Dear Santa

The Black Santa Experience is Coming to the Venue at the Lansing Mall

There was always a Black Santa in the homes of most Black families and usually it was a grandpa, father, uncle or some other male member of the family. However, Black Santa figurines or Black Christmas items used to be hard to come by. Now malls, stores and places of business are hiring Santas of all hues and selling items for diverse families.

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Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson ‘Fought for Years’ to Bring Henry Cavill’s Superman Back and ‘They Always Said No’: For Me, ‘No Was Never an Option’

By Zack Sharf Variety Dwayne Johnson “fought for years” to bring Henry Cavill’s Superman back to the big screen, the actor wrote on social…

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Fresh Corn

Fresh corn season might be over, but you can still have delicious cornbread using frozen corn

Adding whole corn kernels takes this corn-bread to the next level of flavor! Photo by Ashley Moore By Staff, America’s…

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Rina Risper

Excuse me, are you listening? National Hip Hop History Month

Rina Risper, President & Publisher of The New Citizens Press (Tulsa, OK, 2022) Dear Readers, Growing up in New York…

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Innovative problem-solving secrets

Interpersonal Edge: Innovative problem-solving secrets

Today’s question: I spend most days upset about how incompetent most people are and how little they care that they are incompetent. I end up fighting my own grumpy attitude and take it out on co-workers. I don’t want to end up being the office Grinch, but how can I respond more effectively?

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Tulsa Rush


Palpable frustration and anger filled the air as members of the community watched the City of Tulsa rush through a…

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Jill Schlesinger

Jill On Money: The housing market cools — Will prices follow?

By Jill Schlesinger With inflation stubbornly high, the Federal Reserve is pumping the breaks on the economy by raising interest…

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David Morrell

Cuban defends title in his Armory‘second home’

By Charles Hallman November 5 is David Morrell, Jr’s mother’s birthday.  He is also headlining this Saturday night’s fight…

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