The perfect picnic side dish before summer ends

Tomatoes and peaches are at their ripest (and juiciest!) in summer, making this salad a perfect picnic side dish. Photo by Elle Simone

By America’s Test Kitchen This recipe is designed for peak-of the season, perfectly ripe tomatoes and peaches from your garden or a local farm. It’s perfect for heirloom fruits — a term used to describe varieties that can’t withstand the rigors of long-distance shipping and are therefore locally grown and readily found at farmers markets.

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A bright, fresh-tasting, make-ahead dessert

Key lime bars

By America’s Test Kitchen

Key limes are smaller, yellower cousins to the bigger, darker green Persian limes you usually see in the grocery store. They’re more tart, with fragrant, floral juice and used to be grown widely in the Florida Keys, where cooks invented key lime pie as a way to use the juice.

To make these key lime bars, you don’t actually need key limes. They can be hard to find and are so small that you’d have to squeeze 20 of them to get 1/3 cup of juice!

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REDISTRICTING: What is it? Why it matters?

By Hayg Oshagan
Director of New MI Media
Wayne State University Professor

LANSING, MI — What is it? Every 10 years, every state redraws all of its district election maps. For MI, that’s 110 MI House district maps, 38 MI Senate district maps, and 13 U.S. Congressional district maps. Once these are drawn, you elect your MI House, MI Senate and U.S. Congressional representatives based on which district you live in. If more of us who share a culture or history live in the same district,

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Author Dara Mayhoe: From A Hard Life, To “A Wonderful Change”

Dara Mayhoe wrote a book about her life and encourages other to do the same.

​LANSING, MI — Dara Mayhoe’s book “A Wonderful Change” dives into her life that started in poverty and despair. She thought that it would be an opportunity for redemption and healing. Now in its third printing, she said that there is still work to be done but she was unaware of how many people’s lives it would touch.

It is hard to believe that a now mild mannered Mayhoe has lived through some of the most difficult circumstances that one could go through.

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Lighting Up Lansing – One Smile at a Time 20-9

Former Lansing resident, Nathaniel Jontèè Dèyshann Risper resides in Tampa, Florida with his husband, Antonio Corso.

Risper is a 2009 Everett High School alumni. After he graduated he went to Lansing Community College where he studied theatre, dance and education. He is the co-founder and Creative Director of Modern Theatrical and owner of Boho ECCD. In 2010 he moved to Florida to work for Disney. Risper said that being a performer at Disney was one of the most memorable opportunities of his life.

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Stephen Alexander: Family Man, Firearms Expert, Latin Dance Instructor and More

Stephen Alexander participating in a solo skydive jump for
Father’s Day at Tecumseh Skydive in 2015.

Courtesy photo

LANSING, MI — Stephen Alexander is a man of many talents. He is a husband, father, an expert certified firearms instructor, an award winning Latin dance instructor, ex-Marine, community leader and activist.

Alexander says, “My upbringing taught me what not to do but provided few Black role models of what I aspired to be. My father taught me what not to do as a father myself.”

He was raised in Chicago,

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Grand Rapids Public Museum Announces Rare Discovery within its Collections

Black and white, photographic magic lantern slides depicting the Tuskegee Institute at the turn of the 20th century were
discovered in the Grand Rapids Public Museum’s Collection.

Courtesy photo

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) announced today a rare discovery made within its Collections — 69 black and white, photographic magic lantern slides depicting the Tuskegee Institute at the turn of the 20th century. The Tuskegee Institute, now referred to as Tuskegee University,

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Flashback: 2007 Excuse me, are you listening? 20-7

Rina Risper, President & Publisher of The New Citizens Press (Pandemic photo 2020)

Dear Readers,

I cannot tell you how I feel while watching the news and what is happening to innocent Black males. I called my son, Amir, who is 19 years old just to hear his voice and he did not pick up. I felt a surge of panic and thought, “He should be home by now.” I called again an hour later and he picked up and told me that he had taken a nap.

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Lighting Up Lansing – One Smile at a Time 20-7

Richada B. and her daughter, Aleigha H., who is in the 7th grade, love spending one on one time together!

Sometimes it is a trip to the nail shop to be pampered, shopping or even traveling together. They often get in the kitchen and make baked goods such as chocolate covered strawberries, cakes, chocolate dipped pretzels, and cookies together! Baking is one of Aleigha’s favorite things to do and Mom enjoys being the taste tester.

Congratulations to Aleigha for her participation on her school’s basketball team.

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