventures



Looking for some adventure on your next trip? Members of travel website love adventure and with this in mind prepared a list of some of their favorite activities and places to do them.
Swimming with Whale Sharks, Exmouth, Western Australia
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Architect Zaha Hadid’s Death is a Global Loss for Architecture

 Zaha Hadid pushed boundaries with her buildings—and that’s what architects will remember. Hadid’s design was chosen to build The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University, the contemporary art museum, opened November 10, 2012.  MSU photo

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Beyond the 'Model Minority' Image: Asians in the US

  Pranee Wilcox, a native of Thailand, immigrated to the U.S. 14 years ago to work in the Thai embassy as a housekeeper. Her journey belies the stereotype of the "model minority."


Courtesy photo

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Hawai’i and Michigan Connections? Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives

 Hawaiian Mission Houses was established in 1923 by the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society, a private, non-profit organization and genealogical society. It consists of three mission houses that served as homes and workplaces for the first Christian missionaries who came here. At right is the 1821 Mission House, and, left, the Mission annex that was originally built of coral block as a bedroom annex, but now houses the print shop.

Courtesy photo

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Opinion: Racial Profiling of Chinese Americans Will Only Hurt America

 By George Koo

It simply boggles the mind that with an African American in the White House and an African American as the Attorney General, persecution of Chinese American scientists based on racial profiling not only has not abated but actually intensified.
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Pepperz Mind: Think Big, Change The World: 5 Best New Year's Resolutions

  “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” — C.S. Lewis

Find out more about André Pimenta TNCP guest writer from Lisbon, Portugal at
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Opinion: American Bilingualism

 What does it mean to be bilingual? Simply defined, it is the ability to use two languages. Some people can speak two languages well, but are more comfortable reading and writing in one. Or one language is spoken at home, or smaller communities, while another is used in all public interactions including school and work. 

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The Story Behind The World’s Largest Collection of Hebron Glass Now Displayed at Saper Galleries

  Roy Saper stands with second and third generations to the elder Hamzeh Natsheh, all involved in the family glassblowing business just as were the many generations of the Natsheh family before them over more than 700 years. 

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November is Native American Heritage Month

 Utes--Chief Sevara [i.e., Severo] and family

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection, [reproduction number, e.g., LC-D4-10865]
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Celebrate Astronomy Day
Astronomy Day is celebrated twice a year, once in spring and once in the fall. In the spring, the holiday is held on the Saturday closest to the first quarter Moon between the months of April and May, while in the fall (autumn) it occurs on a Saturday closest to the quarter moon between September and October.
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Local Man Makes Reaching For the Stars Easier


By TNCP Staff
The cosmos is always changing and delighting us.   Amateur astronomer, Rod Bisher, has been instrumental in exposing everyday people the science of exploring of the universe. 
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Aggressive Child Behavior Part I: Fighting in School and at Home

 By James Lehman, MSW

Does your child always seem to get in trouble for fighting? You’ve tried talking to him, but the aggressive behavior hasn’t stopped—he still roughhouses with his siblings at home to the point of injury, brawls with kids on the bus and gets into fistfights at school. In part 1 of this two-part series on aggressive child and teen behavior, James Lehman explains why kids get into fights in the first place—and tells you the three basic types of fighting that you need to address as a parent.
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Find a Little Bit of Paris in the Greater Lansing Area

  By TNCP Staff

Gaëlle Cassin-Ross had her son, Sagan, in August of 2014.   While on maternity leave, she only spoke to her child in French.  She stated that she wanted her son to have a good start in life, so she took six months off to spend time nurturing him.  
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The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later:  Losing Mama

  Hurricane Katrina survivor, Mama Carrie Celestine at her 90th birthday celebration at an East Lansing area nursing home in 2013. She is with her daughters Cheryl Celestin (standing) and Pamela Canty. 

Courtesy photo 
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'Bounce' to Mid-Michigan's New Network

  Bernie Mac stars as a famous stand-up comedian living large in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife Wanda (Kellita Smith) in “The Bernie Mac Show”, which was just added to the Bounce TV mid-Michigan lineup. Their world changes when they must take custody of his sister's three children. 

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Black Lives AND Police Lives Both Matter

 By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

New America Media

It’s not, and never should have been, an either or proposition to say black lives matter or police lives matter. The slaying of a police officer must and should be denounced with the same vigor, passion and outrage as the unwarranted slaying of an unarmed African-American. 
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Tiny Houses: Why They Are Awesome

Jesse Kahtava and Erin Heeney on the back deck with their fur babies- Cedar, Willow and Cricket. Yes- they all live together in perfect harmony.

Photo courtesy of
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Single Fathers Are Changing the Definition of Family

 Malvin Brewer and his son, 8-year-old, Zavier Brewer enjoying a cool beverage from Speedway after a trip to the park.

Courtesy photo
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In Cuba, ‘Creeping Capitalism’ Arrives


By Louis Nevaer

New America Media
HAVANA—When the U.S. embassy reponed in Havana on Monday after more than 54 years, it signaled what Cubans have now accepted: creeping capitalism is the future.
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Robert C. Koehler: Zero tolerance


By Robert C. Koehler

Tribune Content Agency

  "As I walked down the hall, one of the police officers employed in the school noticed I did not have my identification badge with me."

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VIRTUAL TOURIST: 5 Superb Subterranean Spots

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Photo by keeweechic
Looking for an awesome underground adventure? Check out these  spots compiled by members of travel website 
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Five Fantastic Michigan Getaways for Friends and Family

1.North Beach Getaway:  This wonderful cottage sits on a private Lake Michigan beach in Grand Haven, Michigan.  

Courtesy photo
2. Spacious but elegant log cabin retreat available to rent on a weekly basis.  Hidden Pines Log Cabin. 
Courtesy photo
3. The Yacht is one well maintained vessel.  It is ideal for couples or a small family.  You can explore the spectacular scenery with all of the comforts of home.  
Courtesy photo
4. This beautiful space at Campau Heaven is one that is sure to please any large group.
Courtesy photo
5. Not pictured here:  The Boathouse is definitely for those who want access to an exclusive beach. 
Courtesy photo
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Families of the Missing 43 Students In Mexico Visit Michigan

Left: Elva Reyes, member of the Action of Greater Lansing’s Civil Rights for Immigrants Task Force (shown right)  supporting the mother of one of the students missing in Mexico at Cristo Rey Community Center.   

Below: Poster of the missing shown during the event.
Photos by  the Action of Greater Lansing


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Lacey Schwartz’s “Little White Lie” Premieres on Independent Lens


A young Jewish filmmaker’s journey of discovery upon learning that her biological father was black
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Black History Month: Robert Robinson Taylor becomes 38th Honoree into Black Heritage Stamp Series


GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Robert Robinson Taylor, believed to have been both the first African-American graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the nation's first academically trained black architect was inducted into the Postal Service's Black Heritage Stamp series today as the 38th honoree. His great granddaughter, White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett joined Postmaster General Megan Brennan in dedicating the stamp. 
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Dr. Manish Madan Receives New Scholar Award Recognition


Left:  Dr. Manish Madan
Dr. Manish Madan, assistant professor of Criminal Justice, was selected to receive the Western Social Science Association’s New Scholar Award.
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Virtual Tourist: 10 things to try in 2015


Eating from street vendors can be quite an experience in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by

Tribune Media Services

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Pet World:Pet World: Give your dog something else to do besides bark at cyclists


By Steve Dale
Tribune Content Agency
   Q: My 4-year-old Australian Shepherd now barks at people on bicycles as they go by the house. She never did this before. What's going on? - C.J., San Diego, CA
MorgueFile photo
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Executive Director Jeremy Orr is Mid-MEAC’S Newest Environmental Advocate

Left: Photo of Jeremy Orr

By Deborah M. Walker

Keeping up with the environmental integrity of Mid-Michigan is what the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council (Mid-MEAC) is all about; whether it is river protection, green transportation, land use, and sustainability. Mid-MEAC was started on Earth Day in 1993. 
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Robert C. Koehler: Turning our backs on a violent world won't change anything


By Robert C. Koehler
Tribune Content Agency
  Oh, the moral force of a snub.
  Several hundred cops turn their backs on New York's mayor as he eulogizes one of their own, killed in the line of duty, and the media have another us-vs.-them story to report. Bill de Blasio's in trouble, accused of playing politics with the lives of heroes. And, of course, the story goes no deeper than the dramatic accusation.
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“Real Pirates” Can Be Found in Grand Rapids

 Real Pirates exhibit, photo courtesy of the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

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Kiplinger on Travel: Great trips that cost $1,000


By the editors of Kiplinger's Personal Finance

The February issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine features a collection of ideas for spending $1,000.
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Pet World: Can cats get arthritis?


Watch your animals for signs of trouble with their joints.  They can mask pain easier than humans.
MorgueFile photo
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Pet World: Anxiety likely at the root of cat's car sickness

 It's estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 30-37% have a cat. 

Source: APPA
MorgueFile photo
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OPINION PIECE: Through The Media Lens: Covering Race and Police Brutality


By Bob Butler

(Black PR Wire) -- The second half of 2014 has been marked by the shooting deaths of four African-American males by local law enforcement -- Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Eric Garner in New York, John Crawford and Tamir Rice in Ohio -- that have attracted the attention of national media and the federal government, and shined a light on the issue of policing in minority communities. 

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Kiplinger on Travel: 10 great gifts for travelers under $50


Photo by morguefile

By Cameron Huddleston

  If you're looking for the perfect gift for the frequent traveler in your family but don't want to break the bank, we can help. We asked several travel experts to share their picks for affordable items they pack when they hit the road. These 10 things can help both business and leisure travelers save money, stay organized and be a little more comfortable on all their trips.
Read More Sunday, December 28, 2014 2015 Dodge Challenger


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Kiplinger on Travel: Best travel apps for the holidays

  By Miriam Cross and Kaitlin Pitsker

 Not to test the limits of Murphy's Law, but the holidays seem particularly prone to travel mishaps. While we hope it will be nothing but smooth sailing for you between now and the new year, it pays to be prepared. Can't find a bathroom on your road trip? There's an app for that. Can't decide what to have for dinner? There's an app for that too. Grandma's house is overbooked? There's even an app for that. 
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Kiplinger on Travel: 10 tweeters you should follow to save money

  By Rebecca Dolan

 There are countless Twitter handles dedicated to travel. Some are excellent at sharing photographs, some at detailing the world's most mouthwatering dishes, while others are reporting on the most luxurious hotels and spas. And, of course, there are those bringing you advice for traveling on a budget.
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Top 10 homes of literary history


Left:  Hans Christian Andersen Birthplace,  Odense, Denmark



History and literary buffs will rejoice as VirtualTourist members uncover the list of the "Top 10 Historical Homes From Literature."
Read More Sunday, October 19, 2014 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD LT

  By Frank S. Washington

DETROIT, MI – There’s no other way to say it, the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe was big. Our test vehicle had a 116-inch wheelbase, its overall length was 204 inches, it was 80.5-inches wide and it was 74.4-inches tall or six-foot two.
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Kiplinger on Travel: Worst U.S. airports for Wi-Fi

By Rebecca Dolan

  As if you didn't already hate flying enough, having to pay for wireless Internet access at the airport just makes it worse. You might think in this day and age when major airports feature everything from spa services to upscale restaurants, a basic amenity such as free Wi-Fi would be a given. Unfortunately, there are still a few holdouts.
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Will Ferguson Be a Tipping Point for Black Youth Voter Turnout?

  By  Khalil Abdullah 

New America Media
WASHINGTON, DC -- A week before National Voter Registration, Tuesday, September 23, civil rights leaders  hope to increase African American youth voter turnout by citing the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., a city where only 12 percent of registered voters turned out to vote in the last city council elections. 
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QP Voices: 'Finding Your Roots' with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.


Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. explores the past of well known people and their ancestry on PBS.  Left: Author Stephen King

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Michigan Apples Taste Better Geographic factors contribute to superior taste from Michigan-grown apples

  LANSING, MI —With the majority of Michigan’s apple growing region located along the coast of Lake Michigan, it is clear that proximity to the Great Lakes makes a difference in producing high-quality, flavorful apples.

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Kiplinger on Travel: What to do if you're stranded while traveling


By Cameron Huddleston
Air travelers could be left high - or perhaps it would be better to say low - and dry if a volcano that's rumbling in Iceland erupts with the magnitude that another one in that country did in 2010.
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DTW Airport Helped Shape Michigan’s Aeronautic  History


Left: Daniel Mason, Volunteer Historian for the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, has written a book about the history of the airport while maintaining collections.
He also has discharge papers from the National Guard Observation Squadron in 1937, is one of many collections from Mason's efforts. 
Photos by Rick Garcia


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Pacha Mama Tea is Nature's Miracle Drink


Left  - Anthony Stein a friend and soon-to-be business partner of William “Chef Nick” Nicklosovich fell in love with the tea when he tried it for the first time, came across the gauyusa  (pronounced gwhy-you-suh) leaf when he was working in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  Right - William “Chef Nick” Nicklosovich, co-owner of Pacha Mama Tea.  Pacha Mama Tea is all natural and is made from only gauyusa leaf, water and lime.
Courtesy photo


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Consumers Energy Foundation Supports Farm Award Program

 From the Consumers Energy Foundation, Chris Thelen, Lansing Area Manager, and Carolyn Bloodworth, Director of Corporate Giving; from the Historical

 Society of Michigan, Larry Wagenaar, Executive Director, and Kellie Bolster,Centennial Farm Program Coordinator.
Photo by Rick Garcia
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Jill on Money: Ten home buying mistakes


By Jill Schlesinger
Tribune Media Services
  After that nasty weather in the first quarter of the year, the much hoped for housing recovery never quite took hold during the normally vibrant spring buying/selling season. Despite the Polar Vortex, there were other factors that kept a lid on housing buyers, including the fact that tentative buyers were spooked by rising prices, especially in certain hot housing markets. 
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CIA officer Speaks on Personal Branding



By Rick Garcia
A unique partnership between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Arab American Women Business Council (AAWBC) was evident as approximately 75 women and a few men gathered for a dinner presentation at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle early June.
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“Comfort Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul”: SOUTHERN CORN PUDDING


A tasty addition to any meal!
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Kiplinger on Travel: Why senior travel discounts aren't always the best deal


By Cameron Huddleston
Most seniors know that they can take advantage of travel discounts geared specifically toward them for savings on hotels, attractions, rental cars, guided tours and more. But are the special rates for older travelers really that special?
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Island Conference –A Glimpse of Michigan’s Future

  By Rick Garcia

The 34th Mackinac Policy Conference convened more than 1,500 professionals, government leaders, CEOs and media on the island- a scaled down version of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  
Read More Monday, June 16, 2014
Rick Steves: Navigating European airports


By Rick Steves
Tribune Content Agency
  Sometimes I wonder why I lug my bag through airports, following my own recommendation to pack light enough to carry on and avoid checking any bags on international flights. It can be a drag, dragging your bag through airports. But when scrambling with last-minute changes in flight plans, those without checked bags are far more nimble.
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After Frigid Winter of 2013 Left Many Without Electricity - BWL Will Adopt All CRT and MPSC Recommendations

  J. Peter Lark, General Manager of the Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL), announced to the BWL Board of Commissioners that all recommendations made by the Community Review Team (CRT) and Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) will be adopted by the BWL. The recommendations, which total more than 180 when the BWL’s internal review is included, were made in response to the December ice storm that knocked out power to 40,000 customers.

