Exploring Recreational Vehicle Travel is Becoming More Common

Jennifer and Michael Mitchner visit Beartooth Pass, Wyoming. The 10,947 elevation that leads into Yellowstone National Park was an exciting trip for them.

Jennifer and Michael Mitchner visit Beartooth Pass, Wyoming. The 10,947 elevation that leads into Yellowstone National Park was an
exciting trip for them.


Jennifer and Michael Mitchner visit Beartooth Pass, Wyoming. The 10,947 elevation that leads into Yellowstone National Park was an exciting trip for them.

Their Class A motorhome

Courtesy Photo


By Deborah Walker


HASLETT, MI — The sun is making the lake shimmer and the sky is clear, this is how the day begins for Jennifer and Michael Mitchner; the adventurous couple who sold their home and began braving the great outdoors full time.

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The City of Lansing Expungement Clinic and Community Resource Fair Offers a Fresh Start

By Deborah M. Walker


LANSING, MICHIGAN —   Ryan James sat in his truck patiently waiting for the City of Lansing Expungement Clinic and Community Resource Fair to begin. James said he went to the fair to have a felony conviction from 1999 expunged from his record. Having the felony on his record has hindered his employment opportunities and made it difficult to find work, James confessed. While trying to get his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), James discovered his felony was still a major barrier to obtaining a well-paying job.

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State Police Offers Michiganders Winter Emergency Preparedness Tips Winter Hazards Awareness Week was Nov. 7-13

LANSING, MICHIGAN — . With winter weather approaching, the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) is encouraging Michigan residents to prioritize winter emergency preparedness.

“As colder months roll in, Michiganders should be prepared, as usual, to prepare for potential frozen pipes, propane shortages, and power outages” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “By taking effective precautions, we can all be ready for whatever the Michigan winter wants to throw at us, enjoy the holiday season, and keep our families safe and warm.”

“Michiganders should take every opportunity to prepare for winter weather before it’s here,

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‘Squid Game’ Is a Global Hit, but South Korean Star Lee Jung-jae Says Hollywood Isn’t Calling Him Yet (EXCLUSIVE)

By Patrick Frater

Top South Korean actor Lee Jung-jae is thoroughly enjoying the extra burnish to his already distinguished career that has come from the global success of “Squid Game,” Netflix’s hit survival game TV series. However, he says that the phone is not ringing off the hook with new offers from Hollywood.

“No proposals or requests have come my way,” he told Variety. “But, if the right one came along, I’d be happy to be in an overseas production.

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These candy-filled cookies are sweet, chewy and absolutely irresistible

By America’s Test Kitchen

If your children hit the jackpot while trick-or-treating, you could be swimming in candy for weeks! Put the abundance of M&M’s to good use by making homemade cookies with the kids. You can also teach them about the candy while you bake!
Did you know? The M’s printed on M&M’s stand for the last names of their inventors: Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie. These two businessmen teamed up to make M&M’s in 1941 and started by selling their candy exclusively to the U.S…. Read More

Gift of Life Michigan: Striving to Have a Greater Impact in the Lives of Black and Brown People


Lansing Mayor Andy Schor stands with Sonya and John Edmond while they hold a proclamation and resolution to celebrate Amaia Alysse Edmond Gift of Life Day, who was murdered in 2010. To the far right, Lansing City Councilmember Patricia Spitzley worked with the Gift of Life and others to honor the young victim and the families that work tirelessly to inform the community about organ donation.

Photo courtesy of the Gift of Life Michigan


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Mary Sanchez: Attention paid to Petito case proves not much has changed

By Mary Sanchez “If LaToyia Figueroa was a pretty white woman, would you know her name? Would you know her beautiful mixed-race face, her cafe au lait skin, the cheery smile of her photo, or know the spelling of her Spanish surname?

Would you — the general public — have wondered how she could vanish after a doctor’s appointment last month?”

The “last month” in that column of mine was July of 2005. And I knew the reply when I penned those words.

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Excuse me, are you listening? 20-21

Dear Readers,

When I was a child, I loved visiting my grandfather in Queens, New York.

One time I had a stomach ache after eating too many sweets. Going to his house and playing with my cousins always gave us an opportunity to eat the “forbidden foods with too much sugar.”

The pack of cookies was on the table and I grabbed as many chocolate chip cookies as my little hands could hold and ran to my spot under the hydrangea bush to eat them slowly.

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Ross on Real Estate: What to consider before deciding to buy a home

By Ross H. Yednock

In an article in the March – April, 2021 edition of the National Association of Realtors starts out “Homeownership is the largest single contributor to intergenerational wealth for American families. But it has not been accessible to all Americans on equal terms.” In a nutshell, that is why I became a real estate agent. I want to change that and help anyone who seeks a clean, safe and affordable place to call home achieve that for them and their family.

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The Lansing Barber Styling College has New Owners and New Opportunities

Above: Travis Sanders and Marcel Mayberry are barbers, cousins and business partners. Owning a family business is not new for them and they wanted the opportunity to teach others. They purchased the place where they learned how to become barbers when they heard it was going out of business.

Below: Student barbers training at the Lansing Barber Styling College. Courtesy photos

By Deborah M. Walker

LANSING, MI — The Lansing Barber Styling College has offered great haircuts and many opportunities for over 30 years.

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