About Us

The New Citizens Press is a multicultural community newspaper started in February 2002. It’s distributed every 2 weeks with a concentration in Ingham County, Michigan.

photo of Rina Risper
photo of Rina Risper


As one of the many fortunate citizens of this amazing world, I view our richly diverse community as a wonderful, comparative global microcosm. This perspective reflects my lifelong fascination with the wide variety of cultures and people who have always surrounded me or have passed through my life. Over time, I have begun to realize that humanity has many more similarities than differences. This moves me to connect, inspire, and teach, and to always observe, absorb, and learn more myself. My life history reveals acts that have contributed to these values.

My university degree, a B.A. in Sociology, introduced me to scholarly knowledge from studies of influences that impact individuals, groups, and their behaviors. My eyes were opened further, and I increased my observations of society as many concerns took shape. I then started to become active in initiating activities to address social issues and encourage intellectual growth in our population. I grew into becoming considered a community leader over time, developing a reputation as a person who tries to awaken others to open their minds and become active and involved with change.

One of my achievements reflecting those efforts has been independently founding and publishing an alternative newspaper, The New Citizens Press, that has developed a multicultural base of readers. For the almost 18 years, I have published this newspaper, it has allowed me to spur conversation; reveal new, unfamiliar, and important information; and gain the attention of people who might not only become more informed but also might take action on their own. The multitude of diverse contacts and supporters has grown over the years.

I have engaged in consulting, press release services, contacting media, photography, referral services, creating and developing marketing and advertising plans, and image consulting for other businesses. The New Citizens Press has become well recognized for its efforts to help the community to grow whether it be supporting the LGBTQIA community during PRIDE or reaching out to the senior citizens through engagement. We connect readers and cover stories regardless of national origin, race, religion, veteran status, color, gender, age, medical condition, disability, gender identity or expression, and sexual orientation.

My future goal is to continue to educate, motivate, and immerse myself in connectivity with people and businesses.



The New Citizens Press has nearly 200 distribution points that are highly frequented by consumers. These places include churches, large and small businesses, organizations, special events, retail outlets, supermarkets, colleges and universities, shopping malls, movie theaters, and not to mention city, state, and federal agencies.

We provide our readers with a wide array of current topics, including human interest stories, health, business and technology, entertainment news, sports, finance, and community events and happenings. We are also available at the State of Michigan library.

We believe in the spending power of all consumers. You can use enhanced name recognition and exposure for your businesses, services, or products, giving your business accessibility to a billion-dollar consumer market, The New Citizens Press offers you an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services at easily affordable prices.