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“Comfort Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul”: BEEF POT PIES

  By Sharon Fox

1-2 boxes (17.3 oz.) frozen puff pastry
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 lb. beef--stew meat, chuck roast, or sirloin, cut into 3/4" cubes
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 cups chopped mushrooms
                                             Click for more ingredients.  Delicious.
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Jill on Money: College is still worth it


By Jill Schlesinger
Tribune Media Services
  As the Class of 2014 throws their caps into the air during this graduation season, many families are facing the stark reality of a mound of education debt. Given the still-tough job market, is college worth it? The answer is yes, with a caveat. 
Read More Sunday, June 15, 2014 2015 Hyundai Genesis

  By Frank S. Washington

WEST BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI – Hyundai stopped just short of calling its redesigned 2015 Genesis a luxury performance sedan. The Korean automaker opted to call the car a midsize premium sedan.
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Your Other 8 Hours: How to stay strong and get what you deserve in a divorce


By Robert Pagliarini
Tribune Media Services 
What should you do if you are in the middle of a divorce but feel at the end of your rope? When you're struggling for an equitable resolution but don't see any end in sight?
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Do you have an opinion? 13-9

 Why I Can’t Get Behind #BringBackOurGirls

Read More Sunday, May 18, 2014
Top 10 beach activities and where to do them


For many travelers, a vacation is only a vacation if there is a beach on which to sunbathe. For others, activities are a must. With this in mind, members and editors of travel website and community prepared a list of the Top 10 Beach Activities and Where to Do Them.
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Michigan Business: “Hats” Off to Stormy Kromer Caretaker

















By Rick Garcia


Without a doubt this will be one of the harshest winter on record.  Bob Jacquart, CEO  of Jacquart Fabric Products, maker of Stormy Kromer wear. He is standing in front of one of the many collages at the factory. Photo by Rick Garcia

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Obama’s ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Initiative Has Promise

There are a lot of kids out there who need help, who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement. And is there more that we can do to give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them?”  – President Obama, July 19, 2013

By David Muhammad

Recently, at the White House, President Obama will formally launch his promising new initiative to effectuate meaningful change in the Black community, something I had hoped for since that first euphoric moment when I learned that a Black man had been elected President of the United States.
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News Spotlight: Russian President Putin's Fiction: 10 False Claims About Ukraine
 As Russia spins a false narrative to justify its illegal actions in Ukraine, the world has not seen such startling Russian fiction since Dostoyevsky wrote, “The formula ‘two times two equals five’ is not without its attractions.”
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Dance Troupe Continues the Legacy

 Heather Taylor has led her dance group through spirit, movement and peace for many years.  They have touched many hearts and minds on a global level.

From bottom left to right:
Taliah Taylor
Tiffany Taylor
Megan Peterson
Heather Taylor
Malinda Milton
Kenya Milton
Martha Rogers-Milton
In the middle:
Christina Weiss and 
Anastasia Thomas-Cruze
Courtesy photo
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Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Taxes Prepared


 By  A.J. Gross, C.P.A., E.A.

1)  Check the tax accountant’s PTIN.  All tax accountants preparing tax returns must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN).  You do not want your tax return to be prepared by a tax accountant without a PTIN.

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2014 Winter Olympics Story: Shani Davis: Skating for History, Not Love

  By Mark Starr

The Root/New America Media
Speed skater Shani Davis will go down in history for his succession of Winter Olympic firsts, most notably as the first African-American athlete to win an individual gold at the Winter Games. But in his own sport, he is celebrated for his extraordinary record of sustained excellence.
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Opinion: Black Quarterback Wins Super Bowl: Where’s the Fuss?

 By  Stephen Crockett

The Root
Disney couldn't write a better story: A short kid, much too short to play quarterback, won't let that fighting spirit in him die. So he plays in high school, both ways: quarterback on offense and cornerback on defense. Hell, he even punted the ball. His high school coach called him a one-man wrecking crew. He breaks records and is still rated only as a two-star recruit. Too short, they say.
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Governor Snyder Introduces Michigan Office for New Americans


 By Rick Garcia

A few weeks ago Governor Rick Snyder in his state of the state address pledged to make Michigan more welcome to immigrants – The only Governor in the nation to make that stand.


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Michigan Singer Takes Talent International










Palau de la artes in  Valencia, Spain is an area that holds Cassandra Allen’s school; Berklee College of Music, Príncipe Felipe Science Museum and Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía.

Courtesy photo
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Michigan Travel: Ziibiwing Center Preserves Tribal Heritage


Top  Photo:Every culture seeks to tell their story.  The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe's story is told at the Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture & Lifeways. 
Courtesy photo
Bottom Photo:  Through the presentation of  selected cultural textiles,  the cultural center teaches about the vibrant lifestyle.
Courtesy photo


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“Comfort Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul”: CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS


By Sharon Fox
1 large chicken
1 onion, chopped
3-4 carrots, chopped
2-3 celery stalks
1 Tbsp. chicken bouillon crystals
1 quart chicken stock
1 can cream of chicken soup
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Inside The Mind of a Sportsaholic: Great Job Spartans

  By Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr.

Sitting down to write my thoughts on a sporting event is usually an easy thing. However, in the 48 hours since the Michigan State Spartans won the 2014 Rose Bowl with a 24-20 victory over the Stanford Cardinal, it has been difficult. The biggest problem has been figuring out which angle to cover because there are so many different ones. 
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News Briefs: Medicaid and New DNR Recruits

  Medicare is the best care if you are age 65 or older and DNR conservation officer academy starts Jan. 12 with 31 recruits

Read More Sunday, January 12, 2014 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Crew Cab SLT


By Frank S. Washington
DETROIT, MI – One of GMC’s advertising tag lines for its pick trucks is “Professional Grade.” It appears that designers and engineers took that to heart in creating the 2014 GMC Sierra pickup truck.


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News Spotlight: Gospel Artists Raise Voices, Stroke Awareness in National Singing Competition

   The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Most Powerful Voices gospel singing competition returns in search of dynamic gospel performers who will raise stroke awareness — particularly in the African-American community — through the power of music. 

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New Year 2014


















Dear Readers,

In preparation for 2014, I am suggesting that we really become more connected with people that we like.   In the new year, my goal will be to sit down with at least four people that I have met on social media or just in passing.  You know the people who always make you smile when you see them but you do not know them well.  There are just some people who just make you want to give them a great big hug.
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Latino Commission Honors Diversity Leaders

                                                                                        Mexico Consul Solana, Left, cuts the cake with Matt Wesaw, Director of Michigan Department of Civil Rights.


Photo courtesy of Rene Rodriguez of Studio One Creative

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Retire Smart: When to take Social Security benefits

 By Jill Schlesinger

Tribune Media Services
In 2013, 37 million Americans will receive Social Security (SS) retirement benefits totaling $47.4 billion. Clearly, Americans have come to rely on Social Security retirement income, with more than half of married couples and nearly three-quarters of unmarried persons receiving 50 percent or more of their total income from the program.
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The Cloud Over Syria




Syria’s civil war is not understood by many. Here is on take on it. CIA Factbook


Read More Sunday, November 3, 2013 2013 Ford Fusion


By Frank S. Washington

DETROIT, MI – Ford has done really well with the redesigned Fusion since it was introduced last year. Much of its success goes to the pragmatic and very functional way the midsize sedan operates.
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Top 5 Ghost Towns
Hashima Island (also called Gunkanjima) off the coast of Nagasaki Port in Japan.
GUNKANJIMA Japan National Tourism Organizat Virtual Tourist
Halloween is synonymous with costumes, an abundance of bite-sized candy and adorable photos of children dressed as cartoon characters, superheroes and monstrous creatures. However, the spirit of Halloween can also influence your travels. Rather than focusing on haunted destinations, the members and editors of have compiled a list of those places that have been abruptly abandoned by people, making them spooky and eerie. From an abandoned Greek village in Turkey to a former disaster site in the Ukraine, here are VirtualTourist's "Top 5 Ghost Towns."
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80-Year-Old Grandma Gets US Citizenship
Salvadorian immigrant Carlota Gutiérrez holding her U.S. naturalization certificate.
Courtesy photo
By  Elena Shore
Andrea Acosta, Translated
El Pregonero
Despite her advanced age and limited English language skills, Salvadoran immigrant Carlota Gutiérrez passed her citizenship test and is a new U.S. citizen.
With the help of her kids, the 80-year-old grandmother applied to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for citizenship in January 2012 and four months later, on May 23, she got an appointment for the test and interview in her language.
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Impending Cuts to Anti-Poverty Food Program Will Cost Michigan $183 million and Bring Greater Food Insecurity to Families and Children
By Marissa Zamudio
On November 1, 2013, the temporary boost to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is due to expire, taking a slice out of the food budgets of families, especially, low income families with children. In Michigan, one in six people receive SNAP benefits and will be affected. Such a cut is likely to result in an increase of families with children going hungry – what policy experts call “food insecurity.” Food insecurity is identified as “the lack of consistent access to adequate food” in a May 2013 report titled “Food Insecurity in Households with Children” from the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.   
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Inside The Mind of a Sportsaholic: A Couple Of Requests

  By Jimmy L. Wilson, Jr.

Football season is back! For many, this is start of what could be considered the sports fiscal year. From September to June, we immersed in football, and basketball. There is not much that we ask from people who are not as enthralled as we are during these months. However, there are a couple of requests that I would like to make on behalf of myself, and other sports fanatics. Even though you all may not be able to grant the requests, please indulge me, and see if you can work with any of them.
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 Heart Disease: American’s Number One Killer

 By Deborah Walker

Claiming more than 500,000 lives a year heart disease reigns as the leading cause of death in the United States, yet most people are unaware that this threat exists. Heart disease affects all Americans and is the number one cause of death for Whites, African American, and Hispanics alike. Heart disease strikes with little or no warning and most people diagnosed with heart disease showed no signs until it was too late.
Left: Cameron “Big Perm” Doyle and Aniyah Lake.  Big Perm and Aniyah visiting her school before he passed away.


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Movie Marks 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement


Carib Press --  Starring Anika Noni Rose, Wood Harris and David Alan Grier, “The Watsons Go to Birmingham” is the tale of a summer journey that leaves a family – and a nation – forever transformed.
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Your Other 8 Hours: What's holding you back and what to do about it

 By Robert Pagliarini, 

Tribune Media Services
There's one thing that's holding you back more than any other. It's not your education, who you know, or even how much time you have. It's fear of pain. It's that simple. The bad news is that the challenge you face is yourself. Of course, this is also the good news. It's not the economy, your mistakes from the past, a bad childhood, or anything else. The problem is within you, and so is the solution. Your ability to deal with the fear of pain effectively is your golden ticket to your best life, job promotions, health, and better relationships.
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Retire Smart: Drowning in documents: What to shred, what to keep


By Jill Schlesinger
Tribune Media Services
You probably just received some bank, investment or retirement quarterly statements in the mail, which makes it a perfect time to fire up the shredder and organize that stack of documents piling up on the table. 
  Here are some thoughts on financial paperwork that you can toss:
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Interpersonal Edge: Brilliant interview questions for hires

  By Dr. Daneen Skube

Tribune Media Services
 Q. I am being asked to do more and more hiring of new employees for my team. We have a standard set of interview questions, but people don't always tell the truth. Especially when it comes to interpersonal skills, I have trouble screening for quality people. Are there any brilliant interview questions that reveal the personality I'm about to hire?
Read More Sunday, September 8, 2013 2014 Chevrolet Impala

  By Frank S. Washington

DETROIT,  MI -- Chevrolet has a hit on its hands. That fact did not need to be certified but during a week-long test drive of the 2014 Impala, Chevrolet’s new flagship sedan got as much attention as some exotic sports cars that cost three times more.
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Euromight: A Quest to Capture the Afro-European Narrative
London-born Olive Vassell is the founder and managing editor of
This interesting and insightful website provides news and information on Afro-
European issues and events.
Courtesy photo
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As I See It: My thoughts about the Trayvon Martin verdict...and its aftermath
By Joseph Harris
The evening of July 13th will remain a night I remember for a long time. It was the night a jury in the United States made it a capital crime to be a young black man. There is, of course a lot about this case we will never know. We do know there were two people present and one killed the other. So we will only have one perspective to go on.
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Nelson Mandela’s Long Goodbye Has Lessons For All of Us
Firstpost, Commentary, Sandip Roy
Nelson Mandela is dying.
Hard as it is to accept the fact, the world has to come to terms with it.
It's not surprising that South Africans are praying for his recovery. But perhaps a final gesture of gratitude to the man who is indisputably the Father of the Nation is to pray for his peaceful death. Or passing. Or transition. If those euphemisms offer some solace and sound less final than death.
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Vitual Tourist: 10 travel tips that are good for the environment
A French woman fills a bottle of Evian water to take to her home in Evian, France.
Dallas Morning News
Saving resources can be a lifestyle at home and abroad. And for those who are just getting started, here are some environmentally friendly things to think about when you travel. In collaboration with staffers from World Wildlife Fund, members and editors of global travel website VirtualTourist have put together 10 tips on how to travel with conservation in mind.
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Trayvon's Dad, Tracy Martin Speaks to The Root: 'My Kid Was Perfect to Me'
Trayvon Martin 
Family photo
(The Root) -- June 10, 2013 was the beginning of jury selection for the second-degree-murder trial of 29-year-old George Zimmerman in the shooting death of 17-year-old high school student Trayvon Martin. The trial comes just ahead of Father's Day, and The Root spoke with Tracy Martin, Trayvon's father, to ask him about the son he knew and loved.
This was printed in the June 16, 2013 - June 29, 2013 Edition
(Please note that a correction was made to the date.  It originally stated July, 10, 2013.  We regret the inconvenience.)
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The Scarlet Macaw in Corcovado National Park
Courtesy of Costa Rica Tourism
With the thawing of winter in many parts of the world, animals and humans alike are starting to wake up and get outside. As avid wildlife watchers, members of, a leading travel website, compiled a list of the "Top 10 Places to See Animals in the Wild."
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A-bomb survivors tell stories of love, loss, migration

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Nearly 70 years after the United States bombed Japan in 1945, Michigan State University has acquired the world’s largest collection ofinterviews with bomb survivors living in North and South America.

