Announcement: Local Woman Runs for Delta Township Trustee Position

DELTA TOWNSHIP, MI — Deana M. Newman, a Policy Analyst Lead for the Michigan Public Health Institute, has announced her 2016 campaign as a Democratic candidate for one of four Delta Township Trustee positions.  Her campaign is empowered by the slogan “Sustaining Community Health and Wealth”.   

A Township Trustee is a “citizen official” who is a member of the community elected by the residents to serve in a governing capacity to ensure the township’s needs are met.  They oversee the township’s budget and the maintenance of parks, recreation facilities, and cemeteries, and provide updated and effective fire and safety equipment for their fire department.  Trustees also approve ordinances to attract and regulate businesses and keep a watchful eye and active listening ear on community interests. 
Newman, 39, is a thirteen-year resident of the Greater Lansing Area, with the last ten years spent as a resident of Delta Township.  She resides in the Ashford Manor subdivision with her husband David, their daughter Lola, and Coltrane the family Schnauzer.  
As a former Senior Health Correspondent for The New Citizens Press, and lifelong advocate of health equity, she holds both a Master of Public Health and Master of Health Communication degrees from Michigan State University; a Bachelor of Science in Perfusion Technology from Rush University; and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Kentucky State University (Magna Cum Laude) where she served as president for the local chapter of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. Upon being selected by the Chi Epsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, to serve as president, her achievements and accomplishments attained during her tenure caught the eye of leadership on the international level, which led her to be appointed to leadership roles on the regional level as well. She is currently a Fellow of the Scott-Hawkins Leadership Institute sponsored by The Links, Incorporated and was recently elected as the incoming president for the Lansing/East Lansing (MI) Chapter.
Having over a decade of combined responsibilities as a medical professional, researcher, public health advocate, freelance health and wellness writer for several non-profit organizations within the Mid-Michigan Region, she is additionally passionate in community engagement and advocating for the basic necessity of healthy living environments for everyone.  
While community engagement is the foundation of Newman’s campaign, her vision will result in the following:
-An increase in economic growth through developing opportunities for small businesses.
-A proactive approach towards creating a more walkable and bikeable community.
-Maintenance of governmental trust at the local level.
-Collaborations with other local governments to collectively promote the region.
-The provision of knowledge of and access to resources for every population age and socioeconomic group.
A great community begins with the collective growth from those who reside within and the adhesiveness of togetherness can only strengthen through actively listening and understanding the requirements of every stakeholder involved.
“Life and professional experiences, coupled with, understanding the importance of viewing all policies through the lens of health, have prepared me for innovative leadership within my community of Delta Township”, says Newman.  “During campaign season and beyond, creating a space for open dialogue with every stakeholder will remain my number one priority to successfully attain feasible goals with continuous positive outcomes”.  
For more information, and/or to support the campaign, please visit or email the committee at [email protected]
Submitted by the Committee to Elect Deana Newman
10788 Ireland Drive – Grand Ledge, Michigan – 48837
This column was printed in the May 15, 2016 – May 28, 2016 edition.