Sunshine Week: Your Right to Know

Did you know that you can ask for the documents below under FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)?

Fear Not by Pastor Stan Parker


Divine Purpose 8-5

Many individuals unfortunately allow other people to define their existence and destiny.

Unity in the Community Q&A 6-11

What is prayer, and what results do you expect from it?

Giving Thanks for a Tree

Driving to the highway the other day, I spotted a beautiful tree!  The tree has obviously been there for a number of years, for she is tall, full and stately.

The Miracle of Self Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a healer when it comes to adoption issues.

Our hearts melted into one another’s in instant recognition during that first hug. Two bodies reunited after 36 years…two spirits that had never been separated. The gap of time was instantly filled during that one moment of reunion.

You CAN Become a Better Person

Q: I’d like to change my life for the better but I don’t know how. I know I’m weak and need God’s help to do it, but how do I get that? Maybe you can point me in the right direction. – S.P.

Lying May Be a Symptom of a Deeper Issue

Q: How can we teach our young son that it’s wrong to lie? I don’t know why he seems to have such a problem with this (he’s only 7), but just about the time we think he understands, we go through another episode. Our  older son is never this way. – Mrs. R.N.

This Life Is Not All

Q: My husband died two years ago, and the only thing that has comforted me is that he lives on in my memory, in our son’s personality, in the color of our daughter’s eyes, and things like that. Is this what your religion means when it talks about life after death? – Mrs. V.M.

Spreading The Family Love?

Dr. Rev. Linda Hollies takes a new position of Calvary United Methodist Church in Jackson, MI. Read about her thoughts about the journey her family has already begun to their new home.