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Massive Explosions Disrupt Marathon Celebrations by Kenyans and Ethiopians in Boston
By Harrison Maina and Moses Mathenge, 
BOSTON, MA-- The increasingly popular Boston marathon celebrations by the Kenyan community in the Boston region were abruptly thrown into disarray today.
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News Spotlight: Don't Get Caught Alone in the Woods

  Spring in Michigan means a lot of diverse outdoor recreationalists taking to the woods in search of edible mushrooms, migrating birds, wild turkeys, fishing spots or just some solitude. Michigan’s conservation officers are offering some common sense safety tips for anyone taking to the woods for some fun and adventure.

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The Top 5 Hotels You Don't Need to Leave

The view of the Pacific Ocean from the Namale Resort. You won't need to leave during your vacation, but you'll also be tempted to never go home. Photo by Namale

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The Onion’s Big Fail, And What It Demands Of Us

In 2013, Quvenzhané Wallis became the youngest person ever to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her performance in “Beasts of the Southern Wild” (2012). She is also the first Academy Award nominee who was born in the 21st century. She will be playing the role of orphan Annie in an African-American film version. 

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Virtual Tourist: Top 5 worst travel scams and how to avoid them


Artists along Las Ramblas, in Barcelona.
The pros of traveling definitely outweigh the cons, but that doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind when exploring new places. 
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Be PHREEE: Vote For Your Life

Charissa  suggests that you take the time and vote.


By Charissa Patterson-Martinez

You matter in this world and you have a vote to make a difference, do not squander it away by sitting idle and letting the world that you live in everyday never be graced with your voice. This would be a shame, especially since your voice is so worthy of being heard today.


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Fixin’ up Hoopa: A Community’s Struggle with Addiction--Part II
Part I “Hoopa Rez: Ground Zero for Ever-Expanding Meth Economy” of this two-part series is on  There is also an accompanying documentary short film, “Addiction and Renewal in the Hoopa Valley,” on
Wikimedia photo
By Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune / Jacob Simas, New America Media
HOOPA, CA -- Jane judged drug addicts harshly, until she became one in her late 20s. Suffering from depression and mourning a lifestyle she worked hard to maintain for her family, she began smoking meth. 
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Our Children a Possible Mission


By Charissa Patterson-Martinez

What message do you want to ensure that generations behind us get? What are you doing to ensure that our young people are ready mind, body and soul? Whether we like it or not, young people are watching us. They see how we handle a rude receptionist and hear us how we address people in authority in our own communities. 


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Community Action Network Responds to Violence During Fourth of July Parade

Left:Celebrating the memories:  Monica Blackwell, mother of Domonique Ardister, holds white balloons for her son who was murdered on May 25, 2012 during the Fourth of July parade. TNCP photo

 Down: Domestic Violence:  Rosalyn Williams-Griffin supporting of her relative 2-year old Brandon Kemp who died on died on April 30, 2012. 

LANSING, MI -- In almost 100 degree weather over 140 people marched in the T.E.A.M. 517 - Stop the Violence entry in the Fourth of July parade.


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News Spotlight: Traffic Stop Leads to Narcotic and Gun Charges


In July of 2010, Lavar Burton shot and killed his stepdaughter, 7-year-old Amaia Edmond, when two men invaded their home on Custer Street. He has been arrested during a traffic stop
Photo Courtesy of the Lansing Police Department


Read More Sunday, June 24, 2012
The Legacy Project: Stories of Lansing’s African American Families: Lonnie Johnson (This is a series in honor of The New Citizens Press’ 2012 anniversary)

Good memories living in Lansing: Lonnie Johnson, 3-years-old at 904 S. Sycamore St.  The neighborhood no longer exists, however at the time it was considered the Westside.  Johnson shown here about 1942, with his mother, Alice Johnson, born in 1918 in Lansing, MI.  Courtesy photo

By Nadine Defensor

The city of Lansing is home to approximately 115,000 African-Americans. It’s also the home of a rich African-American culture, where family history can be traced all the way to the country’s birth, while also witnessing its momentous historical events.

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Virtual Tourist: Top 10 most scenic workouts

It is great to go on vacation and keep up with your healthy New Year’s resolutions. Try
hiking in Cinque Terre in Italy.
Photo by Holger Gester

As vacation time looms, it's easy to suddenly remember the New Year's resolutions that have gone to the wayside. Even if you've been good, upcoming "vacations" can wreak havoc on your hard work, with long days spent laying horizontal by a pool drinking calories. Instead of packing only cover-ups and sun hats for your impending jaunts, how about some workout clothes? To help you find some spots that are both beautiful and conducive to exercise, has compiled a list of the "Top Ten Most Scenic Workouts."     

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Inside The Mind of a Sportsaholic - Think Like A Sports Fan

 By Jimmy Wilson, Jr.

After seeing the movie "Think Like A Man", I figured I would dispense some relationship tips myself. Fellas, don't be alarmed, these tips won't be exposing any secrets, or throwing men under the bus. These tips are for women who are dealing with men who are into sports, but the women may not really be into them also. These tips are to help you ladies know what to listen for, and how to deal with men who love sports. 
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News Spotlight: Federally-funded Unemployment Benefits Reduced Due to State’s Decreased Unemployment Rate

Changes in Benefit Entitlements for EUC Program
The U.S. Department of Labor recently notified the State of Michigan that Tier 4 of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program will end as Michigan’s jobless numbers are below the level required by federal law to continue Tier 4 of the program. 

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News Spotlight: Praise 98 FM’s Lady Charmaine to serve as judge at the June 23, 2012 “Uplifting Minds II” talent competition showcase in Hollywood

 A long list of prizes for three winners of the June 23, 2012 “ULMII” national talent competition at the Celebrity Center

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Virtual Tourist: Five Great Non-Art Museums
Orchard Street Tenement Façade.
The Tenement Museum preserves and interprets the history of
immigration through the personal experiences of the generations of newcomers who settled in and built lives on Manhattan's Lower East Side, America's iconic immigrant neighborhood
Photo by Keiko Niwa
Lower East Side Tenement Museum, New York City, N.Y.
Although Ellis Island reveals that immigrants' hardships continued upon arriving in America, few museums or landmarks illustrate the plight of immigrants in major metropolitan cities. The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is such a place.
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Teenagers Lead Peaceful Protest at the Capitol
Above: Malcolm Xavier Clay, 4-years-old attended the rally with his family.
Left:  Jamie Lynn Crawford,Todd “TJ” Duckett and Brianna Black stand in front of the Capitol during a rally focusing on youth. 
By Nadine Defensor 
LANSING, MI -- Two 18-year-olds led a nonviolence rally at the capitol last month, to demand justice for Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American 17-year-old who was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida on February 26. 
The man who shot the teenager was neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, who had told the police that he shot Martin in self-defense. 
Zimmerman has not been charged with a crime.
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Ask Tamara: It’s Not the Right Time to Go Back to School!

Dear Tamara:
I have been thinking about going back to school for a couple of years now. But it seems like every time I get serious about it, something happens, or something comes up that prevents me from going. 
I just got accepted into a program and am not sure if I am going to be able to actually go. I just started a new job and would now have to go to school in the evenings. That means finding a sitter for my two sons. 
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The Kid's Doctor: K2: Teens embracing new legal 'drug' to get high
K2 is a mixture of herbal and spice products that are then sprayed with a psychotropic drug. 
By Sue Hubbard, M.D.
  I was seeing patients the other day when I spotted a teenage boy in the waiting room whom I'd cared for since birth (one of the perks of being a pediatrician). He'd come in over lunch with his mother, who wanted him to be screened for drug use. The mother had found a "pipe" in a pair of the boy's trousers and was concerned that he was smoking marijuana.
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Takeover your own debt ceiling!

Now that the super committee in Washington has not given us the confidence nor produced any savings for us - Americans; we must to take our finances in our own hands. It must be surgical and a complete takeover for the only entity that can help us now is God, himself. There are secretes that we can glean from the Bible to get us the upper hand for our financial future.

Read More Thursday, March 15, 2012
Winning with Finances - The Fourth Principle of a Financial Takeover - Investing

The last principle of the financial takeover series that we will discuss is investing. As we have seen in the past year, the stock market has been unstable, economies taken a major dip, and rising unemployment. What we thought was a sure bet is no longer one.

Read More Thursday, March 1, 2012
Winning with Finances - Third principle of a financial takeover - Giving

First it was stewardship, second it was budgeting. The third principle in the financial takeover series is giving. The concept of giving has been given a bad reputation in these economic times as most people are holding on to what they have. Some have dwindled giving to a self-motivated action. Giving has been viewed in many circles as an opportunity to get money, power, or fame. Is this right? Does it benefit the masses or does it benefit a certain group of people?  You have to look at the intent.

Read More Thursday, February 16, 2012
Winning with Finances - Second principle of a financial takeover - Budgeting

Most people change their life by appearance or by careers or even through a spiritual conversion. All of this is good if there is a vision. A vision for your life creates direction, purpose and mission. Changing your life happens in four distinct areas: personal growth, family, health, and career. If you focus or change your life in these areas, you will see a great change. Once you change any of these areas, you will change your financial future. 

Read More Thursday, February 2, 2012
Winning with Finances - First Principle of a Financial Takeover - Stewardship

What is missing from the financial talk today is the characteristic of stewardship. We can eliminate our financial worries if we can take the Bibles key point of stewardship. Psalm 24:1 declares that, “The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Everything we have on this earth is the Lord's.

Read More Thursday, January 19, 2012
New Non-Profit has partnered with a Large National Event to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day –Turn the Volume Up on Peace
Martin Luther King Jr.
Life’s Connections is a new non-profit organization located in Grand Rapids which opened its doors with a splash on 1.1.12, announcing our city’s participation in a national event to raise awareness about youth violence.
We want to make sure that our city is recognized on a national level with an event to raise awareness about this important issue.” says Executive Director, Danielle Muncey-Key. 
Read More Monday, January 16, 2012
Fast Facts: Barking Up the Right (Family) Tree

By Anne R., Reference Librarian

Researching family history is a popular pastime, and one that people feel passionate about. In response to many requests for help with this specialized research, the Downtown Lansing branch of the Capital Area District Library is offering several classes on the topic.

Read More Friday, January 13, 2012
The HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Why It’s Still Taboo
By Karla Robinson, MD
V/AIDS remains a huge burden in the Black community.  According to recent estimates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) roughly one-half of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses are in African Americans.  The infection rate statistics are sobering.  1 in every 16 Black men and 1 in every 30 Black women will be infected with HIV in their lifetime.
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News Spotlight: Backpacks, not the bombs inside, key to finding DNA

EAST LANSING, MI -- Catching terrorists who detonate bombs may be easier by testing the containers that hide the bombs rather than the actual explosives, according to pioneering research led by Michigan State University.

Read More Friday, December 9, 2011
News Spotlight: Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Files Lawsuit to Halt Michigan Legislative Redistricting Plan

LANSING -- Today, the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus (MLBC), along with the Detroit Branch NAACP, UAW and Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development (LaSED) today announced a lawsuit filed against State of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to halt the implementation of the Michigan Legislative Redistricting Plan.

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December 17, 2011, 1 -3 pm
Capital Area District Library

Home for the Holidays:  Recording artist Cate Storm (Cathy Nikundiwe), who is originally from Lansing was visiting from Atlanta, Georgia.  She said, “Violence has been an issue in the Lansing community for many years and everyone has been affected in one way or the other. I was happy to be able to show my support when I was in town.”
Photo by Brandyn Armstrong

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Foreclosed Homeowners Re-Occupy Their Homes

By  Zaineb Mohammed
New America Media

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Carolyn Gage was evicted from her foreclosed home in January. Earlier this month, she moved back in.

