About HGTV’s New ‘Buy It or Build It’ Series with Chris and Calvin LaMont

Twin Brothers Chris And Calvin LaMont

Twin brothers Chris and Calvin LaMont have been delighting fixer-upper audiences with their new HGTV show.
Photo courtesy of HGTV

Compiled by TNCP Staff

According to HGTV, twins Chris and Calvin LaMont hosts of ‘Buy It or Build It,’ HGTV’s show that premiered on May 18, 2022. They help clients in the Dallas area decide whether to buy and renovate a fixer-upper or start fresh with a new build. Once the decision is made, the brothers get to work creating the best home possible. But besides self-made builders and real estate gurus, who are Chris and Calvin?

They Originally Hail From New Jersey

But their move to Dallas in 2010, where they both currently reside, is what really kickstarted their real estate careers. Though, when they first arrived in Texas, the brothers actually opened up a janitorial and floor cleaning company. It wasn’t until 2015 that they started flipping homes. Soon after, they gained a stellar reputation.


Together, They Own More Than 25 Residential Lots

In the last seven years, Chris and Calvin have taken their building business to impressive heights. When it comes to real estate, they get the most excited about up-and coming neighborhoods and focus on locations with potential. They plan to build an empire, of course. This means kickstarting their business in cities outside of Texas, including St. Louis and Augusta, Georgia.

They Don’t Always Agree When it Comes to Real Estate

Chris tries to find properties with flipping potential, while Calvin prefers building from the ground up — but their difference in opinion is what makes them such a special team (and the perfect hosts for Buy It or Build It).

Chris And Calvin LamontThey Also Battle It Out Over BBQ

When it comes to spending quality twin time together, nothing beats a battle of the barbeques — and some friendly competition over who makes the best burger. Their kids often act as the tiebreakers.

They’re Former College Football Players

They played on the same team (of course) at Lehigh University. Calvin played defensive back, while Chris played linebacker.

They’re Both Loving Fathers (and Uncles)

Chris has two handsome boys: Chris Jr. and Jayden Cash. Meanwhile, Calvin’s raising a sweet toddler, Journee Jewel. Both brothers enjoy spending time traveling with their families, checking out local restaurants, arts festivals and amusement parks.

The National Association of Realtors reports that the Black homeownership rate is sitting near 44% — about 30% less than white Americans. Twin brothers Chris and Calvin Lamont are licensed contractors and hosts of HGTV’s new show ‘Buy it or Build it.’

They are the first Black brothers to have a show on the network, and want to bring new audiences into the conversation, according to yahoo.com.

Catch Chris and Calvin on ‘Buy It or Build It’ Wednesday nights at 9/8c on HGTV. Keep up with the show at HGTV.com and follow the brothers on Instagram at @thechrislamont, @thecalvinlamont and @thelamontbrothers.