Best, Brightest, and Most Beautiful 2010: Charles Six

Charles Six
Ending Stereotypes for America

Charles Six is the founder and president of the nonprofit group, Ending Stereotypes for America (ESFA).

ESFA uses history to disprove false ethnic, racial and religious stereotypes and highlights the contributions all groups have made in building America.

Six conducts seminars at schools, universities, and organizations. Some of the topics include minority inventors, the skills different groups brought to America, the accomplishments of advanced civilizations from around the world, false stereotypes, institutional racism, white privilege and examples of ethnic groups working together.

He has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, hosted nine successful diversity celebrations across Michigan, delivered nearly 13,000 free multicultural books to children and in 2009 received the first annual “Community Star” awarded by Lansing Community College for his nonprofit work.

Six decided to create ESFA when he discovered many of his high school friends believed that black people were naturally inferior overall because they were taught that black Africa was always primitive hunters and gatherers and that black people had never invented anything of significance.

After discovering that pre-colonial black Africa had many advanced kingdoms, some with castles, writing, their own currency and long distance trade with different parts of the world Six realized that he and his friends had simply been taught the wrong history. If his friends had been given an accurate portrayal of Africa, he concluded, the stereotypes they had would have been preempted or at least greatly alleviated.

In 2008, he convinced lawmakers to pass legislation encouraging stereotypes in Michigan to teach about the advanced kingdoms of pre-colonial Africa, instead of the more primitive groups usually focused on. House bill 4902, sponsored by Rep. Brenda Clack (D-Flint) and Sen. Mike Nofs (R-Battle Creek), was signed by Governor Granholm in December of 2008.  Six can be reached at endi[email protected] or 231-329-0871.