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Urban Housecalls: Understanding Fatigue




By Karla Robinson, MD

Characterized by a lack of motivation, lack of energy, and lack of concentration, fatigue is a common complaint experienced by more than thirty percent of people in this country.  While the term is often mistakenly used interchangeably with drowsiness, fatigue really is a separate condition, and is sometimes the sign of something more serious.  

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We Remember: Ygnacio “Notch” Bermudez November 10, 2011 - May 16, 1976


November 26, 2011
12 Noon - 3 pm
Capital Steps
Lansing, MI

LEFT:  Ygnacio “Notch” Bermudez, Justin Christian and Big Perm at one of their events.

Photo by Brandyn Armstrong

LANSING, MI -- Ygnacio "Notch" Bermudez was a young 35 when he died on November 10, 2011.  He was born May 16, 1976 in Lansing, Michigan. His mother, Ruth Lopez, tearfully said that her son was her best friend.

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Start a Business?! How 'bout Occupy Entrepreneurship?

By Chris Rabb

I recently came across a pithy, anti-Occupy Wall Street column in Entrepreneur Magazine that encouraged protesters to go home and create start-up ventures instead of standing up for social and economic justice. The column was just under 400 words, but I can summarize it for you: Stop complaining and start a business. Though the conservative argument behind it was neither new nor particularly well-founded, it was aggressively inane and patently misguided all the same.

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Bearded Sikh Finally Allowed to Work in California Prison
Trilochan Singh Obero would not shave his beard due to his religion and was denied a job.  Courtesy photo
By Sunita Sohrabji
The New Citizens Press
Trilochan Singh Oberoi, a bearded Sikh American, will finally begin working at Folsom State Prison in California Nov. 1, after a contentious six-year battle to gain employment there.
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A ‘Dream’ remembered

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Project Foundation dedicated a monument in his honor on the National Mall on October 16, 2011. It took five years to make the memorial that honors Dr. King and his life and his legacy.

The vision of a memorial in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. is one that captures the essence of his message, a message in which he so eloquently affirms the commanding tenants of the American Dream — Freedom, Democracy and Opportunity for All.

As a national monument honoring Martin Luther King Jr. opens in Washington, D.C., a look back at his legacy and his star power

By Gregory Clay | McClatchy-Tribune News Service

During the turbulent decade of the 1960s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was about the gleam — in the eyes, that is. He was about the cadence in his speech intonations — a rapper of social consciousness before Kurtis Blow, before Public Enemy, before Queen Latifah, that is. He was about “The Dream” — the iconic speech at the Lincoln Memorial on that sweltering afternoon of Aug. 28, 1963, that is. He was about the rhythm of the civil rights movement — played to the spirit of Motown and the serenity of Burt Bacharach, that is.

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Women Left Behind in Recovery

By Kat Aaron and Lynne Perri
New America Media
Investigative Reporting Workshop

A higher percentage of women are unemployed than men, according to numbers released today by Gallup. More than 10 percent of the women surveyed were unemployed, compared to 8 percent of men. Almost 11 percent of women working part time wanted full time work, compared to 8 percent of men.

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“It’s A Breast Thing” Helps Breast Cancer Survivors

Left to Right:  Tonie Brovont, owner of OWLYN; Sophia Cole, breast cancer survivor and 2012 calendar model; Suzi Wyman and Barb McKessy, owners of Ultimate Image & Esthetique, which is a full service salon; and Dr. LaKeeya Tucker from Alliance Obstetrics-Gynecology (in the middle of Wyman and McKeesy) collaborated this year on “It’s a Breast Thing”.  Photo by The New Citizens Press


BATH, MI -- Almost 400 people walked through the doors to support "It's a Breast Thing" fundraiser.  The mission of this non-profit is to provide women in the Greater Lansing Area with resources regarding breast cancer.  The funds raised will stay in the community (Eaton, Ingham, Clinton and Shiawasee) for diagnosing and treating breast health issues. They also have support from a number of other physicians and businesses in the community.

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Hire Teenagers: A Solution to Joblessness in America
By Patricia Johnson
New America Media
At the recent LinkedIn-sponsored town hall meeting, President Obama stated that we “make sure your neighbors and friends also have jobs.”
I’ve got a suggestion that doesn’t cost much, doesn’t need a government agency to run it, and could help reinvigorate our cities: hire teenagers.
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 Home cooking for a new generation. Easy and elegant recipes from the heart and soul created for today's family.

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E. LANSING, MI -- The Michigan State University Museum presents a special exhibition, "MASK: Secrets and Revelations" that puts many of its global collections on public display for the first time.
Photo: Painted mask from India
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Latina Tea Party Favorite Could Save Anti-Immigrant Senator in AZ Recall
By Valeria Fernandez
New America Media
MESA, AZ -- Her "Si se puede" signs are all over the Phoenix suburb of Mesa. She's a Mexican immigrant, a Republican Mormon and she's entered the historic race on Nov. 8 to recall State Senator Russell Pearce the architect of SB 1070, one of the harshest anti-immigrant laws in the nation.
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The Law and Aging Parents
By Christine Caswell, Attorney
It is incredibly hard to care for aging parents when you live near them, let alone when you are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Moreover, seniors don’t like the idea of losing their independence, so they may not be cooperative. If they are losing legal competence, the court may need to be involved, and children could end up as the opposing party against a parent in a court proceeding.
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R&B Star Musiq Soulchild New Ambassador for Susan G. Komen

New Music Video Features Breast Cancer Survivors

BPRW- - Atlantic Records Recording Artist Musiq Soulchild announced his new role as ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Circle of Promise, a movement designed to further engage black women around the globe in the fight against breast cancer. As an ambassador for the movement, Musiq will raise awareness about breast cancer so that younger women know the importance of early detection and why it’s important to pay attention to their bodies.


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News becomes history


New York

NOW: Above, construction continues on Freedom Tower, center, and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum at Ground Zero in New York in this May 2011 photo. Freedom Tower is expected to be completed by January 2014. Construction of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is expect to be finished by September 2012.

THEN: Below, a New York City firefighter looks at the ruins of the World Trade Center at dawn on Sept. 12, 2001, a day after the terrorist attacks.






A decade after the terror, in New York, at the Pentagon, at a field in Pennsylvania and in every nook and cranny of America, we move forward


Suddenly, it has been 10 years.

That’s an amazing realization when you remember how it was back then. Calendars still counted off days; our eyes told us this. Clocks still ticked off seconds; intellectually, we knew. But time — I would have sworn this in a court of law — did not move.


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News Spotlight: Exercise is Cool, Despite the Heat according to the American Heart Assoc


Whatever brings you outside — a bike ride with friends, a jog in the park or just a stroll around the block — it’s important to stay safe as temperatures across Michigan rise this week.  But don’t let this be the excuse to take a break from fitness, because you may be hurting yourself in the long run.
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Summer is here in full force!  While the hot weather means fun trips to the lake and outdoor picnics, it’s important to remember summer can be a hazardous time for pets.  Keep these tips in mind to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being during the summer months.
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 Approximately 1,300 homeowners in four parishes to receive $62 million in additional compensation

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The Hardest Cases: When Children Die, Justice Can Be Elusive
Her name was Isis Charm Vas and at 6 months old she was a slight child -- fifth percentile in height and weight.
When the ambulance sped her to Northwest Texas Hospital on a Saturday morning in October 2000, doctors and nurses feared that someone had done something awful to her delicate little body.
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News Spotlight: Introducing The Newest Common Myths In Cardiovascular Disease.... The World's No. 1 Killer

  For both men and women of any age, cardiovascular disease could be the first

killer. It kills more people than ALL forms of cancer tumors grouped


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Commentary: We Killed Osama bin Laden, Now Let’s Kill the Myth

By William O. Beeman

The United States is jubilant over the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. However, it will be some time before history catches up with the mythology that arose around him and the al-Qaeda organization in the past 10 years. Osama bin Laden at the end was far from the looming powerful figure he was made out to be. He had outlived his usefulness both as a bogeyman for the West, and as an Islamic responder to the neo-colonialist forces his organization purported to confront.

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Local Family Wins Statewide “I Love Michigan” Video Competition

 I Love Michigan: Darryl and Erinn Evans along with their son, Dion and daughter, Morgan won the top prize for their video depicting love for Michigan .  Courtesy photo

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By Reference Librarian Eunice B.

Now that spring is in the air, the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning is upon us. How about making some changes this year and incorporating “green” or “safe” cleaning tips into your routine? You might be surprised at the versatility of common ingredients you probably already have on hand, such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, baking soda and shortening. They can help you save money, save your health, maybe even save some time.
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Your Other 8 Hours: 4 Steps To Becoming a Multitasking Master


By Robert Pagliarini, 
Tribune Media Services
No doubt you've heard the research that "proves" multitasking is counterproductive, but I disagree. There is bad multitasking and there is good multitasking. The trick is to learn how to multitask the right way.
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Arab Rappers in Solidarity With Uprisings in Middle East & North Africa

By Aisha Fukushima, 

New America Media
Many prominent Arab hip-hop artists inspired by uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa have released music in solidarity with protesters in the region. Though the messages of these new songs are not necessarily new to Arab hip-hop, the urgency and relevance of this new music has gained these artists increasing international attention.
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Ask Tamara: Cyberbulling!!


Dear Tamara:
I think my teenage son may be the victim of cyberbullying. While cleaning up his room I noticed his Facebook page was still up on his computer monitor and decided to take a look. I saw several threatening messages on his page. 
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Comfort Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul: CARAMEL APPLE PIE

 Home cooking for a new generation. Easy and elegant recipes from the heart and soul created for today's family.

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Rarin' to Get Planting? Here's What You Can Do Now


By Sean Conway
Cultivating Life
Tribune Media Services
This time of year, a quick trip to your local garden center is the perfect way to get a case of spring fever.


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Increase Your Style and Swag This Summer

 R& B singer, Trey Songz will be performing at Common Ground Festival in Lansing, Michigan from Monday, July 11, 2011 at Lansing's Adado Riverfront Park.


By Quassan Castro

Usher, Jay Z, T.I., Pdiddy, Trey Songz and Denzel Washington all have that perfect style and swagger. Swagger is a persons' style that encompasses the way they walk, talk, and dress. When you have swagger there is a sense of self-awareness and confidence that draw people to you like a magnet. 


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Pandering Politicians Refuse Pardons—Perpetuate Injustice

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
New America Media

Mississippi’s Republican Gov. Haley Barbour was adamant. He told reporters, civil rights leaders and protesters not to hold their breath waiting for him to pardon Jamie and Gladys Scott, who served 16 years in prison for a 1993 armed robbery that they insist they did not commit.

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Letter from Fukushima: A Vietnamese-Japanese Police Officer’s Account

On March 11, 2011, the strongest earthquake  hit Japan and one of the top five largest earthquakes in the world since seismological record-keeping began. A tsunami followed with waves of up to 33 ft. The disaster left thousands dead and inflicted extensive material damage to buildings and infrastructure that led to significant accidents at two major nuclear power stations.


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East Lansing Ministry Brings Humanitarian Help to Rural Ghana

Dr. Mona Reide in Ghana during one of her many visits to impoverished areas in the world.

ACCRA, GHANA -- Dr. Mona Reide is the senior pastor of Grace International Outreach Church, located in East Lansing, MI. The church and the pastor are members of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW). As church member Ishmael Odamtten often says “we are small but powerful.” 


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By Jay Bobbin
Tribune Media Services
"THE TOURIST": The star power and the scenery are the main attractions of this romantic adventure with definite echoes of "North by Northwest." Johnny Depp plays a bookish American who's visiting Europe when his path crosses that of an attractive mystery woman (Angelina Jolie). She quickly draws him into a dangerous case of mistaken identity that plays out in such cities as Paris and Venice. The supporting cast includes Paul Bettany, Timothy Dalton and Rufus Sewell. DVD extras: two "making-of" documentaries; audio commentary by director Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck; outtakes; alternate title sequences. *** (PG-13: AS, P) (Also on Blu-ray) 
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April is National Poetry Month


April has been National Poetry Month since 1996. The Academy of American Poets began this recognition to "highlight the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets." Academy members hope that Poetry Month will introduce more people to the pleasures of reading and writing poetry.
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Excuse me are you listening? 10-4

  Dear Readers,

Spring will be upon us soon and I cannot wait to get out of the office and enjoy myself.  I have told myself that I should take better care of the property that surrounds my office and my home.  This means that I will have to get my hands dirty.
Read More Thursday, March 17, 2011 Ford Focus – A Bold Design

 By Frank S. Washington

Los Angeles, CA --  Whooooooooo. It’s been a while since I said that about a Ford.
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Mother Flippin’:One Funny Mother - R.I.P. iPhone

By Tashmica Torok

It finally happened.  My iPhone has died.  There is much sorrow and gnashing of teeth.  Tweets have been missed.  Texts have not been sent.
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Fast Facts: March is Women's History Month




By Anne R., Reference Librarian

It's hard to believe, but Women's History Month is only 24 years old. It wasn't until 1987 that Congress declared March as National Women's History Month in perpetuity. This act was the culmination of efforts by many to gain official recognition for the contributions of women to United States history.

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Ask Tamara: To Shack or Not to Shack

Dear Tamara:

My fiancé has asked me to move in with him. We have been together for three years and engaged for almost a year now. We have not yet set a wedding date because we each have another year of school left and we both want to wait until we graduate college before getting married. In a way it makes perfect sense that we move in together.

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Travel Troubleshooter: Hotels Are Charging Even More for What Should Be Free

 What could be more absurd than paying a surcharge for a wireless Internet connection at your hotel?

