WWW.Aboutthatcar.com – 2021 Subaru Crosstrek


By Frank S. Washington

BERLIN, OH – Subaru has refreshed its Crosstrek lineup, adding a Sport model with a larger engine.

Jill on Money: Beware of these home buying hurdles


By Jill Schlesinger

A surprising star has emerged from the pandemic-induced recession: the housing market. After freezing up in March and April, realtors, buyers and sellers began adapting to a new reality: we are spending a lot more time in our dwellings, and some of us are not happy with where we currently live. Add to that fact, that there are not enough houses for sale — and that mortgage interest rates have cratered, and you may notice that there is a full-fledged frenzy going on in some housing markets around the country.

Interpersonal Edge: High tech and high touch


By Dr. Daneen Skube

Tribune Content Agency
Q: I fought for years to work from home and now I have to work from home. I'm glad remote work is acceptable but struggling with how to do the interpersonal stuff when home alone. Do you have ideas you are teaching clients on working remotely?


Just Plain Selfish: Are You Self-Sabotaging?

 By Kris Walker

Self sabotaging is simply put, as standing in the way of your own happiness, success or growth. While common practices such as procrastinating, over indulging behaviors, self- doubt and fear are often mentioned, in this digital era where we seemingly look towards the internet and Influencers for today's standards, I think that Social Media definitely deserves an honorable mention on our Self-Sabotaging list. Listed below are a few ways that overuse or misuse of Social Media can stand in the way of your greatness.

Jill on Money: The stock market is NOT the economy

 By Jill Schlesinger

“How can the stock market go up, while the economy is still struggling to recover amid the pandemic?” The answer is that the stock market is not the economy and vice versa.

Interpersonal Edge: How do I start solving big problems?


By Dr. Daneen Skube
Tribune Content Agency
Q: I'm working remotely but with no enthusiasm. I find myself drifting toward watching funny cat videos. I don't feel depressed I just feel like what I'm doing is meaningless in the face of our big problems. First off what is wrong with me, second how can I shake it, and third how do I even began to contribute to solving these huge problems?

Get Started on Your Small Business Website

  By Ray Mitchell

In the wake of COVID-19 economy, businesses that previously got along without having an online presence, or one that was limited to a Facebook or Instagram page, began looking for ways to get online and get online quickly. A website of your own gives your business control of your message and provides new opportunities to reach more customers.

Interpersonal Edge: Stopping the cycle of abuse

 By Dr. Daneen Skube

Tribune Content Agency
Q: I've been watching the news on the Floyd demonstrations to protest the death of the African American man. I'm both heartbroken and afraid of what is happening. I don't see how more violence in words or behavior creates change. In your work inside companies what do you see that breaks the cycle of verbal or physical abuse between perpetrator and victim?

Wealthy Mindset: Let’s Face Reality



By Jason Ray

Wealth can change your life. 
The definition of wealth varies for many. Freedom, time, and money are important variables that make up the definition of wealth. Attaining these 3 variables is not easy and is never complete, but having the right mindset is important to progress towards each. Specifically, a wealthy mindset is critical for this progress and it involves four pillars: framing, brainstorming, taking action, and evaluation. This essay will explore these four pillars in an effort to provide you with a wealthy mindset framework. 

Jill on Money: Halftime for pandemic recovery

 By Jill Schlesinger

Tribune Content Agency
COVID-19 started as a health pandemic and then became a financial pandemic — now the two are intertwined. Let’s start with the big picture on where things stand and then we can get to your action plan for the second half of the year.