Cat Show Pounces Into Lansing!

 On December 11 and 12, Lansing Center will be invaded by pedigreed and domestic cats from all over the world! Not just any cats… Show Cats!

There will be “cats galore” as the Lansing Center fills with fantastic and unusual felines. These cats will compete in seven rings each day. The curly Cornish Rex, the beautiful and fluffy Himalayan, the loveable Ragdoll, and even rescued cats will be competing in 6 different divisions at the show, hosted by Great Lakes Cat Consortium Inc., a charter club of The International Cat Association (TICA).
Event coordinator Jamie Christian states “This is TICA’s first time in Lansing, Michigan and we are very excited to bring the fun and education of cat shows to a brand new audience. We hope to return annually, with the support of the community.”
There will be many vendor booths full of cat-lover items, such as unique cat trees, jewelry, bedding, clothing, giftware, and of course… toys!
Three local rescues will benefit from the event, with rescue cats in the hall available for adoption both days! Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue, Capital Area Humane Society and Country Cat & City Kitty will have cats not only available for adoption, but they will also have some competing in the show!
Of rescues, Jamie says “Pedigreed and mixed breed cats are welcome at every TICA show for competition. This sets our association apart from others – all cats have value, and deserve the ability to win same type of awards. Mixed breed cats have two categories for competition at every TICA show: “Household Pet Kitten” and “Household Pet.” That means that YOUR cat at home could be a show cat! “
While pedigreed cats are judged on a written standard totaling 100 points based on a written breed standard (similar to dog “conformation” shows), Household Pets are judged on health, temperament, cleanliness, and then simply how well they show themselves off to the judges.
Entries for the show are being accepted on the club’s web site until Monday, December 6, if you think your “couch potato” or “lap leopard” has star potential – be they pedigreed or mixed breed.
Admission for the event is $3 per person, regardless of age, and runs from 9am until 4pm Saturday and Sunday, so bring the whole family!
Club Web Site:
Great Lakes Cat Consortium is a 501c3, and part of their mission is feline education. Cat shows educate the public not only on pedigreed cats, but on the plight of mixed breed cats in shelters. They believe that every cat – no matter the background – is a special cat, and is deserving of the very best life has to offer. Proceeds go towards hosting these educational events throughout the Great Lakes region, and a shelter in Toledo run by the group for pregnant cats, and kittens that are too young for a “public” shelter environment.
This article was originally printed in the November 21, 2010 – December 4, 2010 edition.