Paying even more for a wireless Internet connection at your hotel.
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TNCP’s 10th Anniversary Celebration a Huge Success

 Let them eat cake! Photo by Kristi Taylor

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Michigan Power Equipment’s Open House Set for Businesses on March 19th

 David Brown (father) started Brady Lawn & Garden in 1975.  Today his son, Jon Brady (right), carries on the legacy of exceptional 

customer service as owner of Midwest Power Equipment. TNCP Photo
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Total Truth
By Tom Lagana
from “Serving Time, Serving Others”
“Forgive my family and friends? No way," Rob growled. "I'm going to hurt them when I get out of here!” These angry words came from one of the inmates who had agreed to participate in our Alternatives to Violence weekend workshop.
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Mother Flippin’:One Funny Mother - Permissible Stilettos

 By Tashmica Torok

A few months ago I signed up for a service called Shoe Dazzle.  It's Kim Kardashian's company that works kind of like a shoe-of-the-month club.  After taking a short fashion quiz, a virtual showroom is created for you that include both shoes and accessories
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Urban Housecall: Bernie Mac: The Legacy Continues


Comedian Bernie Mac and his daughter Je’Niece McCullough. 
Photo provided courtesy of Je'Niece McCulloughBy Karla Robinson, MD
One of the Kings of Comedy as he is affectionately known, Bernie Mac is heralded as one of the greatest comedians of all time.  While he was bringing in the laughs, many didn’t know he was battling the chronic disease sarcoidosis.  While his death in August 2008 at the age of 50 seemed untimely and he is sorely missed, his legacy lives on not only through the classic films, shows, and stand up routines, but also through his foundation, The Bernie Mac Foundation.
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News Spotlight: Fenner Nature Center Celebrates the Arrival of SPRING, With the 2011 Maple Syrup Festival!

The sweetest time of year is coming, when the sap begins to flow, and Fenner offers it’s Maple Syrup Festival!   The celebration of spring and syrup takes place at Fenner Nature Center, March 19 and 20, Saturday and Sunday, 11 – 4.  It a fun and educational family adventure!

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News Spotlight: The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) is warning people to beware of a new designer drug being marketed by the name “bath salts.”

These so-called “bath salts” are being sold across the country as a
crystalline powder online, at head shops, convenience stores, and on the
street. These are not commercially manufactured bath salts that people
purchase to use in the bath tub. These products are sold with names such
as “Ivory Wave”, “Aura”, “ZOOM 2”, “Zeus 2”, “Cosmic Blast”, and “White Rush.” They may be snorted, ingested mixed with water, injected, or inserted rectally or vaginally.

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News Spotlight: The Real ‘CSI’: How America’s Patchwork System of Death Investigations Puts the Living at Risk











(Andres Cediel/FRONTLINE)

In detective novels and television crime dramas like "CSI," the nation's morgues are staffed by highly trained medical professionals equipped with the most sophisticated tools of 21st-century science. Operating at the nexus of medicine and criminal justice, these death detectives thoroughly investigate each and every suspicious fatality.

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Uncovering Latin America’s African Roots




Professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, Jr. (pictured) in Salvador Carnival in BLACK IN LATIN AMERICA.  Courtesy of Jemila Twinch

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Mother Flippin’:One Funny Mother - Depression Doesn’t Exist


By Tashmica Torok
There is a commercial about an anti-depressant medication that has the catchiest tune playing in the background.  I joke with my husband that if depression had a theme song, it must be that little ditty.  While lightly giggling at my own joke, I usually hum the tune for him.  It is a remarkably jovial sound bite to apply to such a serious condition.  
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News Spotlight: Hot Off The Press! The New Citizens Press Celebrates 10 years!



LANSING, MI --  The New Citizens Press (TNCP)  newspaper is celebrating its 10 year  anniversary at the Creole Gallery located at 1218 Turner Street on Saturday, February 19.  There will be live entertainment and an awards ceremony. Doors open at 6:00 pm for networking and dinner. The entertainment will begin at 7:00 pm.

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Celebrating 10 Years By Honoring Two Local Women








Above left: Addie Jackson (left) had cancer and her sister, Ardene Jackson, despite her own personal struggles fought along side her every step of the way.

Above right:  Phyllis Palmer is a recovering drug addict who is now clean and going to college.  She would like to get a degree that would allow her to help others in a time of need.

Courtesy photo



By Tashmica Torok

LANSING, MI -- On February 19, 2011, two courageous women will be honored at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of The New Citizens Press as recipients of the “Staying the Course” Award.  “Stay the course” is a phrase used in the context of a war or battle meaning to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism.  Addie Jackson is a breast cancer survivor while Phyllis Palmer is recovering from drug addiction one day at a time.  The battle these women faced were different but these veterans shared similar journeys.

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Clueless Fashionista: Shopping Tips: Don’t buy or wear items just because they fit


By  Ashia Sims
The other day I found a pair of pants that were from another time in my life.  It was a time when I was a few sizes smaller.  I was curious about them and how they managed to stay in my closet because I am very good at getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or compliment me.  Well I tried the pants on and they fit.  Surprise, Surprise.  Actually let me make a correction here.  The pants didn’t fit in the sense of how I like my clothes to fit but I was able to get them up and on me and even button them.
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Your Other 8 Hours: A Revolutionary New Way to Learn
By Robert Pagliarini, 
Tribune Media Services
One of the best ways to make incremental progress during your other eight hours is to learn. There are all sorts of newfangled websites that can teach you a thing or two -- some with nifty videos and others with PowerPoint presentations. Call me old school, but I think one of the easiest and most economical ways to learn is by reading a book.
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On the Road with MoJo Table-for-Two Reviews : 11th Street Station Restaurant






11th Street Station Restaurant

1050 East 11th Street, Suite 100
Austin, TX 
Price Range: From $7.99 - $18.99
Casual dining atmosphere with great customer service
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News Spotlight: Recent MSU Alumni and a local East Lansing resident launch a company, “Global Mentors LLC” Connecting Minds Worldwide

EAST, LANSING, MI -- When Vishwajeet K. Singh took ‘the walk’ in the sunny summer of 2010 at Michigan State University (MSU), he had a strong urge to give something back to the community at-large, particularly to the MSU community and its wonderful University town of East Lansing that has given him so much – friends, family and life-long education to boast about. Employed now as a faculty at the University of Oregon where he teaches Hindi/Urdu for World Languages Academy, exactly within a year he is close to fulfilling his urge and now come back to the town to launch his new venture, “Global Mentors LLC”.

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Michigan Assists Suffering Children as Haiti Rebuilds

The elementary classroom kids standing with caregivers Ogline Pierre (left) and Michelle Dolce (right).  The man in the background is a security guard. Crime has spiked since the devastation.  The wall in the background is what remains of a wall after the earthquake. Courtesy photo

After the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, many orphans and school children were brought to Maxeau Balthazar's yard in Port-au-Prince . Mr. Balthazar's home was an obvious safe place to go because he had previously created a humanitarian services organization in Haiti. 

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The Social Network” was a box office hit!

By Jay Bobbin
Tribune Media Services

STARTING THIS WEEK: "THE SOCIAL NETWORK": One of the best-reviewed movies of 2010, director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's superb drama recalls the roots of Facebook through the personal experiences that prompted then-college student Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg, in an excellent, complex performance) to develop what morphed into the wildly popular website. Its growing pains were considerable, though. Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Rooney Mara, Josh Pence, Joseph Mazzello and Brenda Song also are in the sterling cast. DVD extras: audio commentary by Fincher and Sorkin. **** (PG-13: AS, P) (Also on Blu-ray)

Read More Sunday, January 16, 2011
Rick Steves: Tourist Beware: Europe's Lastest Travel Scams

Just because someone looks official doesn't mean they are. In Italy, "Tourist Police" may stop you on the street, flash their bogus badges, and ask to check your wallet for counterfeit bills or "drug money." Courtesy photo

By Rick Steves
Tribune Media Services

Gelato in hand, you're strolling down a street in Italy, when suddenly, an attractive woman starts arguing with a street vendor. A crowd gathers as he accuses her of shoplifting.

Read More Sunday, January 16, 2011
Caribbean Entertainment Year In Review


By CaribWorldNews

NEW YORK, NY -- Say Caribbean entertainers and 2010 has got to be the year sexy Grammy-winning Bajan singer Rihanna took her career to a whole new level.

Read More Sunday, January 16, 2011
Mighty Medicine: Committed to Haiti's Recovery

Mighty Medicine is continuing to build a reputation for making great music that is healing and uplifting. Photo by David Smith

LANSING, MI -- Mighty Medicine, soul rock duo, is helping to organize a benefit concert Saturday, January 8th from 4pm-10pm at Everybody Reads Bookstore located at  2019 East Michigan Avenue in Lansing, MI. The proceeds from this concert will support the Bucoseh Orphanage and school in Haiti. Mighty Medicine is guitarist and folk instrumentalist, Larry Neuhardt and vocalist and percussionist, DeShaun Sparkle Snead.

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My Answer

By Billy Graham
Tribune Media Services

Q: How can I empty my mind of all the useless thoughts I have so I can hear God speaking to me? I want to be close to God and feel His presence, but I have a hard time getting rid of all the distractions in my mind. - J.W.H.

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How do I wear that trend… electric blue

By Ashia Sims

After a spring and summer of bright colors, one has managed to break through and hold on into the colder months. Electric blue was a hot color on the runways for fall/winter and I think it’s a wonderful and easy trend to get involved with.

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Fast Facts 9-25

By the Capital Area District Library Reference Department

The Reference Staff at the Downtown Lansing Library includes librarians with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. They are some of the most valuable best resources the library offers! For example, Marisela G. heads up our language resources. She is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, so she often assists patrons who would otherwise have a difficult time communicating with staff. 

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Atlanta’s Tourist Attractions Bring Many To Its City


The lobby of the The World of Coca Cola located in Atlanta,Georgia provides an artistic taste to the famous brand. Photo by Keyarrow Murphy



By Sunne Khurana

My getaway will possibly include ancient sites and traditional tourist attractions. Nevertheless, I mostly prefer finding off the beaten path that makes fun and unique trip. Do you know anything about those shopping, dining, and entertainment? More than hundred different places will keep you very busy for hours when you visit this attraction.


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Your Other 8 Hours: Invest in Me, Inc.

By Robert Pagliarini,
Tribune Media Services

How would you like to earn a 100,000 percent investment return without investing in the stock market? The greatest financial asset you have is not your house, your 401(k) or even your job.

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Special Travel Edition: Double Destination - St. Maarten/St. Martin

Above: In St. Maarten/St. Martin there are sweeping sea views almost everywhere you visit.  This island is a scenic respite from the rigors of life. There is plenty to do for the entire family.  Couples can also unwind on a romantic getaway. 

Read More Monday, November 29, 2010
Cat Show Pounces Into Lansing!

 Cat lovers unite for a unique show cat competition in the Capitol City. Courtesy photo

Read More Monday, November 22, 2010
News Spotlight: Open auditions for Michigan State University Children and Youth Choirs

EAST LANSING, MI – Children and youth ages 7-18 years old are invited to audition for MSU Children and Youth Choirs at the MSU Community Music School.

Read More Monday, November 22, 2010
News Spotlight: World AIDS Day 2010

The Lansing Area AIDS Network (LAAN) along with the greater Lansing community is hosting a program recognizing World AIDS Day on Tuesday, December 1st at the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing.  Every 9Ω minutes, someone in the United States is infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

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How Much Is Fat and How Much Is Muscle?

 By Eric Heiden M.D.

Tribune Media Services
The vast majority of fitness-seekers, even those who are quite knowledgeable, have no idea how to properly gauge their body composition -- how much of their body weight is fat and how much is muscle -- which is so important to truly measuring fitness.
Read More Monday, November 22, 2010
Entertainment News and Stuff: Mary and Latonya Blige Making Brilliant Moves: For Colored Girls Hits Theaters

  By Quassan Castro

Guest Entertainment Editor 
Crazy week ahead, as I clamor to prepare for the holiday season ahead. I know I should be anticipating more of the healthy dishes, but I'm looking forward to all of my mother’s soul food dishes on Turkey Day.  Where did all the time go?  
Luckily for the fashion world, Mary J. Blige recently introduced her new eyewear titled, “Melodies,” by MJB. 
In the photo Mary J. Blige
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About to Give Up

By Tom Lagana
from “Serving Productive Time”

Whenever I check into a hotel, I routinely ask, “Where's a good place to eat? What sights should I see while I'm here?” My next question, “Could you please give me directions to the local jail?” typically produces an interesting reaction or two.

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Mother Flippin': One Funny Mother

Deep Roots

By Tashmica Torok

When I was a little girl my baby brother swallowed one of my emerald earrings. My father gave them to me for my sixth birthday as a matching set that also included a heart-shaped locket with a single emerald adorning the little door.  I asked him not to put the earring in his mouth, he didn't listen and then it was gone

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Fast Facts: A Day at the Desk

By Reference Librarian Anne Rau

Being a Reference Librarian is a job that keeps you on your toes. You never know what someone will ask; questions fly at you on every subject. Although it's challenging work, it's also very interesting. I decided to keep a log about the requests I received on just one single day at the Reference Desk.

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Eco-friendly Fashion-Take old pieces and make them new!

By Ashia Sims

I know I’m always talking about stores like Target, Walmart and Dots when it comes to finding great clothes at reasonable prices. Well there is another way you can update your wardrobe without spending much or any money at all; closet shopping.

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Your Other 8 Hours: Skimps and Splurges for Starting a Business

By Robert Pagliarini,
Tribune Media Services

There are few things in life as exhilarating as starting a business in your free time. Your day job may provide you with some satisfaction and energy, but it's nothing like the shot in the arm you can get when you focus your strengths and skills on starting a business that gives you passion and purpose.

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Lansing, MI—In observance of Thanksgiving Day, the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) will conclude all MSU campus bus service at 11:30PM on Wednesday, November 24, 2010.  All other CATA routes and services will conclude at their regular time on Wednesday.

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News Spotlight: Kwanzaa Intellectual-Fest

In December, MSU-AAAS's speaker series “Re-negotiating Meaning in Black Studies Today” will present an event that advances knowledge about an African American holiday, Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is an African American and Pan-African holiday that celebrates family, community, culture and consciousness.

