10 Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job


The interview process can be daunting.  Get some tips to make the process easier.

By Cheryl Danyelle Griffin

TNCP Community Writer
1. Do your homework about the company, and the position they’re hiring for. (This will ensure that you can have an intelligent conversation about what they do, and offer).
2. Figure out the location of the office prior to the interview (the day before find your location, and map out the best route).
3. Make sure to dress professional; pants suits, long skirts, no low cut tops, nothing gaudy, and no loud colors…usually black, navy blue, or gray are best.
4. Make sure you don’t overdo it with perfume, or cologne. Someone may be allergic to it, or if too strong they may not be able to focus on your answers. OAN: Remember your deodorant, and to stay fresh!
5.Make sure to have a few hard copies of your resume’ on hand to pass out. Even though you applied for the job, they interview panel may not have your resume’ in front of them. This shows them that you’re prepared, and thinking ahead.
6. Always arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes early. (This shows them that you’re a punctual person, and also allows you time to relax).
7. Make sure all electronic devices are turned off. (Don’t allow for distractions during the interview it throws you off, and the interview panel).
8. Be friendly, look people in the eye, and give a nice firm handshake to the people that you meet.
9. Ask intelligent questions. (Nothing about vacation time, etc.) Questions like: How would you describe the ideal candidate?
10. Pay attention to the person/person(s) that are interviewing you. (You might miss out on information if you’re interrupting, or not paying attention.
Cheryl Danyelle Griffin works in the recruiting industry sourcing and recruiting for major companies across the United States.  She is the  President of Candidate Source Organization. She can be reached at [email protected]
This was printed in the July 12, 2015 – July 25, 2015 edition