As I See It…. The Opinion Column for you: I am an American

By Amina Mohamed
On September 11, 2001, I was in my 5th grade music class, when the school principal made an announcement over the intercom about a tragic event that was taking place in New York City. I had no idea what was going on. Clearly, I thought this did not affect me. I went back to staring at the sheet of music in front me. 

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Get It Right: Still Dreaming


By DeAndre Davis
Are we giving Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. credit for a work still in progress? I say yes. You say we have overcome, we have a black president ; Dr. King said judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin. This works two ways. President Barack Obama didn’t have the most votes  because he was the best candidate ever, a lot of black people just voted solely on skin color. 

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As I See It: Minorities in Agriculture

Shakara Tyler is a Penn State University senior majoring in Agricultural Sciences with two minors in Agricultural Communications and Law and Liberal Arts. During the summer of 2010 she was a research scholar at Michigan State University in the Summer Research Opportunities Program.

She writes about the plight of minorities in agriculture.


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As I See It – Reflections: Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration – 9-12

 I think this program (“Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration”:  A Prisoner and Youth Conversation”) is a really good idea.  I think that instead of doing it once in a while they should find the means to do it in high schools.  That’s where they need it most. 

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As I See It: A Doctor’s Word: Uneasy About the Real Beneficiaries of Obama’s Health Care – 9-7


By Erin Marcus, M.D.
New America Media
I don’t know about you, but as I watched coverage of President Obama signing the health care bill last month, it was hard not to notice the constant ads for power wheelchairs. Emblazoned across the ads was a flashing notice reminding viewers: Medicare may cover this!

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As I See It – A Room in the Writer’s Mind- 9-6

By Quassan Castro

Some people think that in an effort to write a masterpiece, they need to be far away and have some type of spacey venue to relax. Well, the space should start in the mind first. Find a space in the mind and begin to create the essentials needed for a great story-words, images, characters, plot. All begins in the mind. Once the story starts to unfold in the mind, find a place.

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As I See It – Follow the Money Citizens can track money contributed to political campaigns – 9-5

By Bob Robinson

During the 2008 election cycle, more than $34 million was spent lobbying Michigan legislators and supporting political candidates. That’s more special interest money than in the history of Michigan elections.

Also:  See Who’s Contributing to a Candidate’s Campaign 



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New TNCP Column: “MoJo’s Table-for-Two Reviews” -9-4

 Michelle and John Oliver are two graduate students who love food.  Welcome them by emailing your favorite restaurants to TNCP.

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Freedom of Information Act – Your Right to Know

Journalists and citizens who file Freedom of Information Act requests often expect delay or denial, unfortunately, that can impact  your daily life. Oftentimes, the lack of information provided by governmental agencies limit the ability to investigate issues, protect individuals or open the doors of justice. istockphoto

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Sunshine Week: Your Right to Know

Did you know that you can ask for the documents below under FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)?

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