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News Spotlight: Detroit’s urban farms could provide a majority of fruits and vegetables for local residents

EAST LANSING, Mich. --- Transforming vacant urban lots into farms and community gardens could provide Detroit residents with a majority of their fruits and vegetables.

As city officials ponder proposals for urban farms, a Michigan State University study indicates that a combination of urban farms, community gardens, storage facilities and hoop houses -- greenhouses used to extend the growing season – could supply local residents with more than 75 percent of their vegetables and more than 40 percent of their fruits.

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News Spotlight: Lansing Workers' Center Recognizes Wage Theft

During a national week of action concerning wage theft, the Lansing Workers' Center, continues to empower workers to stand up for their rights. Since opening its doors last Labor Day, the Lansing Workers' Center and has been talking to workers about wage theft, unemployment claims, and everything in between.

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News Spotlight: LANSING MOTORCYCLE SHOOT: Hello all future cast members!

Hello all future cast members!

The two days of the shooting are coming up on us quickly so as promised, here are some specifics of our shoot. Please read everything as it will include what to bring, parking information and call times. Also, please feel free to contact Tim Whalen | Senior Graphic Designer | MessageMakers - 517.482.3333 with any questions that you might have.
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How do I wear that trend…velvet and velour
By Ashia Sims
Velvet is back! Well by back, I mean for the second fall season in a row. So if you took the challenge I presented last year and got yourself some velvet, rejoice because you made a sound style choice. Velvet and velour made appearances on the runways of Fall 2010 fashion weeks so it made my fall trend list as well.
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Potter Park Zoo Receives Millage Renewal

Potter Park Zoo Red Panda

Voters in Ingham County showed their support for the Potter Park Zoo by voting for the Zoo’s millage renewal.

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Schuler Books & Music welcomes New York Times Bestselling Author Victoria Rowell

 LANSING, MI -- Victoria Rowell is a New York Times Bestselling author, Award-winning actress and lecturer.  Rowell will be at Schuler Books & Music, 2820 Towne Centre Blvd., on Monday, November 1.

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Mother Flippin’:One Funny Mother 9-20

Dirty Fingers

By Tashmica Torok
Have you ever watched yourself?  We all make quick glances in the mirror on our way out the door.  I am wondering if you ever spend time consciously noticing how you move through the world.  Lately, I have.  It has been a time of evaluating my reflection.  Finding new parts of myself and parts that, as it occurs to me now, I just locked away in a trunk for later perusal.
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News Spotlight: 2010 Veterans Tribute

Sunday, November 7, 2010
2 p.m. at the Michigan Historical Museum, Lansing

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New York’s Apollo Theater Exhibit Hits Detroit

Apollo Theater Exterior, 2008 

Photo courtesy of the Apollo Theater Foundation, Inc. Photo by Shahar Azran 
The first exhibition to explore the Apollo Theater's seminal impact on American entertainment will be on view at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, Michigan from October 1, 2010 - January 2, 2011. 
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Kidnapping in Nigeria and its Root Causes

By Ijeoma Daberechi Odoh 

The current situation in Nigeria could be likened to an inferno drawing both the old and the young; the rich and the poor; and the local and the international communities to itself. Hardly a day passes in Nigeria without kidnapping incidents making the headlines. Kidnapping is now a lucrative venture with some jobless youths manning the business. No one is safe anymore.

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On the Road with MoJo Table-for-Two Reviews: Hey Cupcake!

The cupcake business is riding high at Hey Cupcake! 

1600 South Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704

Price Range: From $2.75 each 

Great customer service

Courtesy photo
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Getting and Keeping Your Garden in Shape for Next Spring

 Fall is an ideal time to clean up your garden, improve your soil and take other steps to prepare for next spring's 

TMS Photo
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Cultural Awareness: Climbing the Academic Ladder

First generation born American, Jane Le Skaife and her husband

married in Vietnam years after meeting in college. Courtesy photo.

By Jane Le Skaife

Nguoi Viet 2
People are usually perplexed to learn that I spent the first five years of my schooling as an English as a Second Language (ESL) student, especially considering I was born here and I can speak English confidently without an accent. Their bewilderment soon turns into understanding when I explain that my parents were refugees from Vietnam, and Vietnamese was the only language spoken in our household.
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Michigan Air National Guard Assigns New Senior Chaplain

LANSING, MI -- It was a calling for Lt. Col Theodore Whitely when he became a chaplain in the military  21 years ago.

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On the Road with MoJo Table-for-Two Reviews: FRAN'S HAMBURGERS


1822 South Congress
Austin, TX 78704
Price Range: 
$5.95 - $10.95 
Traditional diner atmosphere with friendly customer service
[Mo:]  When you think about old school, traditional burger join
ts, what thoughts come to your mind?
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me2u - 9-19 - Plate


By Melik
I have never been to prison. I have never spent a long stint in jail. I have never been in a position where I was starving. I have had times in my life when my cabinets were almost bare but have always managed to get at least a couple of meager meals in a day. So I can’t tell you where protecting my food comes from. I do not like to share. Maybe it is a germ factor. I do not like it when others put their DNA filled fork on to my plate. I figure if I am not in a kissing relationship with you I do not want to use food as a cootie sharing medium.
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Fast Facts - 9-19- Science Fairs





By Carol Grund

For many years, science fairs have been part of the school curriculum, especially in elementary schools. They offer a chance for students to learn about a particular topic in science or engineering that they are excited about, and to share it with other students and family members.

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Local Non-Profit Helps Artists Connect with Entertainment Industry Professionals



LANSING, MI -- Getting into the entertainment industry is more than just making beats and knowing how to play an instrument or sing. 

According to an article in there are different methods for breaking into show business and taking steps to creating a successful career.  They suggest that performers acquire knowledge. They add that before you can step off into any business, you must know the requirements of that business. Many people fail to get even the most beginning knowledge about the entertainment business before they run headlong into it.
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Retire Smart: The New Retirement Plan: Watch the Expense Side of the Equation

By Mark Miller
Tribune Media Services

How much will you need to live on in retirement? You'll often hear the big financial services companies offer this rule of thumb: Plan to replace 80 percent of your working income in retirement.

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On the Road with MoJo Table-for-Two Reviews: Joe's Bakery and Coffee Shop
2305 East 7th Street
Austin, TX 78702-3427
Tues. - Sun.: 6:30am-3pm
Joe's Bakery & Coffee Shop is a family business serving Austin since 1962.  The Avila family celebrates the traditions of the Mexican American culture from the food they serve and many patrons enjoy the recipes that they have been serving over the years.
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Retire Smart: To Understand Your 401K Plan, Just Focus on the Fees

By Mark Miller
Tribune Media Services

If you've spent hours analyzing the investment strategies of the mutual funds in your retirement portfolio, here's some bad news: You could have saved a lot of time just focusing on the fees.

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As I See It: Minorities in Agriculture

Shakara Tyler is a Penn State University senior majoring in Agricultural Sciences with two minors in Agricultural Communications and Law and Liberal Arts. During the summer of 2010 she was a research scholar at Michigan State University in the Summer Research Opportunities Program.

She writes about the plight of minorities in agriculture.


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Father of Slain Child Vows: “My Daughter Will Not Be Forgotten”

Top Left:  Amaia Edmond 7-years-old, Wexford Montessori
student died onJuly 23, shows her dazzling personality on Easter Sunday, which was on April 4th in 2010.  Courtesy photo.

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One Year Later, The Murder of James Lauderdale III is Still Unsolved

LANSING, MI -- Jackie Summerville lovingly picked up her grandchild, Kyla Lauderdale and grazed her lips across her chubby cheek. Jackie lamented that she had been through enough this past year and was grateful for the opportunity to cherish one kiss from the 1-year-old.

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Former Lansing Teacher and Michigan Army National Guard Soldier selected to attend United States Army War College

 Lieutenant Colonel Shawn A. Harris, of Kentwood, Michigan, is among the chosen few to pursue this dream of elite Soldiers. In August 2010, Harris will report to the United States Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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Dare to Ask: Two Faiths, Four Issues Over Funeral


I converted to Judaism 12 years back. My mother has decided to start practicing Catholicism again and announced to me, her only child, that she wants a Catholic burial. I have issues with embalming, waiting past three days to bury, an open casket and a ceremony in a church. Please help! I want to honor my mother without dishonoring my faith. -- It's Me, Jewish female, Dallas
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Libraries to Close Without Millage?


Libraries Now, a Ballot Question Committee and fundraising group, announces the formation of a millage committee called Support CADL. This new committee is working to communicate with the public about the many contributions the Capital Area District Library makes to the Greater Lansing community. Support CADL is also working to assure the renewal of the current operating millage for the CADL systemL
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Teen Talk: “Phantom of the Opera” Fashion

 The “Phantom of the Opera” production has been loved by millions for over the years. The traveling production of “Phantom” put on by The Music Box company has given people all over the world a chance to experience the magic it brings. Beyond being so mesmerizing and captivating, there is so much unseen work and dedication that goes on behind the curtain. Over twenty semi trucks carry the show from city to city. Within the trucks there are over sixty gondola closets of just costumes alone!

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Travel Troubleshooter: I Had to Pay Twice For My Flights to Mexico

 Colleen Farmer's flight to Mexico is rescheduled multiple times before she leaves on her vacation, but when she finally shows up at the airport, her airline demands an additional $948 for two one-way tickets. Now her online travel agency is balking at a refund for the second ticket. What can she do?

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What have you done for your state lately?

 Michigan is in a defining moment in history.  More of our people are out of work than in a lifetime.  Those of us lucky enough to still have a job are working far more for less.  Our roads and our infrastructure are crumbling before our very eyes, and even our children’s education is in jeopardy.If we do not take action now, we could be the first generation in Michigan to leave it in worse condition for our children.

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Lansing Prepares to Join Thousands In Detroit for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice at US Social Forum





 Over 15,000 people from grassroots community organizations will converge at the U.S. Social Forum (USSF), Detroit June 22 – 26, 2010 under the vision, “Another World Is Possible.

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Local Organization Readies Students to Vote

 Teresa Tran, National Honor Society student at Eastern High School volunteered to help classmates register to vote.  Deedre Williams, member of A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), a non-profit “Get-Out-The-Vote” voter education organization, facilitated the registration and Bruce Utter from the City of Lansing’s Clerks Office assisted with questions about the voting machines.

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Rotating Seasonal Clothing

 Before you pack away the winter clothes make sure they are clean and in good condition.

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As I See It - 9-8 - QP Voices: Enquiring Minds Wanted to Know


By Mary Sanchez
Tribune Media Services
It's a pity to say, but the reporters who worked on one of the most explosive journalistic investigations this year don't have a ghost of a chance for recognition by the Pulitzer Prize committee. Why? Because they work for the National Enquirer.
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Teen Talk : Violence

By Lynda Nguyen
All over the world teens are choosing to act irresponsibly.  They tend to abuse and put others down.  Why is that?  Some do it for their own personal enjoyment.  Others do it so they would fit in and because that's what all their friends are doing.  Peer pressure can be hard to ignore, but is this what it has really come down to?
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TravelMuse: 5 Cruise Myths Debunked













The midnight Grand Buffet and all of those talented chefs who prepared it! The Celebrity Cruises Motor Vessel Century viewed from the dock. 70,606 tonnage, 815 feet long, 105 foot beam width, 22 knot top speed, 14 decks, 1750 guests and 868 crew.

Source:  Midnight Buffet, Celebrity Cruise Ship Century
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Health Care Squabbles Continue


By Bob Robinson

The new health care bill is slated to help with the high cost of prescriptions. 

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News Spotlight: Smith only Dem candidate to gain in polls

State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith (D-Salem) today announced that her campaign is the only in the Democratic primary that is gaining momentum. Smith’s claim comes after the latest results of a Rasmussen opinion poll were released.

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Reggie Clemons on Death Row in Missouri: A Case of Reasonable Doubt




 Twenty-five years ago, Darryl Burton was convicted of capital murder and armed criminal action in a St. Louis, Missouri, trial court. His conviction has all the characteristics of a wrongful conviction: "eye witness" informants, ineffective trial counsel, and an array of procedural obstacles which all combined to leave Mr. Burton trapped in a Missouri prison for 24 years. Burton is shown here with Vera Thomas, Reggie’s mother at the 3rd Anniversary of the Justice for Reggie Campaign in December of 2008. Courtesy photo

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Michigan is on The Right “Trac”: Helping Small Businesses




Roundtable Discussion on Small Businesses at Lansing Community College:  (Scott Guernsey, HR Component; Brent Knight, President of Lansing Community College; Linda Hundt,  Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe; Dave Adams, Michigan Credit Union League CEO; George Wood, Home Energy Audits;  Governor Jennifer M. Granholm; Andy Otteman, Parnunu, LLC; Rina Risper, President & Publisher of The New Citizens Press; Nancy Boese, Michigan Small Business Technology Development Center Region 7 regional director and Greg Main, President and Michigan Economic Development Corporation CEO. Photo by Adam DeLong

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2010 Most Influential & Interesting

During the entire year prior to this edition, we are looking  for people who are doing great things in our community.  They may or may not be on your radar but to The New Citizens Press they provide value to our community.  We also realize that there are others who you think belong in “The Most Influential and Interesting” column.  We are willing to consider anyone regardless of race, affiliations, education or socioeconomic background.

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Michelle Obama Presents Inaugural Gown to Smithsonian

 The First Lady joined the dress’ 27-year old designer Jason Wu for the ceremony , which welcomes the one-of-a-kind one shoulder ivory gown in "The First Ladies at the Smithsonian" exhibit.


Above: Jason Wu and First Lady Michelle Obama


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Freedom of Information Act - Your Right to Know

Journalists and citizens who file Freedom of Information Act requests often expect delay or denial, unfortunately, that can impact  your daily life. Oftentimes, the lack of information provided by governmental agencies limit the ability to investigate issues, protect individuals or open the doors of justice. istockphoto

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Sunshine Week: Your Right to Know

Did you know that you can ask for the documents below under FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)?

