LANSING, MI — Committees are meeting, people are planning, drummers are preparing, and singers are rehearsing for St. Stephen’s Community Church, U.C.C. 24th   Annual Kwanzaa Celebration.

Uncovering Latin America’s African Roots




Professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr. (pictured) in Salvador Carnival in BLACK IN LATIN AMERICA.  Courtesy of Jemila Twinch

In My Opinion: A New Egypt Unfolding!



By Manish Madan
I am sick, I am tired … within the same moment, I am pleased but exasperated seeing a stubborn stand-off of an obstinate and retiring Egyptian leadership with their own people. I am well beyond the comprehension of a thirty-year old man who is unable to find some positive reasons for an octogenarian Hosni Mubarak to cling on to the powers and continue ruling the nation against the will of its populace. 


The Sunray Catcher

 By Ken (Duke) Monse’Broten

Today, in the prison chow hall, I overheard a young female officer talking to another officer. She was talking about her special little girl. Seems this little girl was standing on the front seat of her car, grabbing at the sunrays as they reflected off the windshield the other day. When her mother asked her what she was doing, the little girl said she was trying to catch a sunray for her mom as a present. Both officers agreed on how special moments like that were. The other officer then asked if this mother got to spend time with her special little girl.
Tom Lagana is a contributing author with five stories in “Chicken Soup for the Prisoner’s Soul.”

News Spotlight: Recent MSU Alumni and a local East Lansing resident launch a company, “Global Mentors LLC” Connecting Minds Worldwide

EAST, LANSING, MI — When Vishwajeet K. Singh took ‘the walk’ in the sunny summer of 2010 at Michigan State University (MSU), he had a strong urge to give something back to the community at-large, particularly to the MSU community and its wonderful University town of East Lansing that has given him so much – friends, family and life-long education to boast about. Employed now as a faculty at the University of Oregon where he teaches Hindi/Urdu for World Languages Academy, exactly within a year he is close to fulfilling his urge and now come back to the town to launch his new venture, “Global Mentors LLC”.

Higher Purpose

By Tom Lagana

After two days of presenting seminars in New England, I made a mad dash to the airport. Finding myself with a little time to spare, I sat in the main terminal for a few minutes of relaxation. Although this tiny airport appeared to be fairly new, it was unusually empty for 4:30 p.m. on a weekday. From my vantage point, I counted four people.

My Answer – 9-22

Q: I’ve always been fascinated by angels, and I have lots of angel figurines around the house to protect me. But I admit I don’t know much about them. When did God create the angels? Or have they always existed? How much influence do they have over our lives? – Mrs. D.P.

My Answer – 9-21

By Billy Graham
Tribune Media Services
Q: My husband and I just lost our home. We got talked into buying it with nothing down and low payments the first two years, and we just didn’t think about what would happen later. Now we’re back in a rented trailer. We’re so discouraged we don’t know what to do. Maybe you’ll have some encouraging words. – Mrs. N.H.

My Answer – 9-20

By Billy Graham
Tribune Media Services
Q: I am a policeman and a Christian, and I have to admit I get discouraged sometimes because it doesn’t seem like I’m doing much good. The crime rate (especially drugs) is just as bad in our community as it was when I started 10 years ago. My wife says maybe I ought to do something else. Should I? – K.R.

Freedom of Information Act – Your Right to Know

Journalists and citizens who file Freedom of Information Act requests often expect delay or denial, unfortunately, that can impact  your daily life. Oftentimes, the lack of information provided by governmental agencies limit the ability to investigate issues, protect individuals or open the doors of justice. istockphoto