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America’s Top Model is Accepting Online Photos

 In recent years, modeling shows and modeling contest that attract hopefuls from all over the nation are the “reality television show rage”.  One of the most popular shows is Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model. is holding an exclusive America’s Next Top Model search just for those young hopefuls.  Photo of Tyra Banks

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Congratulations Willard K. Walker Recipient of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Award


“It's not the towering sail, but the unseen wind that moves the ship”     - a Proverb


Former City of Lansing Human Relations and Community Services department director and State of Michigan executive, Willard Walker, is a senior policy consultant at Public Policy Associates (PPA), Incorporated, a national research and development firm.  
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Haitian-American Family Mourns Loss of Relatives












An earthquake survivor removes debris from a devastated road in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on February 2, 2010. The Jan. 12, 2010, 7.0-magnitude earthquake left thousands of Haitians displaced and without access to food, water and vital medical care. Photo by MC2 Todd Frantom



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TravelMuse: Single Parent Family Vacation Savings Tips











Mother and daughter spending a day at the beach. 

Photo by: longhorndave, 


Read More Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Dodge Ram HD – Back to Business

 The powerful Dodge Ram HD gives you options.

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Is Our Poor Mother Earth Finally Fighting Back?

By Wells Mahkee
Navajo Hopi Observer 
With all the recent tragedies the world has encountered in recent years, it's been quite surprising to me that not one person - not even in Indian Country - has mentioned what I happen to believe is happening on our poor planet Earth; our poor, neglected, abused shell of a "mother" who apparently has had quite enough of what her "children" have been doing to her and is now striking back with force. How else would you explain the recent surge in natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and the like?
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Mother of ‘Idol’ Contestant Angela Martin Still Missing







Angela Martin (above), an “American Idol” auditioner in Chicago who wowed all four judges with her rendition of Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine” , continues to search for her missing mother, who was last seen leaving a family dinner on Christmas day.

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Getting Rid of Junk Mail










Feeling overwhelmed with junk mail? Sorting through it is easier than you think.

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News Spotlight: Michigan State licenses tattoo-matching technology to ID criminals, victims

Corrections and law enforcement officials will now have the capability to search tattoo image databases to help identify suspects, criminals and victims

Read More Wednesday, January 20, 2010
National and World: US Residents Mount Humanitarian Aid to Haiti

A group of Haitian American leaders, state and local officials met to map out a humanitarian relief efforts as the extent of the damage from a category 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti.

Read More Wednesday, January 13, 2010
National and World: BBB Advises Donors on How to Vet Haiti Earthquake Charity Appeals

 Not All Charities are Equipped to Help and Some Might be Fraudulent, Warns BBB

Read More Wednesday, January 13, 2010
News Spotlight: Nigerian Terror Suspect: This Apple Fell Too Far From the Tree


The Mutallabs: contrasting terror-bound son Farouk Abdul Mutallab and business mogul father Alhaji Umaru Mutallab (above). On December 25, 2009 Farouk attempted to blow up a plane that was travelling from Amsterdam to Detroit, MI


Read More Tuesday, December 29, 2009

'Madea's Big Happy Family' marks character's first stage outing in  five years 

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As I See It - 8-25 - Anime: Tragedy Replaces Happy Ending in Fairy Tales







Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time in a village full of ninjas there lived an orphan named Naruto. When he was born, the chief of the village sealed a powerful and malevolent spirit of a nine-tailed fox inside thee child’s belly.

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SERENA FINED LARGEST AMOUNT IN USTA HISTORY: US Open tirade will cost her more than 82 grand

Serena Williams was fined a record $82,500 for her U.S. Open outburst against a lineswoman and could be suspended from the annual New York event if she has another "major offense" at any Grand Slam in the next two years.    

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Don’t Fall Prey to Identity Thieves over the Holidays

Tips to help you keep your money safe during the holiday season.

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NBA player describes 'nerve-racking' wait for biopsy results

Read More Monday, October 26, 2009
Even in Death, King of Pop Stirs Racial Divide

The first nasty inkling that even the King of Pop can stir racial divides came with the Mt. Everest-sized list of postings on blogs, chat rooms, and Web sites the week after Michael Jackson’s death. Many writers dredged up all of the old drug, child molestation and other dirt digs on Jackson.

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U.S. Combat Troops on Pace to Leave Iraqi Cities by June 30

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Fredrick Santucci, attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, and an Iraqi army officer plan a patrol route through the city of Abu Ghraib, Nassir Wa Salam province, Iraq, on May 17, 2009.   DoD photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert Whelan, U.S. Navy

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News Briefs 8-8

BBB Warns Against Swine Flu Scams: Scammers are creating their own epidemic of spam e-mails

Read More Saturday, May 9, 2009

Former Secretary of State to appear on ABC show to thank a disabled Gulf War vet

Read More Sunday, April 12, 2009
FALLOUT CONTINUES OVER LEAKED RIHANNA PHOTO: LAPD investigating; singer's dad blames cops


The father of pop star Rihanna is blaming the Los Angeles Police Department for the leak of a photo showing his daughter's battered and bruised face following a domestic dispute with Chris Brown.     

Read More Sunday, March 1, 2009
Black History: Redefined in 2009: Part 2


Another Defining Black History Moment – Pittsburgh Steelers’ NFL Super Bowl Championship - African American Head Coach, Youngest Ever, and MVP Takes Top Honors -

Read More Sunday, February 15, 2009




 Lawrence Taylor also among cast of new hoofers for ABC's competition series

Read More Sunday, February 15, 2009
The Stimulus Bills

House vs. Senate

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Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration

The Regional Inaugural Balls are an inaugural tradition that President-elect Obama  continued, inviting guests from the Midwest, the West, the East, the South, and the Mid-Atlantic regions to their own celebrations.   It is one of the 10 balls that the president and Michelle attended. Photo by Barbara Roberts Mason

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JUSTICE: Post-Katrina, White Vigilantes Shot African-Americans With Impunity

In the days after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans fractured along racial fault lines as its government collapsed. Read about it in our next edition. White vigilante gunmen nearly killed Donnell Herrington.
Photo by Chandra McCormick & Keith Calhoun

The way Donnell Herrington tells it, there was no warning. One second he was trudging through the heat. The next he was lying prostrate on the pavement, his life spilling out of a hole in his throat, his body racked with pain, his vision blurred and distorted.

Read More Friday, January 30, 2009
A Capitol Getaway

(BPRW) In January, Washington, D.C. will experience heavy tourism due to the inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama. If your only knowledge of the D.C. area comes from watching political news coverage, there’s more to learn. An inauguration is not the only reason to visit this city, and the D.C. area has much to offer travelers of all ages and interests beyond politics.

Read More Sunday, January 18, 2009
Hudson school bullying case goes to trial

Bullying has affected many students negatively.  Unfortunately, some adults don’t take it seriously. The student in the story inside decided to fight the system.

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Boxing promoter Don King is raving over President George W. Bush's cat-like reflexes as he dodged two shoes hurled at his face by an Iraqi journalist during a press conference Sunday in Baghdad.

Read More Sunday, December 21, 2008
50 CENT CONCERNED ABOUT ECONOMY: Rapper looses millions, investment portfolio in trouble


While 50 Cent may not literally see his net worth dwindle down to the amount of his rap moniker, the mogul is worried about his financial assets as stock markets and real estate values continue to plummet.      

Read More Sunday, December 7, 2008
The Fight Against HIV/AIDS Still Rages After 25 Years

World AIDS Day is on December 1st.  It's an important day of commemoration throughout the world to remember those who have died, to pray for those still suffering, and to come together in solidarity to fight the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today.

Read More Sunday, November 23, 2008

Harvard graduate, Barack Obama, 47, begins his transition to the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW (above). On January 20, 2009, he will be sworn in as the 44th president.

Read More Sunday, November 9, 2008

Still reeling from the murders of her mother, brother and nephew, Jennifer Hudson says she wants to use the tragedy to speak out against crime and gun violence in the urban community.

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker reported Tuesday of Hudson's plans to "use the newly formed foundation she established with her sister Julia to try to reduce the daily killings in inner-city communities across the nation."     

Read More Sunday, November 9, 2008

 Panelists say decision  influenced heavily by secret audio tapes

Seven jurors from the O.J. Simpson trial say their guilty verdict was influenced more by secret audio tapes and surveillance video than eyewitness accounts, reports the Associated Press.

Read More Sunday, October 12, 2008
LIL' DENZEL IN NEW 'BOYS & GIRLS CLUB' CAMPAIGN: Child photos of famous former members part of new promos



The childhood photos of former Boys & Girls Clubs of America" members Denzel Washington, Shaquille O'Neal, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and others are featured in a new ad campaign for the organization, titled "BE GREAT."

Read More Sunday, September 28, 2008
'Extreme Makeover': Home Edition' project coming to Michigan's Capital



LANSING, MI -- At the end of September one lucky family will be surprised when ABC's “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” crew knocks on their door.   One of five families that live close to or in Lansing were nominated for the TV show.  This will be the third home built in the state.

Read More Sunday, September 28, 2008
GLUNA Revisits Why the USA is at War

Some young men and women currently going as soldiers into the Bush Iraqi war were born during the first Iraqi war and now old enough to vote.  Iraq had marched its army into Kuwait stealing a huge oil field.  George Bush, Sr., an experienced diplomat, rallied support though the United Nations for a swift and decisive counter-attack driving the Iraqi army back into Iraq.

Read More Sunday, September 28, 2008
Barack Obama's Lansing speech


Remarks of Senator Barack Obama
New Energy for America
Michigan State University
Monday, August 4th, 2008
Lansing, Michigan

Read More Sunday, August 17, 2008


 Presidential hopeful turns down request to sponsor car in Sprint Cup series





                    Obama seen with Governer Granholm

Read More Monday, July 21, 2008
Cost of Fuel is Top Economic Concern for Michigan Families

MICHIGAN -- Michigan has had more than its share of economic hardships in recent years, but when Michigan voters were asked the biggest economic problem facing their family, the cost of fuel trumped everything. Gas prices have risen to $4.15 across the nation. 

Read More Sunday, July 6, 2008
BBB Warns Vacationers that Travel Club Membership Doesn’t Always Pay




Before you sign on the dotted line, check it out before you check in:
Would-be travelers are spending  thousands of dollars to take advantage of travel deals that didn’t exist.

One company was also ordered to pay $70,000 in restitution to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.

Read More Sunday, July 6, 2008
Part II - Weighing Justice in America: Is there equality for the rich and the poor?

When Walter Swift was freed after being wrongly imprisoned for 26 years he told the crowd that he feels like a bird has been let out of a cage.  He is shown with lawyers from the Innocence Project, a group that works to free those who are wrongly imprisoned.  Courtesy Photo

Read More Monday, June 9, 2008
Part I - Weighing Justice in America

The Case of Claude Mc Collum: Attorney Hugh B. Clarke,Jr.; Cheryl Bartz, who is on the Committee for Social Justice at Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing and Claude McCollum who was recently released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit.  TNCP Photo.

Read More Monday, May 26, 2008

Presumptive Republican nominee talks about views on Obama and plans for black America

Read More Monday, May 26, 2008
Hard Times Causing More Americans to Stretch Money

Elizabeth handing Pat a coupon from Kroger for dry cleaning services at Sunshine Laundromat & Dry Cleaners.
Photo TNCP.

Read More Monday, May 12, 2008
CLINTON WINS PENNSYLVANIA PRIMARY: But she still can't over come Obama delegate lead.

     We have to give Hilary Rodham Clinton her props. In spite of the odds, she's found a way to hang in there.

Read More Sunday, April 27, 2008
April is National Poetry Month

This April the theme is "Put a Poem inYour Pocket." 

Read More Sunday, March 30, 2008
News Briefs 7-2

Black History Month Events at Lansing Community College,  New Era Canning Company Expands Nationwide Recall Risk of botulism from additional canned vegetable products

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BILL CLINTON DEFENDS NAPPING DURING MLK EVENT: Former president also addresses 'race baiting'


As Hillary and Bill Clinton continue to catch heat for remarks criticized as reducing her Democratic presidential rival Barack Obama to "the black candidate," the former president was a guest on the ABC Radio-syndicated Doug Banks and DeDe McGuire Show and spoke about the issue of race becoming a factor in the two campaigns.

Read More Sunday, February 3, 2008
URBAN WHEEL AWARDS FINALISTS ANNOUNCED: An Evening of Fashion, Stars and Cars at 12th Annual Event in Detroit

The Mercedes-Benz C Class was chosen as “Car of the Year” by an independent panel of automotive journalists for th “Urban Wheel Awards” that will be held in Detroit,MI On January 15, 2008.  Other winners in  the “Car of the Year” category are the Chevrolet Malibu and the Honda Accord.  Co-hosts will be Actress Rosie Perez, and Kevin Frazier, of Entertainment Tonight. 

Read More Sunday, January 6, 2008
Police Shootings Cause Distress in Communities Nationwide


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JUDGE JUDY CAUGHT IN RACISM LAWSUIT: Ex-producer says he was fired for objecting to forced rejection of black litigants is reporting that a former producer on the court show "Judge Judy" says he was fired after complaining about a supervisor's order to halt the booking of black litigants.     

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A real estate developer who had purchased Michael Vick's former dog fighting headquarters in Virginia with plans to flip it for a quick profit experienced a rude awakening on December 15 when the property failed to sell at auction.

Read More Sunday, December 23, 2007

Legendary daredevil Evel Knievel died on November 30, 2007  just days after announcing his meeting with Kanye West that led to a settlement over the rapper's video for "Touch the Sky."

Read More Sunday, December 9, 2007
LAWMAKER IN TROUBLE OVER 'BUCKWHEAT' QUIP: Black civil-rights veteran called offensive term by state senator



A  state lawmaker in a runoff election in Louisiana called a black civil-rights veteran who had helped her campaign "Buckwheat," angering the NAACP, which urged voters to kick her out of office, reports the Associated Press.    

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Rapper leaves European tour to attend services; Jay-Z, Beyonce, Anita Baker, John Legend among mourners.

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Corporate America -- Don’t Preach Diversity, Practice It

Stanley O’Neal, forced out of the top job at Merrill Lynch, is the highest ranking casualty of the sub-prime loan fiasco -- even as diversity in corporate America is still an issue.

Read More Sunday, November 11, 2007
Nooses More Than a Nuisance

The presidential election of 2008 will be historic in several ways. For the first time ever, a woman and an African American both have a viable shot at being the Democratic nominee.

Read More Sunday, November 11, 2007

Team owner said it’s not in the team’s ‘best long-term interest.’

Read More Sunday, September 2, 2007
To Snitch, or Not To Snitch

Black on black murder rates are off the charts, capped by the recent killing of three students in New Jersey, but there are few witnesses willing to testify. The lack of witnesses helps increase the spiral of violence in poor black neighborhoods, notes NAM editor Earl Ofari Hutchinson. Hutchinson is an author and political analyst.

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The Darfur Crisis Takes A Toll On The Most Vunerable

“I kept seeing reports about the humanitarian crisis in Darfur that were so cruel it made my body cringe. ”
- Tashmica Torok, Founder of The Whisper Campaign-

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Vietnam War (1959 -1975)

    The Vietnam War (known in Vietnam itself as "The America War") was a military conflict in present day Vietnam occurring from 1959 to April 30, 1975.

Read More Sunday, May 27, 2007
After Raid, Honor Student Becomes Overnight Parent

U.S. immigration authorities deported her parents to Mexico. Now Leslie Muñoz takes care of her younger siblings while she balances bill paying, tax season, and mortgages with her honors classes.

Read More Sunday, May 13, 2007
Michigan Horse Tracks Join in the Excitement of the Kentucky Derby

Want to get into the excitement of the Kentucky Derby without going to Louisville?

Read More Sunday, April 29, 2007
The War in Afghanistan - TIP OF THE SPEAR

 Michigan Army National Guard Maj. Shawn Harris and Sgt. Maj. David Marshall observe firing on an M-203 grenade launcher range at Camp Grayling, MI as part of training for a deployment to Afghanistan to serve with an  Embedded Training Team to train the Afghan National Army on September 20, 2006.  The ETT has the mission to train the Afghan Nation Army in U.S. doctrine and tactics to enable the ANA to take over military operations in Afghanistan from U.S. and NATO forces.  Photo by  Sgt. 1st Class Wilson Tang

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New Twist To An Old Scam

LANSING, MI --  The Lansing Police Department is warning the public of a new twist to an old scam.  It appears con artists are using legitimate business opportunities to try and scam people looking to make extra money during the holidays working part time.

Read More Thursday, January 4, 2007
Battle for 2008 Latino Vote Underway

(BPRW)  -- The 2006 elections are barely over and the race for the 2008 presidency has begun in earnest.

Read More Friday, December 22, 2006
During the Holidays Be Aware of Toy Recalls

Playskool Voluntarily Recalls Toy Tool Benches after the Death of Two Toddlers

Read More Thursday, December 21, 2006
We Remember: Emily Perez - First Female Former West Point Cadet to Die in Iraq



We Remember:  Emily Perez - First Female West Point Cadet to Die in Iraq

Read More Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Olympics 2008 Unreal For Most of China

China is rushing to get ready for the 2008 Summer Olympics. But for millions of Chinese in the interior of the country, far away from Beijing and the other cities on the east coast, the Olympics will have little relevance to their lives. Changsha in Hunan province is the birthplace of Mao’s revolution but as NAM contributor Rian Dundon finds out, the Olympics seem very distant from Changsha.

CHANGSHA, Hunan – Mao launched his revolution from Changsha, but from this provincial capital of 2 million the Olympics seem very distant. Beijing and other cities are frenziedly transforming themselves into showcase cities for the 2008 Olympics, but in China's interior, where 60 percent of the population lives, the Olympics are just something you watch on television.

Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Olympics is on Friday, August 8, 2008

The Closing Ceremony is on Sunday, August 24, 2008

Read More Saturday, November 11, 2006
October is Small Business Month


In order to be a successful small or micro business owner, you have to make sure that you have the right tools in order to succeed.

Read More Sunday, October 1, 2006
Barkley Serious About Alabama Governor Seat


Charles Barkley is not playing around when he says he wants to be the future governor of Alabama. The former NBA player is currently making moves to ensure that he will indeed take over the position as soon as he becomes eligible.

Read More Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Eminem Teams With Nike For Charity



Rapper creates limited edition Air Max sneakers to raise funds for disadvantaged youth.

Read More Tuesday, September 19, 2006
George Bush Is Assassinated In New Film


‘Death of a President’ is supposed to make a point about ‘rushing to judgment.’  Imagine this: President George W. Bush gets assassinated and a black man is eventually discovered to be the murderer.

Read More Tuesday, September 19, 2006
AT&T is Delivering the Digital Lifestyle ? From 3 Screens

Reform legislation could help bring even more choices.  It’s no longer the digital home – it’s the digital lifestyle.

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The Mexican Consul will bring his Mobile Consulate Office to Cristo Rey Community Center

LANSING, MI --   The Mexican Consul, Vincente Sanchez-Ventura, will bring his Mobile Consulate Office to Cristo Rey Community Center located at 1717 North High Street on September 9, 2006 from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Any Mexican citizen needing to renew a passport, or an ID card (Matriculas Consulares) may apply for one on this date at Cristo Rey Comminty Center.

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President Bush Signs Landmark Voting Rights Bill at White House Ceremony

On Thursday, July 27, 2006 at a White House ceremony attended by NAACP leadership, members of the Board of Directors, staff and Civil Rights coalition partners, President Bush signed H.R. 9, the Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006 into law.

Read More Saturday, August 5, 2006
Special on Bahamas Travel :Celebrate the Tradition of Junkanoo

Summer Thompson from Georgia visits the Junkanoo Museum in the Bahamas. Her father Rodney Thompson has Bahamian roots.TNCP Photo.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS -- Almost every visitor to the Bahamas is exposed to junkanoo.

Read More Saturday, July 8, 2006
TOMMY LEE APOLOGIZES TO ALICIA KEYS: For fight with Kid Rock during her performance.

Rock star Tommy Lee posted a message on his official Web site explaining his scuffle with Kid Rock during MTVs Video Music Awards, and apologizing to Alicia Keys for the incident taking place during her performance.

Read More Friday, February 10, 2006

 Lopez movie has hat in hand; Rodriguez faces 18-month bid; Longoria strikes back at Texas officer?

Read More Sunday, January 8, 2006
A Dream Deferred: Legal Barriers to Hairbraiding Nationwide are Leaving a Tangled Mess

       For more than a decade, African hairbraiders-who create attractive and artistic hairstyles without damaging chemicals-have been handcuffed, arrested, thrown in jail or fined thousands of dollars for practicing their cultural art form.  But thanks to the advocacy of the Institute for Justice and its clients, lawmakers and courts in a growing number of states are forcing overzealous bureaucrats to set braiders free.

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TNCP Takes a Look at Giving in Our Community: Exploring Homelessness - KATRINA

African American State Legislators Call for Compassion for Hurricane Survivors; Tens of Thousands of Evacuees Face Being Homeless for the Holidays

Top:  Tanisha Speed, with her son, Treyvon Speed.  They were separated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Ms. Speed’s was able to make it to Lansing with her toddler, Anthony Mitchell (not shown).

Read More Sunday, December 11, 2005
Whitewashing Blackface

 The controversial article that was printed in the November 27, 2005 - December 10, 2005 article entitled “Blackface Costumes Spark Dialogue” has spurred interesting dialogue from our readers.  We have received more feedback from the story that any other.  Special commentary section in “Excuse Me Are You Listening?” on Page 2, in our next edition.

    This current article is one individuals response to “whitefacing”.
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BUSH CALLS ON CONGRESS TO RENEW VOTING ACT: Also signs bill to place Rosa Parks statue in the Nation’s Capitol

 President George W. Bush is seen Thursday, Dec. 1. 2005 in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, as he signs H.R. 4145, to Direct the Joint Committee on the Library to Obtain a Statue of Rosa Parks, which will be placed in the US Capitol's National Statuary Hall. The President is joined by, from left to right, U.S. Sen. Richard G. Lugar, R-Ind., U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson, Mrs. Laura Bush, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss. White House photo by Paul Morse.

Read More Sunday, December 11, 2005
Blackface Costumes Spark Dialogue


    A Halloween costume contest at an off-campus college hangout ended with several Stetson University students capturing first place — and a visit to the dean of students. 
Read More Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo on May 5th

According to the U.S. Census Bureau  and  quite contrary to what is usually reported, 79% of Mexicans speak Spanish at home. Of this group, about half speak English “very well.” Thirty-seven percent of Mexican-origin residents are under 18, the highest percentage of that age group among Latino groups.    Source: U.S. Census Bureau.  Image U.S. Census Bureau Annual Demographic Supplement to the March 2002 Current Population Survey

Read More Saturday, April 16, 2005
Attorney General Gonzales Should Revisit Ashcroft FOIA Memo

  The nomination and confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as President Bush's replacement for outgoing Attorney General John Ashcroft proved a lightning rod for criticism of many Bush Administration policies.

Read More Sunday, March 20, 2005
BIGGIE’S MURDER TO REMAIN UNSOLVED: FBI ends investigation citing no basis for prosecution

   The final nail in Biggie’s coffin was hammered down last week as the FBI has decided to close its investigation into the rapper’s 1997 murder. Federal prosecutors reviewed the evidence and concluded there was no basis for prosecution, Louis J. Caprino Jr., acting head of the criminal division of the FBI's Los Angeles office, said in Friday's editions of the “Los Angeles Times.”

Read More Sunday, March 20, 2005
The Fight Against Slavery in the New Global Economy

LANSING, MI -- Some may have been shocked by the devastation of the tsunami in Thailand but were dumfounded when reports of human traffickers preying on the children l

Read More Sunday, March 6, 2005
A CHAT WITH RUSSELL SIMMONS: Mogul breaks down UniRush Financial Services and Rush Visa Card, status with Def Jam, NAACP presidency.



   There are so many Americans who don’t have access to a bank account,” begins Russell Simmons, whose desire to help folks claw their way out of debt and despair has led the Def Jam co-founder to launch UniRush Financial Services – a company that offers a world of banking opportunities, only without the bank.

Read More Sunday, February 20, 2005

WASHINGTON — House Republican Conference Chairman J.C. Watts, Jr. (R-Okla.) made the following statement on July 1, 2002 at a news conference in Norman, Oklahoma:

Read inside for more information

Read More Sunday, July 14, 2002

WASHINGTON — House Republican Conference Chairman J.C. Watts, Jr. (R-Okla.) made the following statement on July 1, 2002 at a news conference in Norman, Oklahoma:

Read inside for more information

Read More Sunday, July 14, 2002

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- A new chapter in the history of one of Hollywood's most fabled locations began today as developer Bond Capital, Ltd. and partners Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund, California State Teachers' Retirement System and HW Marketplace, LLC broke ground for Sunset & Vine,

Read More Sunday, July 14, 2002

Jackson to end 20-year relationship with Sony label.

Read More Sunday, June 30, 2002

 Controversial and graphic exhibit at King historic site


Read More Sunday, June 16, 2002
Chris Rock Rocks On

Emmy and Grammy award winning funnyman Chris Rock is back on the big screen  in the Jerry Bruckheimer action flick, “Bad Company,” which also stars Anthony Hopkins, Kerry Washington and Garcelle Beauvais-Nylon.

Read More Sunday, June 16, 2002

Sec. of Treasury believes more money will not solve problems

Read More Sunday, June 16, 2002
NAACP Says Justice Is Finally Served

Guilty Verdict In Birmingham Church Bombing Murders 1963 Explosion by KKK Took Life of Four Little Girls

Read More Sunday, June 16, 2002

Washington, D.C. -- The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, (CBCF), announces that its 2002 Annual Legislative Conference, (ALC), will be held from Wednesday, September 11, 2002 to Saturday, September 14, 2002, at the Washington Convention Center, 900 9th Street, N.W., in Washington, D.C.

Read More Sunday, June 2, 2002
Hispanic Customs Agents Discuss Discrimination

Hispanic Special Agents recently filed a class action discrimination suit against the U.S. Customs Service. The class complaint was filed May 10, 2002 and alleges that the Customs Service has discriminated against Hispanic Special Agents since the 1970s in promotions, transfers and assignments, awards and bonuses, training, and discipline.

Read More Sunday, June 2, 2002

Former boxer and actor lobby Congress.

Read More Sunday, June 2, 2002


Read More Sunday, May 19, 2002


Read More Sunday, May 19, 2002
INS Seeks to Hire 8,000 New Employees

Wide Variety of Career Opportunities

Read More Sunday, May 5, 2002

The King beatdown, fires and Operation Hope

Read More Sunday, May 5, 2002
Johnson & Johnson Launches Multi-Year, $20 Million Campaign To Recruit Hospital Nurses

'The Campaign for Nursing's Future," an Effort With Nursing Organizations, includes Prime-time Advertising, Scholarships and Recruitment Tools

Read More Sunday, May 5, 2002

Lopes was vacationing in the Central American country of Honduras where she often visited, said TLC manager Bill Diggings, when she died. He told CNN that he received a phone  from authorities in Honduras, telling him of the accident. There were seven other people were in the vehicle at the time of the accident and no one else was injured. Lopes was killed instantly.

Read More Sunday, May 5, 2002

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